Mauro Ranallo to miss NXT TakeOver due to Showtime Championship Boxing commitment

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Due to a conflict with the Showtime Championship Boxing card from Dallas this weekend, Mauro Ranallo will not be calling NXT TakeOver this Saturday.

Vic Joseph will be replacing Ranallo on the broadcast and will call the show alongside Nigel McGuiness and Percy Watson.

Following the Showtime card, Ranallo will be flying to England and he will be calling Monday and Tuesday’s WWE U.K. events from Royal Albert Hall. The U.K. events will air the following week on the WWE Network.

Kinda happy about this because i actually like Vic Joseph as a play by play guy better then mauro. Nothing against him but he’s kinda gets on my nerve with his over the top wrestling announcer gimmick he’s doing and it was one of the big reason i stop watching NXT on a regular bases and only watch the takeover special. Now with him not being there, i probably enjoy the show more.


One show without forced pop culture references.

Bummer. I love Mauro and feel like he always takes the TakeOver specials to another level.

I agree that not every NXT match needs to be called like it’s the end of the world like he sometimes does week-to-week. But at the TakeOver specials where the titles are on the line I feel like his intensity is warranted and does help elevate a big match to becoming a great match. The Almas vs Gargano matches this year really benefited from his call.


Mama Mia…