Max Caster taking shots

Thinking about this after getting caught up this morning…

Is Max Caster (and by association, AEW) taking too many real shots at people in the business? His entrance is always a highlight to me as a fan, but I can’t help but feel like the “roast” aspect is going to get out of hand at some point. Calling attention to “real world” shortcomings is a dangerous schtick, especially in a business littered with DUIs, arrests, failed relationships and other scandals.

And we’ve all learned that burying guys without giving them a chance to respond can lead to trouble.


I’d imagine that as with most other promos, Max probably checks in on any personal content of what he’s spitting before the segment, to make sure to not cross any lines. To me, that’d be the “professional” thing to do. Maybe he doesn’t though…

I do hear you on the 1-sided nature of the roasts potentially leading to conflict, but if he touches base with the opponent before and doesn’t go beyond, it should all continue to work out as it has.

The JJ podcast reaction thing was a clear work in my book, and they continued to lean into it all week, which came off better than any of us probably would’ve expected with the match happening 2 times in 3 days.

Probably……but I think most people will form their opinions on this based on fandom. If they are huge fans of AEW, they will probably call it entertaining. If they do not like AEW, they will probably have a negative opinion of it.

Personally, I find it entertaining, but I’m sure he’s to a degree burning bridges in the business. Look at what a shot at Punk from Hangman led to. All it takes is one comment to the wrong person and it can get out of hand.

Ever since the Julia Hart joke, Tony Khan looks over anything Caster has to say.

But to me that’s what promos are designed to do - build heat and anticipation. They used that perfectly with all the Jarrett stuff from this week.

The raps are such a perfect nod to the hardcores

He’s great but he can’t throw stones if he lives in a glass house so hopefully his past doesn’t come back to haunt him. Wildly entertaining.

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