Malakai Black Released from AEW??

It has been reported that Black asked for his release and may have been granted a “conditional” one.

I feel this would normally be a huge story, but this week, nothing outside of that brawl is getting any attention. I find this interesting though, I have to assume he wants back in WWE with Hunter in charge.

I think it was more mental heath related. He wasn’t happy where he was and it seemed to be weighing on him. Not sure he’s going to WWE with this conditional nature of the release. I just think he wanted out of there not so much into WWE

Yeah, my assumption would be as part of a “conditional” release is that he can go away and do what he needs to do, but can’t just show up in WWE at any point in the coming years.

Probably very similar to Renee’s release, in terms of not being allowed to go elsewhere.

Hopefully he’s able to take care of himself and get into a better place.

I agree for the most part, but I have to imagine that the condition is only for a period of time. You can’t stop someone from making a living for years. My guess is he can’t go to WWE for like a year or so.

True. A contract can say whatever the hell you want on paper, but if ever taken to court, a non-compete or other conditions can only last so long once you’re no longer paying the person. Though he is clearly going through some stuff right now, it sounds like terms were settled on amicably. I doubt it becomes an issue.

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Agreed….it’s probably something like “we release you today, you can’t go to WWE for 12 months” kind of thing which is fair. But I think his contract was for 5 years, I’d be shocked if he can’t work there for that long.

Yes, true.

Renee’s non-compete was apparently one year.

And I do recall Brock almost suing to get out of his insane (10 years?) non-compete.