Maven shares that he has a couple herniated discs in his back

Originally published at Maven shares that he has a couple herniated discs in his back

Maven would not change anything about his time in wrestling regardless of injuries.

For several years during the early 2000s, Maven took on a full-time schedule as a part of WWE and wrestled in over 300 matches. He stepped away from wrestling in 2007 and has made sporadic in-ring appearances since 2015. In early April, Maven was a part of GCW Spring Break and partook in ‘The Greatest Clusterfuck.’

He appeared on Busted Open Radio to promote an upcoming appearance for ISPW (Independent Superstars of Pro Wrestling) and during the conversation, he was asked how his body is holding up.

Outside of aches and pains, Maven has ‘a couple’ of herniated discs in his back but he added that he would not change anything about his time in pro wrestling regardless of the damage that has been done to his body.

I get aches and pains. Couple herniated discs in the back and some pains in the neck but nothing I did wasn’t expected when I got into this business years ago and even with everything that I deal with, I’ve learned over the years that it’s more important to stretch than it is to work out and I’m on a routine where I stretch every day for about an hour. It’s helped a lot and knowing everything I know and knowing the aches and pains I have, I wouldn’t change a minute of it. I would do everything probably even harder than I did it if I had it over to do it again.

Maven’s most recent appearance for ISPW was in November 2021 and he was a part of a Battle Royal to determine the promotion’s world champion.

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