Mauro Ranallo will not be calling NXT on Wednesday night

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One of the major stories of the past week has been centered around Mauro Ranallo, who called the NXT TakeOver: War Games show but did not appear the following night at the Survivor Series.

Ranallo, who has been the voice of NXT since 2017, was set to call several matches at the Survivor Series but did not appear after a pair of tweets that were posted by SmackDown commentator Corey Graves. The tweets took aim at Ranallo’s style of commentary that was posted during the TakeOver event, which Ranallo called with Nigel McGuinness and Beth Phoenix.

On the broadcast Sunday, it was stated by Michael Cole that Ranallo had blown out his voice the night prior, but we can confirm that was a cover reason for the real story. Cole added that they expected Ranallo to be back for this week’s episode of NXT.

POST Wrestling can confirm that Ranallo will not be calling NXT on Wednesday night at Full Sail University.

There has been communication over the past few days between Ranallo and those in the company but the decision was made that he would not be coming to the show this week.

It is unknown if Ranallo will be back for next week’s episode.

I hope Mauro feels better/gets better soon

Situation just keeps getting worse.

I hope Mauro takes as much time as he needs. WWE needs him more than the reverse.

It’s stuff like this that makes it so easy to root for AEW. In a lot of ways WWE is a shitty company and I hope they take a hit in the ratings on Wednesday

Corey Graves is a man of zero talent and minus zero morals, his level of morals gives him a job for life in a Vince Mcmahon run WWE.
Oh and he is also a prick.


Wow…if I’m WWE I am pulling Corey aside and telling him to reach out to Mauro and apologize as well as make a public apology for his actions(if Mauro wants it). If his dumb tweet cost them one of their best announcing talents I would fire him.

What a heartfelt “apology.” This comes across as Hogan-level sincerity.

Classic case of “sorry you were offended” vs. “sorry for what I said”

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Couldn’t bring himself to mention Mauro by name, Corey you are a disgusting human.
He actually claims he was even setting up an angle! Why not slag of Mcguniness? Oh yeah bullies only target the weak.

Yeah I don’t buy a word of that as a sincere apology.

I would miss Mauro calling NXT, but I wouldn’t blame him for leaving WWE for good. I know he eventually stated that JBL’s comments didn’t lead to his hiatus in 2017, but this Graves situation is too reminiscent of that one. It may not be healthy for Mauro to stay there. :pensive:


“I would never intentionally cause anyone undue stress” he said as he refuses to delete the tweet that caused undue stress.

Of course that follow “…just stirring up controversy…”

So he was just trying to star a public heated disagreement, but sure that could not possibly be stressful for anyone.

Corey can stuff his sorry in a sack!

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Not sincere at all.

“Sorry you guys didn’t understand I was just working an angle.”


If Mauro needs to miss an episode for his personal health thats fine even though the situation that upset him was completely uncalled for.

Fortunately NXT will be fine as Nigel is more than capable of handling the load and has done a great job when Maruo’s had to miss episodes before because of other engagements.

Corey is a fucking tool. If I ever have the chance to run into him again in NY I will be certain to let him know (not that I matter an ounce to him). He’s just a downright snarky bitter bitch. And the fact he can’t even apologize correctly shows how not sorry he is. The deeper question is if Vince wants Mauro to quit and therefore gives Corey the complete free pass to act this way. Like I said in a previous post. It’s a systematic failure that this can happen in an organization. We excuse it because “pro wrestling” but it’s unfortunate and bullshit.

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Maybe Mauro should get some neck tattoos and try to date someone on Total Divas.

Corey is the best they have. He’s basically doing Bobby the Brain Heenan. Mauro is terrible. He sounds like a bad top 40 DJ struggling to come up with clever wordy segues constantly, unless he’s screaming his lungs out.

What’s wrong with you? He has BAD. Surely you know this? How insensitive can you be to a person with a genuine medical illness

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Yeah, I think it’s a little bit more complex than him crying about a tweet.