MCU L8R: Deadpool & Wolverine X-men Rewatch Reviews

Feedback and thoughts on the films reviewed in this order:

5/22 X-men: Days of Future Past

5/29 X-men

6/5 X2: X-men United

6/12 X-men: Last Stand

6/19 X-men Origins:Wolverine

6/26 The Wolverine

7/3 Logan

7/10 Deadpool

7/17 First Class

7/24 Deadpool 2

7/31 Deadpool and Wolverine

Days of Future Past was the Star Trek: Generations of the X-Men franchise. Seeing the OG’s mingle with the First Class era of mutants was delightful and it retconned events of the previous films (looking at you, X3) effectively. Quicksilver stole it. However, certain mutants like Shadowcat get shortchanged.

It’s in the higher end of the franchise

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It’s kind of a strange order to review in isn’t it. Why not do the order they were released?


I was wondering the same thing! I was thinking they’d explain why in the first episode but I don’t think they did unless I missed it. I’m the type of person that usually has to watch things in order so I was very curious why they’d start with Days of Future Past.

Regardless, I’ve now rewatched X-Men, DOFP and have started X2. Not looking forward to the two Wolverine movies that aren’t Logan but I’m sure we’ll get some great commentary from WH on those!

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I think it’s the “timeline” aspect as DOFP is a prequel to X-MEN (1).

But then they should do First Class first. Release order still makes the most sense to me.

Steve Grows Weed

So I went to theatres to watch this. Not sure if it was opening night. I brought my son who was barely five years old.
Not sure that was the right parenting choice. After that opening scene in Poland he was feeling a little uneasy.
By the time we got to the scene where Logan puts the guy up against the wall with the two claws and the middle comes out slow, that’s when he started tugging on my arm saying he wanted to leave.
I reassured him that none of it was real. He was a trooper and made it through the rest.
I rewatched it for this show and it fucking holds up. Although the effects are very 2000 and there’s a lot of swinging on wires.
Could it have been done better? Mosdef. But at the time we were just happy to be seeing these characters on screen.

Feedback for X-men 2000. Dc jermaine from Chicago. This movie is the results of marvel fumbling a huge bag. No way you should ever have Xmen, Spider-Man, the punisher, the hulk daredevil plus more and have to sell them off. This was wcw levels of bag fumbling. When I first seen this movie I said it was ok because my standards were a lot lower. I know the matrix was huge so they wanted to put everyone in black but we saw Batman and Superman plus Spider-Man and their comicbook accurate suits. What comic was it that had magneto turning people in to mutants? Right they made that shit up. Ok another thing that stood out for me in this movie is I have never seen a movie cast someone so right as wolverine with Hugh jackman and Patrick steward as professor x to the worst casting of Hallie berry as storm. She may be Beautiful but storm she is not. Storm is African you couldn’t even find a dark skin sister to play the role? She couldn’t even give us an African accent? Then she doubles down and plays Selina Kyle. Hallie superhero’s isn’t your thing and that’s cool. The movie was a 6.5/10. Thanks for doing this show. Wh and rich has chemistry like Hal Jordan and john Stewart. Speaking of, the writer of hbo the watchman series is writing the Laterans show. We are getting a treat. Mcu later

Good day to the brap brap gang and all you freeloaders out there! Give WH what he wants and pay up for one of those sweet sweet Post Wrestling patreon memberships! Speaking as a happy customer myself, it’s worth the cash!

Anyway, as mentioned in a previous episode that freeloaders didn’t hear, this is the one X-Men film I saw before going blind. Remembering things a bit more vividly, it’s kind of amusing in retrospect how badly they wanted the movie to be taken more seriously despite its comic book origins. Now when you look at it, a lot of those choices are what actually date the movie. Black leather jumpsuits, overly-expository dialogue and forcing characters into roles with no room for nuance. It’s strange to see what they thought made these films inaccessible to larger audiences.

Long before troubling accusations surfaced, getting Brian Singer to direct the film was a big deal. It gave X-Men some credibility when the most successful comic book movie franchise had ended with Batman & Robin three years prior. Showcasing this transition, you can see some creatives took the material seriously while others thought it was a joke.

