Marathon Match on Raw Holds Audience for Two Hours

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The experiment of presenting a nearly two-hour match on Raw proved to be an effective one with Monday’s episode averaging approximately 3,270,000 viewers on the USA Network.

If you consider the Gauntlet Match to be one actual match, then it was the longest match in the history of the WWE at 1 hour and 47 minutes, including Seth Rollins wrestling for more than one-hour.

The audience stayed with the match throughout the duration with an average of 3,518,000 viewers in the first hour and 3,509,000 in the second hour. Following the conclusion of the Gauntlet Match, the show dropped a big 20% down to 2,821,000 viewers for the final hour.

The overall audience beat out every episode of Raw that went againt NFL football last season and was only lower than the recent Raw 25th Anniversary episode and the following week’s Raw coming off the Royal Rumble.

The number is also impressive given the fact that they were up against the Winter Olympics coverage on NBC that did 16,357,000 viewers on Monday night.

While you cannot present a match of that length very often and expect the same results, it does send a message that audiences will stick with a long wrestling match and was the most notable experiment seen on WWE programming in a long time.

And a large chunk of wrestling fans don’t give a shit about women’s wrestling.

The third hour always dies like that. Anything following the gauntlet was going to drop.

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Rollins should be getting the title from Brock at Mania, not Roman.

Nobody ever bothers to explain how starting in 2015. Ratings dropped to 3.3 to 2.6 range. Not a coincidence when in 2014 they had 4 million ranges. Nobody comes up with a reason or what caused the ratings to dip so low.

I wonder how the ratings would have gone if they started the gauntlet at 9pm.

Long wrestling matches don’t draw… long matches with guys that matter do.

And it wasn’t one long match… it was 6 matches in a stand alone tournament format. Again with people that matter.

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LOL use that same ratings dip talk about UFC on Fox and I get an entirely different response from Meltzer.

Further proves my entire Nielsen are outdated and dead talks I’ve been saying for years.

Same could be said about Meltzer’s opinions

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Meltzer chimed in on this today;

“Umm…you see…well, there may be changes in…y’know…plans that are in motion…ummmm…”

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