Malakai Black requested to be strictly on AEW Collision, speaks highly of Buddy Matthews

Originally published at Malakai Black requested to be strictly on AEW Collision, speaks highly of Buddy Matthews

AEW Collision is the show Malakai requested to be on. 

Since the debut of AEW Collision, the company’s World Trios Champions House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King, Buddy Matthews) in addition to Julia Hart have appeared on the Saturday night program. 

While Malakai was on Bobby Fish’s Undisputed Podcast, he stated that he requested to strictly appear on Collision. He explained why and mentioned that he does not want to lose ‘the polish’. 

I requested to be strictly on (AEW) Collision. Because I don’t want people to get the pick. It’s like, no, Saturday night, I get to see the House of Black. That’s what I want, because if I give you the option for Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, you’re gonna go, yeah, it doesn’t really matter… I don’t wanna lose the polish.

Elsewhere during the chat, Black spoke highly of Buddy Matthews. He feels people don’t appreciate how good Buddy is and added that his stable-mate is normally viewed as someone who makes others look good. 

Malakai thinks Matthews is one of the best wrestlers of this current era and went on to dive into the psychology of Matthews and Andrade El Idolo’s match on the debut episode of Collision. 

I don’t think people appreciate how good Buddy (Matthews) is. Buddy has always been seen as a guy who makes others look good. But you (Bobby Fish) and I both know that it takes two to tango. But Buddy is just a very… he has this ability just because he has so much body control for a guy the size of him. He makes everything look fantastic and I think Buddy Matthews is… when it comes to the sheer ability and athleticism, I think Buddy Matthews is one of best in this current era and not because we’re in a group, not because he’s one of my best friends but just from a pure wrestling standpoint, from being in the ring with him. Him and me have a lot of similar philosophies in wrestling. Him and me talk a lot, obviously wrestling and you know, we’ll butt heads but all for the most part, we have the very same idea on selling, we have the very same idea on psychology, we have the same idea on how to implement what. Very detailed and I genuinely think people need to realize how damn good he is. He’s really, really something unique. AEW’s known for having very hyper focused, crazy matches, a lot of content in matches and realistically, they did four things and they told a story about an arm and a leg and they sold and that’s all they did (Black referring to Matthews vs. Andrade El Idolo on Collision)… A lot of things I feel personally, again, not a knock on anyone but I think a lot of things in wrestling get lost in translation because there’s no acknowledgment. There is no I got punched in the face and three minutes later you go, oh, this still hurts. It happens and a second later, we’ve forgotten about it and I think that’s something that I personally think, fundamentally in wrestling is very wrong.

Reviews of AEW Collision can be heard/watched here on POST Wrestling with John Siino and Kate from Montreal recapping the show. 

If the quotes in this article are used, please credit The Undisputed Podcast w/ Bobby Fish with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.

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So I take it Malakai means he just wants to be on Collision to make his appearances more special, and if he appears on any show at any given time it’s not as special.