Although the themes and dialogue in non-action based scenes were excellent, some parts of the fights and characterizations were downright silly. Sabretooth growling like a tiger for the whole movie is obviously “hashtag not my Sabretooth” and is probably not anyone’s Sabretooth. I’m also not into the various jigs Toad decided to breakout. He’s not a Leprechaun just because he’s short… his powers mimic a toad! (I care less about the latter though since he was always kind of lame to me.)

Making Mystique a mute was another baffling decision but I’d argue that all female characters were treated poorly in different ways. Rogue was a damsel in distress, Storm said lame things and… fried Toad? Jean was mainly there for Scott and Logan to pine over as well. At least this issue is somewhat fixed in X2 however.

Either way, there’s no doubt this movie was filmed well. Aside from outdated CGI and sound effects, the cinematography was really interesting and creative from what I remember. I’m going on 24 years here, but Wolverine’s bar fighting scene, the transition from Professor X using Cerebro to Rogue in the train station, Magneto and the police standoff and Wolverine stabbing Rogue in his sleep all stand out. And of course, who can forget Logan’s huge grin when riding Scott’s motorcycle? (It’s one of the rare times where leaning into the cheesyness actually works.)

When it comes to serious acting overall though, this film does deliver. Sir Ian McKellen, Anna Paquin, Sir Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman all carry this one on their backs. It’s no surprise this film launched Jackman’s career. I remember hearing that he visited a local comic shop around filming to get things right even. That’s what makes it hard to believe he wasn’t their first choice and only got the last minute call following Dougray Scott’s injury on Mission Impossible 2. Obviously, it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing Logan in those movies now.

Still, the casting wasn’t flawless. Cyclops felt like such a dork (which is still a large misconception by some casual fans,) and Famke Jansen as Jean was slightly off. I thought she did a good job of capturing the character’s spirit but just wasn’t the right person. Finally, I know this may be an unpopular opinion, but I never liked Halle Berry as Storm. It has nothing to do with her ability as an actress or looks overall (because no one should be judged that way… it’s stupid.) She just isn’t what I think of when matching the character on the screen to what’s in the comic books. To me, the animated series does a better job of capturing that and Berry just never met my expectations the same way. I thought the actress in X-Men: Apocalypse was better (even though the movie was awful. Speaking of the animated series, The truck driver giving Rogue a ride in Canada is Beast’s voice actor from the original show and X-Men 97.

Wrapping things up, a poutine update! My wife and I hit Poutine Feast while we were in London, Ontario, last weekend. She had a honey garlic sesame chicken poutine, I had a garlic chicken shawarma poutine and both were excellent. I like to think my choice honoured our OG MCU Avengers with a Canadian twist.

Stay well and enjoy a crisp ice cold can of Canada Dry , my guys! Until next time, make mine MCU L8r… brap brap!

X-Men (2000) was the big bang of this genre’s breakthrough into mainstream film. The foundations here were solid. It put Hugh Jackman on the map and Patrick Stewart was perfectly cast. I found it very dope to know that David Hayter (Solid Snake) wrote the screenplay.

A solid start to the franchise.

The POST cafe offers plenty of bang for the buck (word to WH Park)

Re: Cinéma Snobbery about comic films: I find it hypocritical that people fault superhero cinema for anything wrong with films or saying they’re “not cinema,” when films like “Logan,” “The Dark Knight,” and “The Winter Soldier” are high watermarks in current day action cinema and hold up far better than so many “classics.” And in saying that they limit actors is just more false flag nonsense, especially considering how actors like Bale, Leger, RDJ and more have made meals of their characters and are celebrated for their work.

Alternate casting for Cyclops in X-Men, X2 and Last Stand… Instead of James Marsden, cast Noah Wylie. Brotherhood of Mutants, not sure because the characters were so poorly written. It’s bizarre how they cast Ian McKellen, and find a way to under-utilize him.

Wylie, through ER was given a lot of dry dialogue and still found ways to make it compelling.

Days of Future Past, X2 and first class are the best in the series, not necessarily in that order :slight_smile:

Last Stand I watched the first time in the Theater, hated, gave it shot a few years later and hated it more.

