Mark Cuban & NJPW

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, serial entrepreneur, early investor in to E Sports, owner of Axs TV apparently really likes New Japan and its success in his station. They are increasing frequency of airings and I’d be surprised if by this time next year Cuban hasn’t significantly pushed NJPW as a partner here in the US. Speculation of course but it does align well. Thoughts?

I’m not surprised… He was obviously a big wrestling fan when he hosted Raw, I’m betting he pushed for the spot where Sheamus put him through a table. I don’t know how much it will mean for New Japan in the big picture, but there’s no real downside to it.

Yeah, it’s definitely not going to hurt New Japan to have the owner of the channel their show airs on in their corner. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see an upping in promotion of it, as well as of the live shows in America from here on in, although what’s taken him so long to realise he likes it is kinda beyond me.

Ted Turner loved WCW, his people under him didn’t.

Hope Cubans people don’t act the same way.

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Well it’s not like New Japan being on AXS is the key to their survival. They would be fine if they weren’t on it. But it is good that Cuban is so behind them, no harm in that.