Matt Hardy injured during 'Broken Rules' match at AEW All Out, Tony Khan provides update

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Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara competed in a ‘Broken Rules’ match at All Out. Their match kicked off beside the Jacksonville Jaguars football field and early in the match, Hardy and Guevara were setting up for the both of them to fall through a table. Hardy and Guevara cleared the tables and Hardy’s head collided with the concrete. Shortly after checking on Hardy, Aubrey Edwards threw up the “X” and signaled Dr. Sampson to come check on Hardy. Before Dr. Sampson checked on Hardy, the match was called off.

After gathering himself following multiple attempts to get on his feet, Hardy and Guevara finished the match with Hardy picking up the win by tossing Guevara off a scaffold. The stipulation was that if Hardy lost, he’d have to leave AEW.

So Matt Hardy hit took a major bump and hit his head on the cement! I hope he’s ok this was crazy! #aew #AEWAllOut

— Niko Exxtra (@nikoexxtra) September 6, 2020

2020 really hasn't been a great year for @SammyGuevara.#BROKENRULESMATCH#AEWAllOut

— All Elite Wrestling (@AEWrestling) September 6, 2020

During the post-All Out media scrum, Tony Khan stated that he was the one who made the call for the match to initially end. Dr. Sampson checked on Matt and then cleared him to finish the match. Hardy was taken to a hospital as a precaution and added that everyone is glad that Matt seems to be fine.

Reby Hardy, wife of Matt, took to Twitter and voiced her displeasure with how the situation was handled:

Let me be absolutely fucking clear.
There is NOTHING entertaining about a concussion. Shame on everyone in that goddamn building.

— Reby Hardy (@RebyHardy) September 6, 2020

POST Wrestling’s AEW All Out POST Show is available to listen to here.



Yikes, not good optics when Matt’s wife says that. Agree with her 100%.

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Honestly, I think the explanation somehow made this worse.

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This explanation makes no sense. The match should have ended when Edwards threw up the X. Just total bush league

I get that sometimes you can’t tell for sure if the performer suffered a concussion. This however was the most obvious concussion I think I may have ever seen in wrestling.

Even if the stip was that Hardy has to leave AEW, just call it a no contest, or later change go back on it. In this instance, fans would not care.

Normally, I can’t stand Reby. But she’s in the right here. Unacceptable and irresponsible.

In every aspect of my working life there has been policies and risk assessments for the most unlikely circumstances. Anything that happens, I have a clear guideline on procedures that must be followed should something occur. Why on Earth, in 2020 pro wrestling do they not have a clear path to follow in the likely event someone is knocked out? There is zero excuse for this.

It’s not really that unusual for Matt Hardy’s wife to publicly voice her displeasure so I wouldn’t put too much stock in that.

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For a guy whose daddy owns an NFL team. He would at least know a thing or two about these cases.

But considering the NFL owners history regarding there players safety. Thats not really saying much either.

On Twitter Khan is trying to sell the idea that he doesnt have a concussion. You never know, but smells like BS to me. This is the type of thing that has always rubbed me the wrong way about AEW.

Whether he had a concussion or not. It was pretty clear Hardy was hurt badly and had no business continuing in the match. Trying to justify the situation by pointing out he didn’t suffer a concussion is pretty irresponsible on his part.


Guess the on screen concussion protocol was full of crap.

Yeah, I think the thing that annoyed me was this:

Really hard to take “foremost” seriously.

It seems inconceivable that a doctor can check for a concussion that fast, notably in a quicker time than Matt Hardy was seemingly out cold. Khan called for the bell, which…you wouldn’t do if you thought a guy can be cleared instantly. It’s just a mess.

It was even more disappointing listening to the postshow clip from the Observer and hearing Meltzer tow the company line that he passed concussion protocol, and that Hardy wanted to continue…and he can’t believe Hardy was actually out cold… until Alvarez had to reign him in (I don’t want to paste paywall content, but it’s out there). This is how Meltzer responded to the Kenta-Ishii match when Kenta seemingly went on with a match while concussed, so it’s confusing that he wasn’t absolute off the top:

Just one example of his usual stance on that, so it’s a bit disappointing from within and on the outside of the company. I’d hope we’d all learn already that head injuries are incredibly serious. A lot of the Elite were in Japan when Shibata had his subdural hematoma and should realize what can happen. It just felt like Khan’s biggest moment as a leader of the company and he came up short…and I wish he would have just said that and pushed that they’d all learn from it and do better next time. It’s a young company. I think everyone would have given them lenience…but instead we’re here…where the wife of the wrestler is rightfully losing her mind that her husband got cleared in seconds for an injury they later had to send him to the hospital for observation for. That should have been done before any match continued.

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In the NFL when an athlete possibly suffers a concussion, they take them off the field and do a test. I believe the test takes at minimum 5min. Matt Hardy was evaluated for what, 2min? Zero chance you can do a proper evaluation in that amount of time on the fly. Its not like he grazed his head, he smacked his head hard on that concrete floor.

Just to clarify, I’ve definitely seen NFL concussion tests that take less than five minutes. The only minimum time that must be missed in the NFL is the length of one play (everyone who comes out due to injury must miss at least one play). Sideline concussion tests are basically like roadside sobriety tests. You can get a pretty good idea if someone is drunk by smelling their breath and making them do some motor tests, but it’s not a replacement for blood/clinical work. A lot of sideline concussion test “results” will depend on the doctor administering the test and how well the potentially concussed person can handle the tasks at hand. Some drunk people still have great balance; some concussed people still retain their memory better than others.

In the NFL you’ll see the potentially concussed player enter “the tent” (usually a blue tarp) where a concussion test is administered. How stringent is the testing? Depending who you ask, it might depend on who the concussed player is and what part of the game we are in. I remember last year Russell Wilson was really pissed he had to come out to be evaluated (game on the line type of situation). He walked into the tent and came back out about 10 seconds later. The commentators even questioned how a proper concussion test could have been administered. But this was also after what appeared to be a relatively minor blow to the head, and Russell SEEMED fine, so he might receive the benefit of the doubt and get in and out really fast.

Point being, I wouldn’t use the NFL as a model for concussion protocol. But I will say this in their defence: in cases where there is clear evidence of head trauma (test results be damned), you’re not going back in. So if a player, say, fell 30 feet and cracked their head on the concrete, they’re going to be done for the day regardless of whether or not they can rub their belly and pat their head while saying their A-B-C’s. And once you’re ruled out due to concussion, you’re done for the week until you can pass the concussion protocol and get back to practice. And once you pass protocol at practice all week, THEN you can play.

So ya, there would be none of this “Tony Khan ruled him out but someone else ruled him back in” bollocks. If you can’t pass the concussion protocol RIGHT NOW, then you will have to try again tomorrow.

If you would’ve told me a year ago that the women’s division would be in shambles & this company would be unsafe as a pertains to concussions, I would’ve been completely surprised.

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Sorry correction, NFL protocol says it’s 5min, I thought it said minimum 5min.

Regardless, the NFL following these guidelines or not does not negate my main point.

I’ve also never seen a player knocked out cold in the NFL (recently) only to come right back in.