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With great power there must also come great responsibility. As a newly inducted member of the parks and rec gang, never has a quote held so true! Hopefully this feedback from one of Park’s marks will not let you down! (By the way, is there a special handshake to show members of this prestigious group? Even if there isn’t, you could say you’re showing one in the video and I’d never know the difference!)

Before getting too deep into the weeds, can we all agree that #RonnieDrakeIsTheWorst? What did that little sociopath think the authorities were going to do after he ratted out his brother? Was he so starved for love that the thought of sharing his parents for one night shook him to his very core? For shame, little Ronnie! For shame!

In all seriousness, this film is a huge step up from the first X-Men. While there is a definite lack of action once again, all female characters from the first movie had more to do except for Rogue. While being the emotional centre last time, she was largely relegated to the background aside from her need to satisfy some… primal urges… with Bobby. Mystique actually got to speak and be useful though, Jean was super powerful because of the Phoenix force, Storm worked with Nightcrawler to save the day and Rogue… flew a jet? Yeah, definitely not a flawless execution there.

Unlike X-Men, things still flowed better and seemed more serious. Nightcrawler was perfectly depicted and worked extremely well to provide an outsider’s perspective. While William Striker fathering Mastermind and giving Wolverine his adamantium was a big departure, it worked surprisingly well too. Lady Deathstrike on the other hand? I’m not sure what it is with Brian Singer neutering Wolverine’s villains. I also don’t understand why you would use an interesting character with tons of backstory to fill a brainless henchman role when others could fit this low standard instead.

Despite this, X2 seemed to focus on the strengths of the first movie while leaving some weaknesses behind. Nightcrawler’s attack on the President is still the best opening to an X-Men film as far as I’m concerned. I also love having Logan babysit the students. It shows what makes him an actual hero despite his gruff demeanour… although talk about preferential treatment. You’re gonna let a whole group of teens fend for themselves so you can high tail it out of there with three of them? That doesn’t seem very responsible!

Even the antagonists are more interesting in X2 though. Magneto’s reasons for doing what he does are given some more nuance and his interactions are less moustache twirling. Striker makes a great villain to hate with motivations that are fully fleshed out. Obviously Brian Cox is a great actor and his selling of this role is a big part of making it work too

Unfortunately, Cyclops was beyond useless this time out. Seriously, when you spend more time crying than shooting optic blasts, is it any wonder the dude jumped to Superman Returns? Some of Famke Janssen’s make out scenes with Hugh Jackman also seemed gratuitous and unnecessary – especially when Mystique was imitating Jean.

Finally, I get why Jean’s sacrifice made sense emotionally and how it was supposed to set up the next movie. It really makes no sense though. You have Storm, an omega level mutant who can literally manipulate the elements… and she can’t figure out how to divert water while Jean levitates the jet and suddenly starts its engines? Couldn’t Nightcrawler have teleported Jean into the jet after it was in the air? There were a few solutions to this problem that wouldn’t have required Jean’s sacrifice. (I don’t mean to be that guy but this really bugged me when watching it today for some reason.)

This movie brings ack some fond memories for me. The closest theatre with audio descriptions for the blind was like two hours away. Being the king he was though, my dad didn’t hesitate to get tickets and bring me (I didn’t even think of asking him because it seemed like a ridiculous thing to request.) I have no idea what he actually thought of the film since he wasn’t a Marvel guy, but I remember being so excited for X-Men 3 after the phoenix saga tease at the end. Oh how I wish that excitement had been properly paid off.

Until we voyage into the twisted mind of Michael Bay with The Last Stand, enjoy a crisp cold can of Canada Dry and make mine MCU L8r! Brap brap!

