Mandy Rose traded to Raw

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On Talking Smack, it was revealed that Mandy Rose has been traded to Raw and is being explained as the actions of The Miz & John Morrison.

During the show, The Miz appeared on the set to announce Rose had been traded. This follows the segment on SmackDown where Miz & Morrison were outsmarted when attempting to steal the Money in the Bank contract and were thwarted by Otis leading to Miz stating he would “pull some strings”.

Rose has not appeared on WWE programming since defeating Sonya Deville at SummerSlam last month. The match was originally a Hair vs. Hair Match but was changed to a Loser Leaves WWE Match.

Tell me why I should care about and watch any WWE storyline, please?

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Why? If you don’t care then you don’t care, move on with your life.

It’s like constantly feeling the need to go to an ex-girlfriend and scream “I’M HAPPIER WITHOUT YOU NOW!!”.


Wrestling is an abusive relationship. :joy:

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Isn’t a draft coming up soon? Also, isn’t she kind of in a storyline with Otis? I’m confused.


Chances are that Otis (and probably Tucker) will end up on RAW too. I can’t picture Otis trying to cash in his MITB briefcase on either Roman, The Fiend or Braun Strowman.

I just don’t see the point in “trading” someone when you have a draft around the corner. Its little things like this that make the draft seem very unimportant.

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Exactomundo, kliq.

WWE needs to do away with the Draft, the Championship Monday crap, and the mixed-brand PPVs.

They are committing the same mistakes that were made in the last Brand Extension and have shown no signs that they learned from their last mistake.

I’m Robert, and that’s my opinion.

Well, that’s different.

If you say that, you get to rub it in and cause that bitch some grief.

You mean like ~20% of the WWE audience does every year (where I’m also in now and reading about stuff like this does not incline me to actually return to their product)? You do realize that with the ratings data from the last how many years, the change must come with them, not with their audience?


But you haven’t moved on… you’ve stopped watching but can’t stop mentioning that you’ve stopped watching. You’re like former WWE wrestlers that join AEW. I don’t understand why you get so riled up about no longer watching.

“How dare they make me stop watching” is a weird mentality to have.

Sometimes I hear a review of a show and I hear a praise for a segment and I feel the itch to watch it myself, and then I hear the next segment or a follow up, and then I hear about the next segment and the one after and I’m literally “Oh, that is why I stopped watching WWE, thanks for the quick reminder”.

Yes, I keep in touch cause this is a news feed that I follow (also for shits and giggles). But maybe I am also hopeful that it will change and I will be back watching it, what do you care? I can’t inform myself on something, while following other topics? GTFO.


He is our very own little Forum troll that feeds of commenting mildly aggressive postings and being anti everything others say. It is quite exhausting. I understand you partci. I am a huge AJ Styles Fan but cannot watch hin anymore because I cant stand WWE. I don’t know how anyone can follow the product without being offended on 20 different levels. I understand why Wai and John have to follow it though.


It’s hilarious that you think I’m aggressive when there’s a group of you that gang up on anyone with a different perspective on anything. :joy: Your view can be the only view and anything else must to trolling…

Sorry to bring you down, but yours is not called perspective. It’s something else. A few other things, actually, but not perspective.

Guys, just stop. Insulting each other just brings down the entire forum. You don’t like someone, block them.

It’s impossible to lose an argument when anybody who disagrees is just “ganging up on you” and “getting emotional”.


If people can’t stick to the subject and they start hurling insults directed at specific posters, I think those are extremely valid responses.

It’s just wrestling. Not even good wrestling. No need to get wound up.