Matt Riddle shown acting in a disorderly way at airport in video obtained by TMZ

Originally published at Matt Riddle shown acting in a disorderly way at airport in video obtained by TMZ

TMZ Sports has posted a video that shows former WWE talent Matt Riddle behaving in a disorderly way at JFK Airport.

According to TMZ’s reporting, Riddle was allegedly seen drinking at the airport on September 9th while sitting through several flight delays.

This is the date when Riddle claimed he had been assaulted at the airport in an Instagram post that was later deleted.

In the video, he is shown using an airport attendant’s microphone, swearing and asking whether any of the other passengers could fly the plane.

TMZ reported that a witness said Riddle was ‘”incredibly obnoxious”.

On September 9th, Port Authority police denied boarding to a “disorderly person” but did not file any charges. They also launched an internal investigation into Riddle’s claims of assault. That investigation is ongoing.

Riddle was released by WWE on Friday, September 23rd.

I mean, many wrestlers have done much worse then this….but at the same time, he’s a dumbass.

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And, he publicly (and falsely) accused an innocent person of sexual assault, plastering their photo across his social platforms that reach 1M people.

He’s a scumbag. He’s got a history of past behavior. Dude needs to get help.

Ya I find that part worse then the footage.

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As per what Bix said on the show a week or so back, blaming other people for his own actions seems to be part of his M.O. at this point.

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Don’t worry Tony will hire him right away like Jimmy Havoc and Will Osprey and Darby Allen and Kevin Kelly and Jeff Hardy :joy:

Weird comment, man.

Who’s comment is “weird”?

Alex’s. I have no idea why when I click “reply” on a post it never appropriately shows up what post it’s in reply to.

I didn’t think Riddle was AEW-bound with the baggage he had when he was released, let alone after the fact between this video and the photo with Rob Feinstein. He can head to whatever phantom zone Marty Scurll went to.

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All the people he listed are people that Tony brought in despite having allegations or public “incidents”. Though in the case of Havoc they did release him once word came out, and Osprey just believed that his friend was telling the truth and didnt want to work with someone.

It’s weird to act like AEW Is the only company who currently and formerly employs people with troubling allegations or even convictions. Like why bring it up at all and make that comment? But I digress.

I think this conversation is had because in the past WWE has gotten rid of people for issues like this only to be signed by AEW immediately (ie. Jeff Hardy). With that said, of course WWE has ignored things before (ie. USOs) or done the same. I don’t think @Alex_Patel comments were meant or implied to say WWE > AEW as much as just pointing out a flaw in AEW. Though I obviously don’t speak for Alex, just my perception.

Thanks. That’s exactly what I mean. They signed Hardy right away and if they sign Riddle it’s a clear sign Tony doesn’t care as much about that stuff.

It is not a commentary on one product being better than the other

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I’m just seeing all the links you posted as it didnt show up (or I missed them) on my phone. What you are doing is a “whataboutism”.

Ill give an extreme example of what I mean by that to make a point. Lets say person A is raped. Lets say person B is groped.

If the conversation is about person B, and I am talking about how that is a disgusting act, and someone counters by saying “but person A was raped!”, that doesn’t negate the grossness of what happened to person B. Just because the thing that happened to person A is worse, doesn’t mean both arent bad.

Now if the context of this thread was “AEW is worse them WWE when it comes to morality”, I 100% would get why you would say that, but its not. I dont think anyone would argue that quite frankly.

NOBODY in this thread defended anything done by WWE past or present, but you bringing up WWE’s past as a way to deflect a possible shortcoming of AEW is essentially the definition of a whataboutism.

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