Review for x-3

Dc jermaine from Chicago. I’m back this week like I never left. Before my review, I would like a rebuttal to what rich said a couple of weeks ago. I clearly said marvel drop the ball losing those properties, not the mcu. Tony starks died defending the mcu and we needed a replacement. Rich said watch this, hold my Canadian dry. I usually only pull my grill out on the weekends but I had to cook rich real quick, on to my review. I just can’t take this version of rouge. Kevin feige when you make the Disney X-men movie in 2033 please start the movie with rouge hands on Brie Larson until she passes out and we see rouge starts to hover. Then we get some text across the screen….this was a permanent death across all realities. You won’t see Brie or capt marvel again. This would start the franchise right. The movie was good not great. Vinnie jones props for working with the WWE but you aren’t my juggernaut. However I absolutely love dania Ramirez but I love her in anything. Perfect Callisto in my book. Little known fact she was in the hit nbc series hero’s, we all love that show back in the day don’t front. You can tell fox spent a lot on the movie with the nice special effects. Give me wings that I can hide, I’m never taking a cure.i wish the movie gave some others on the team more to do. Last thing I know I went long this week. But I always felt they casted magneto too old. I just can’t be intimidated by someone with AARP card. 8/10 with 2006 eyes 6/10 with 2024 eyes with seeing movies like the dark knight Trilogy and the captain America 2/3 great moves trilogy. Mcu later, I’m out

Making up for missing last week’s review here. The Last Stand botched not one, but two storylines. Cyclops getting killed off in the first 20 minutes was ridiculous. Kelsey Grammer was cleverly cast as Beast and several of the performances from Jackman, McKellen and Janssen weren’t phoned in. Especially Famke, whose take on Phoenix does evoke Xenia Onatopp a little bit. I did smile seeing the fastball special.

I’m better off reading Astonishing X-Men and the Dark Phoenix saga than seeing this again.

I’m glad DOFP erased this from the timeline. X2 was, and still is, superior.

So the pressure of being in the Parks and Rec gang got to me and I made a mistake last week. Of course, it’s Brett Rather who directs The Last Stand and not Michael Bay. In my defense though, both directors are equally reviled and disposable in many circles, so I don’t think I was too far off. (Then again, no one should be credited with this train wreck if they weren’t attached to it.)

Right from the start, the tonal shift in this movie is a bit jarring. I really liked how it opened with a flashback, but it kind of ruins the suspense for people who don’t know if Jean survived. Another thing that didn’t work was having two flashbacks that had nothing to do with one another before the opening credits. It undercut the impact of both and didn’t give either one enough room to resonate – one step forward, two steps back. Unfortunately, it’s only a short sample of the pacing to follow.

If WH was annoyed with the fan service moments getting checked off in X-Men, his head must’ve been spinning during this movie’s opening scene alone. Without any real reason, we have: Danger roo? Check! A Fastball special? Check! Sentinels? Check! Let’s ignore the fact that the last thing on that list doesn’t even exist in this universe yet, apparently the danger room can also see the future now. And if you thought the checklist ended there, we made sure to fit in an “Oh my stars and garters” from Beast before the final credits rolled. Pure cinema!

Introducing a theory, this movie made me realize that Cyclops is the WWF era Lex Luger of the original trilogy. He comes in with a lame gimmick being forced down our throats, gets quickly demoted to the mid card to make room for a fan favourite Canadian in X2 and finally leaves to join the (poorly run) )competition without much fanfare. I thought no director could treat him worse than Singer but did he even get a page of dialogue in this film? At least he got to drive towards his ultimate fate on this movie’s version of the Lex Express, the Cyke Bike! Still, we’ll always have emo Scott from his one scene at the mansion.

Dialogue in this movie was atrocious and lacked any subtlety. Any time your script includes the phrase, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” being delivered seriously in a modern context, there’s a problem. I’d also be a very drunk man if I had to take a drink every time they explained what they were in the process of doing. So much of this film’s conversations were delivered in cartoonishly ridiculous quips and beat you over the head with every line. And why was everyone so aggressive towards Logan? You have the most powerful being on the planet going into random and uncontrollable rages, but somehow everyone thinks Wolverine is responsible for every bad thing she does? Even Storm was ready to write him off after establishing that Jean was dead to her. What happened to being a family? For shame Ororoe!

Although my rant may indicate otherwise, there were a few things I liked about this movie. If you were going to adapt Phoenix for a movie and absolutely against introducing anything cosmic, I thought this alteration worked really well. Making it a split personality that operated with no restraints made the entity unpredictable and it’s logical that the power would corrupt someone’s mind eventually. Magneto’s powers were next level and he got to look like an absolute menace – I still love the idea of him reconstructing the golden gate bridge to enter Alcatraz. The final scene with Wolverine trying to reach Jean while being torn apart and regenerating is also a great use of his powers and made the death work a lot better than it had any right to. I also thought the way they presented Alkaline Lake after Scott died was well done. Having his glasses along with various objects floating in mid air created an eerie vibe after what had occurred.

