Match of the weekend two days in?

Granted, I’ve only seen the stuff already available for people at home (so no RevPro, Progress etc) but that Ospreay-Riddle match would be at the top of my list so far.

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Pentagon vs Fenix vs Austin Aries. Insane stuff. Runner Up was Mack and Killshot vs LAX

Any way to watch after the fact? Missed it on twitch.

check out newlegacyinc’s channel. They did a commentary/restream (which Impact was allowing people to do) so you should be able to catch it there. Actually after looking, Impact must have requested that streamers not save the vods if they did restream commentary, cause all I see is there commentary for Bloodsport. You may be out of luck :frowning:

Ah here it is, on Impact’s channel.

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