McMahon has lost his marbles

According to Fightful Select, many WWE superstars were baffled by the stoppage finish of“The Fiend” vs. Rollins](, with one superstar even referring to the bout as as “bizarre” and another saying “none of us even know what to say.” The site also reports that McMahon–despite initially laughing off the reaction–“knew he’d messed up” when the crowd wholeheartedly rejected the finish, filling the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento with chants of “Refunds!” and “AEW!” after Wyatt kicked out of a ton of Rollins’ finishing maneuvers only for the referee to stop the match in quite confusing fashion.

But even though McMahon apparently knows he got that finish wrong, to put it mildly, the WWE boss also seemed to brush off some of the blame for the disappointing outcome. Fightful Select (h/t Wrestling-Edge) also reports that McMahon believes some of the company’s stars are “too pro wrestling”–whatever that means:


Hard to say what “too pro-wrestling” means coming from McMahon. It could either mean that the Fiend is a super outlandish character, or it could mean that some stars are not sports entertainment but instead actual pro-wrestlers.

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Hes lost it. But I see any possibility of his passing the torch even further away than ever now NXT is on tv.
I think it’s more likely he takes over NXT as well. Then we are proper fucked.

Can he take the blame for Monday though? Or is that Heymans doing?