Kelsey Grammar as Beast was fan casting done right, but villains other than Magneto were horrendous. From incorrect power sets to heroes randomly being mute villains to… whatever the Juggernaut was, it was all so very bad. (Get it folks? Juggernaut is funny because he’s dumb, has to pee, swears and… did we mention he’s really dumb?)

Beyond that, I just don’t understand how you fumble two storylines like The Dark Phoenix Saga (twice now) and Gifted so badly. Having Rogue get her powers removed was so against everything she stands for that it was insulting as well. Ignoring how choosing to live with the burden of her powers is what makes Rogue so compelling, having her say “I did this for me” doesn’t change the fact that some men thought this made it empowering somehow. Doing this because she was tired of seeing Bobby and Kitty together eliminated her character growth from the first two movies for me.

Anyway, I’m sincerely looking forward to washing this awful taste out of my mouth with… X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Aw crap, I thought next week’s movie was First Class! This is gonna be another rough one!

Enjoy three rounds of crisp cold Canada Dry fellas, you deserve it after this one. Until next time, make mine MCU L8r! Brap brap!

Steve Grows Weed

So you guys didn’t like me shining a light instead of cursing the darkness so here goes.
X-Men Last Stand
The good part was the mutant cure aspect/weapon.
The bad?
Fucking Juggernaut!! #NotMyJuggernaut
This is one of my favourite X-Men universe characters and they fuck it completely. All he can fucking do is break walls. They leaned so hard on him being unstoppable that it became a joke.
His one liners were fucking terrible! I at least have Ryan Reynolds version to hold onto. Much better version.
So there it is. Fuck this movie.

Hey there fine folks. This week I’d like to dedicate my comment to grandma and grandpa Logan. Despite living a long life, both were still taken from us much too soon. Now I’ll never know what a Wolverine eats for breakfast!

Upon watching the film again, I started thinking that I’d judged it too harshly last week. It began with a good cold open flashback, something I’m generally a sucker for. Continuing on from there, the story was solid enough with good performances and an interesting environment for things to take place in. Obviously the wilderness and rural areas make for good Wolverine stories and that also holds true when his main antagonist is Sabretooth. Even though Kayla’s “death” was telegraphed and a bit weak, it was still good enough to get us to Wolverine taking the adamantium plunge. So far, they seemed to be nailing the characters and tone I’d expect from a Wolverine movie.

But then our gentle hearted seniors were taken away and everything went downhill from there.

After using a late 90’s wrestling analogy last week, allow me to compare this film to 1996-2000 era WCW. A faction with three cool characters invading the scene. Wade Wilson, James Howlett and Victor Creed come in as the Canadian World Order. Adding character after character though, it isn’t long before things get watered down. The coup de gras however? Not unlike bringing in Vince Russo himself to help save the movie, we get swerve after swerve. Stryker is working with Sabretooth? Silverfox isn’t dead and has been working with both? Emma Frost is Silverfox’s sister? An adamantium bullet can magically cause amnesia? Deadpool is mute and controlled by Stryker typing commands into laughable computer tech that belongs in the 90’s classic Hackers? Who cares if none of this makes sense? It’s a swerve bro!

It legitimately felt like Fox had enough faith in Wolverine to green light this movie but not enough to think he could carry it with his own cast of characters. Even so, the mutants they brought in were random to say the least. Who sits around making the decision to include Gambit while also acting like the Blob needs to be in the same film for some reason? Also, I’m not sure if my audio description described it accurately or not, but did they give John Wraith Multiple Man’s powers? I may have totally misunderstood. And I’m still not sure why they shoehorned the b-plot in with the kids either. (Although I did find it hilarious that kid Cyclops was still lame and yet somehow more useful than his adult counterpart. Poor James Marsden was probably crying in a corner somewhere while silently cursing Brian Singer and Brett Ratner.

