Matt Cross joining MLW roster for Battle Riot III

Originally published at Matt Cross joining MLW roster for Battle Riot III

In one week, Major League Wrestling will be back in action as they are scheduled to present their Battle Riot III show and tapings from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Fans will be in attendance for the show and over the past number of weeks, MLW has held an Open Draft via their YouTube channel. The likes of EJ Nduka, Davey Richards, Lee Moriarty and the newest addition to the MLW roster, Matt Cross will be present at Battle Riot III on July 10th.

Open Draft | Round 7

— Major League Wrestling (@MLW) July 1, 2021

It was announced that Injustice’s Jordan Oliver along with Team Filthy’s Kit Osbourne will be back in MLW for Battle Riot III as well.

The 40-person Battle Riot match is starting to round out. The winner of the match will receive at shot at the MLW World Heavyweight Championship which is currently in Jacob Fatu’s possession. Here’s the updated list of talent in the Battle Riot match and the match card for the event:

Alex Hammerstone
King Muertes
Mads Krügger
Ross Von Erich
Marshall Von Erich
Richard Holliday
Myron Reed
Calvin Tankman
Gino Medina
King Mo
Kevin Ku
Savio Vega
EJ Nduka
Lee Moriarty
Bu Ku Dao
Alex Kane
Gringo Loco

Caribbean Heavyweight Championship
Richard Holliday (c) vs. King Muertes

Bunkhouse Brawl
Von Erichs vs. Team Filthy

Davey Richards vs. TJP

Another blow to NWA, losing one of their semi-regulars. Matt Cross is a good addition to any roster. Also, they said he’ll be representing Azteca Underground. Guess he has ties to to that masked Son of Havoc guy. Probably met him on the open road.

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Very happy to see Cross getting an opportunity. I’m blown away by the fact he’s never had a deal with Impact or ROH, or even a real shot in AEW.

He was briefly in ROH between late '06 and late '07/early '08. A member of the Resilience faction with Austin Aries and Erick Stevens.

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Oh, you’re right. Totally forgot about those factions during that era where they were doing the taped PPVs.
And there was also Wrestling Society X in the same ballpark era.

That said, he’s somebody whom in the last few years, definitely seems like he’s missing from a national platform.

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Also beat MJF in the opening match of All In.

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