Stryker felt more like Mr. Sinister in this movie than an evil human obsessed with eradicating mutants. Forget comics (or movie) continuity, this would’ve been a lot more entertaining if they’d just gone for it and cast him as the main villain instead. Considering how Fox never tried tying these movies together cohesively, I don’t think it could’ve been any worse. Slide him in as the true mastermind pushing Stryker and suddenly going after Cyclops, Gambit and working with Sabretooth make tons more sense. It would’ve even added something to Logan’s post credits scene.

Most of the cast aside from Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds and Liev Schreiber were barely passable to downright awful. Taylor Kitch was a terrible choice for Gambit, while and Kevin Durand were both a waste of screen time. Danny Huston as Stryker was okay, but it seemed lacklustre after Brian Cox nailed the role so flawlessly in X2. This is another reason why I wish the film had gone with a different antagonist. At least Schreiber gave us a Victor Creed who was sadistic and actually had some intelligence to compliment his powers. It made Sabretooth a lot more terrifying. Everyone else beyond that was just fine with nothing sticking out as great or awful though.

Maybe it’s because I just watched X-Men 3, but at least this was something resembling a movie. It’s still a mess, felt padded out with unnecessary cameos and had a terrible plot. Even so, the film was something I could turn on, not think about and didn’t make me question my choices in life like The Last Stand did. That’s gotta count for something, right?

Leaving the dark ages of X-Men movies behind, I’m much more excited for the weeks ahead. Enjoy your crisp cold cans of Canada Dry and until next time, make mine MCU L8r! Brap brap!

Steve Grows Weed

This movie is bad. But there are parts I enjoyed. The relationship with Wolverine and Sabretooth was pretty good. The Blob was awesome. The way they explain his memory loss was weak as fuck. So does that mean he has two bullet sized holes in his skull with only bone? Cuz the adamantium wouldn’t grow back.
The whole Frankenstein Deadpool bullshit at the end was lame. But I know they’ll have a lot of fun with it in the next movie so because of that I’m ok with it.
Do you think they should have made more origin movies? Or was this enough?
Second unrelated question,
Have you guys been watching Star Wars Acolyte? If so, am I wrong thinking this kinda sucks? The whole reunited with your evil twin shit is lame to me. Even the, I have a list of people from my past that I want to kill one by one, shit feels like very basic story telling.

Dc jermaine from Chicago. I want to give rich fann a shout-out. Rich is so dedicated to the podcasting game that the man did a full hour show at a family outing. Rich always shows up for us and no matter how hard he works he never sweat or smells bad, if you know, you know. I went to a bookstore this week and pick up a grammar book. Thanks WH. I also picked up a thesaurus to send to post wresting for WH. We already have a foul mouth Canadian and we are paying to see his Deadpool next month. I thought LA knight was bad at stealing gimmicks wow. On to my review of this movie. I’m going to start out with this, this movie is the first movie where the video game is way better than the film it was based on. Marvel has had some bad movies. Electra, capt marvel. The eternals, ant man and wasp. Thor the dark world. Josh trank fantastic four, May be the only marvel movie worst then the film I just watched. I wanted to walk out of my own living room. How did anyone green light that abomination being called Deadpool? The blob is just a goon In the comics and he deserved better. Then we had to watch the voice of hard knocks be Sabertooth? Really? They had gambit out here looking like zantana. Will I am, the black Walmart night crawler really? I got a feeling…that it would be bad but omg….(now that’s some clever wordplay) I did like watching wolverine being showing thru history that was cool. I didn’t like this film, maybe if I saw it thru John pollock eyes. He liked it somehow. This film disrespects the people who the film was made for and I hate that part of Hollywood. You want to go see a good Hugh jackman movie? Go watch the prestige, it’s Batman vs wolverine in magic form. Wolverine origins, 3/10 with 2009 eyes, 2 1/2 with 2024 eyes. Thank goodness Logan saved us. Mcu later. I’m out

Wolverine’s first solo outing left a lot to be desired. The first 20 minutes or so were good and it offered a glimpse to a role that saved Ryan Reynolds’ career…until he got his mouth sewn shut.

Jackman gave it his all but the stuff around him was lacking. The writing suffered as it came out a year after the first writers strike and the toll it took on this film was easy to see why.

Fortunately, there’s nowhere to go but up with his next two solo films.