MCU L8R: Deadpool & Wolverine X-men Rewatch Reviews

I always thought the Wolverine was a marked improvement over X-Men Origins… And while it has some compelling story and characters the plotting was predictable and the pay off lumped in to that third act. All of these films just make me love Logan that much more and still wears the crown as the best of all the mutant movies in the Fox era.

I rewatched Deadpool 1&2… And while they’re funny, they’re no Logan.

Hello fine folks. If you don’t already have a name for this configuration of the team, may I suggest Peterson & Pals? Peterson’s Peeps? Karen, Sharin’ and Swearin’? You guys can probably guess which person is which. (Hey, I was going to suggest Park, Rich and the man who got blitzed for Neil so it could always be worse.)

This film taught me something very important. Rule #1 for an X-Universe movie with Wolverine in the title? Anyone close to Logan who dies early must be working against him and reveal themselves by act three. First we had Silverfox and now it’s… wait, Silver Samurai? Hmmmm… maybe having “silver” in their alter egos’ names helps too!

Anyway, exploring Logan’s haunted life after killing Jean was interesting and well done. Travelling to Japan also set The Wolverine apart from other entries in this cinematic universe. It was the first X-Men film to really have a unique vibe and set the stage for the western feel that’s more prevalent in Logan. Attempting to marry it with Japanese culture was a nice juxtaposition and added a lot to the proceedings. There’s always something fascinating about seeing Wolverine as a fish out of water as well. My only criticism is that they didn’t lean into it more. As a result, the film almost felt transitional. It’s got an original tone while also containing remnants of past tropes.

Unfortunately, there’s also the third act. It’s like the Logan from The Wolverine passed out from those arrows and woke up in a longer cut of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The entire movie had a certain feel and aesthetic they decided to ignore completely. Were they afraid that people needed a homogenized comic book movie climax? So much stuff was just… happening. Some fundamental questions though: How does Viper survive a fall from three stories? She doesn’t have a healing power and seemingly recovers more quickly than Logan. Also, if Silver Samurai’s adamantium blades are hot enough to cut off Wolverine’s claws… shouldn’t that make the swords themselves just as brittle? (As much as I hate to compare the movie to anything Warner Bros. has done, it reminded me of Wonder Woman. Just brainless and dumb action after a solid first two acts.)

When it comes to the performances, this was Hugh Jackman’s best turn as Logan by far. It’s not even that his previous attempts were bad: He just showed a grittiness and intensity that hadn’t been reached until this point. Playing Mariko and Yukio respectively, Tao Okamoto and Rila Fukushima also performed much of the heavy lifting. I thought both helped the film stay grounded until the third act. It especially makes me wish the latter was used again somehow. While I love Deadpool 2, using a totally unrelated version of Yukio as Nega Sonic’s girlfriend is baffling to me – especially when her powers belong to another character entirely. Yukio’s dynamic with Logan was a highlight here and would make for a great buddy cop movie: Keep them serious and have the comedy arise from that. (Yukio’s question after Logan tosses Mariko’s fiancee into the pool would be my inspiration.)

While everyone else was solid enough, perhaps the great irony is the venom I must spew towards Viper. I don’t know if it’s the actress, dialogue, delivery or some combination of all three, but Svetlana Khodchenkova’s portrayal was atrocious. Her lines were delivered so poorly that it had me longing for the days of a mute Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike and Mystique. Out of the entire cast, the character felt like she was transplanted from a different movie entirely. It made me wonder if the multiverse’s origins were actually in this film. Continuing my streak of wrestling analogies, it was like Glacier and Mortis appearing in WCW while NWO was in its prime.

One final question: Does this film erase X-Men Origins? It acknowledges what happened in the X-men trilogy with Wolverine having killed Jean. It also leads to Days of Future Past, a film where the original cast is resurrected. This would mean that mute Sabretooth exists. Also, if Logan can remember the bombings in 1945, wouldn’t it mean that the magic adamantium amnesia bullet didn’t erase his memories? He had the bone claws in the flashback so it was obviously before he received the adamantium. I realize it’s wishful thinking, but Logan is just more interesting to me when his past is kept ambiguous.

We’re getting closer and closer to a Wolverine movie that’s good the entire way through. With X-Men Origins, the first third was really good. With The Wolverine, 2/3 of the movie was great! Could Logan be the one that finally does it? Stay tuned and subscribed to find out! (No freeloaders allowed after all.)

By the way, thanks for the father’s day wishes. Unless you count two pet rabbits though, I cannot claim to be Daddy Avenger – kudos to all the other paternal heroes out there however. Enjoy your crisp ice cold cans of Canada Dry and until next week, make mine MCU L8r! Park Mark out, brap brap!

The Wolverine was a marked improvement over that Origins film. Loosely adapting the Claremont/Miller miniseries was an inspired choice and the first two acts of Logan coming face to face with his own mortality made the action feel more life and death. That bullet train sequence was dope. The third act doesn’t hold up as well as the first two. Jackman got more to do and the Japan setting gave it a fish-out-of-water feeling. Personally, the director’s cut is far better. It had more cussing, more blood and this gem…

We were that close! I bet DP&W will come correct on that front.


Dc jermaine from Chicago, what’s up rich and WH Knight. It was another ho hum week then Monday happen. The Superman leaks out of Cleveland started to come out and we saw superman and mr. Terrific. It was a great day. Kevin Feige, you should never had let James Gunn get a taste of that sweet dc creative freedom and I thought you firing ed Norton was a mistake, wow. Real quick, they announced the Lateran show will be a hbo not a max show which means it’s getting the watchman, the last of us, game of thrones, treatment which we are talking Emmys,public mindshare and watercooler discussion talk. This is huge for all comicbook fans. On to my thoughts about the wolverine. This movie was better on a second watch. I think how they fumbled the ending that it’s a false perception that the whole movie is bad. But let’s talk about some plot holes. So the guy who Logan shielded from that nuclear bomb would have been dead in a week from radiation. If that was the first time that bomb was used as we know from history and Oppenheimer. How does wolverine know what type a bomb is coming? Ok so this guy wolverine saves has this huge plan that would cost him millions to put together would of all been a waste if wolverine said yes you can have my powers? I love seeing movies set in Japan see kill bill and bullet train. So that was a plus in this movie. Huge jackman acting was decent also. No one disrespects their characters like marvel…not my Silver samurai. Seeing wolverine fighting ninja in a comic was great so it was ok here. This was a good not great movie. This movie puts over Japan just like tony khan. Mcu later, I’m out

Steve Grows Weed

You can’t make me rewatch this. Sorry. Not happening. Not sure if I got through it the first time. It’s been years, but I remember hating this movie so much.
So I’m sorry. I’ll be happy to listen to your thoughts. But this is my line.
As for Acolyte. The last episode did end with something fresh. I’ll be watching this weeks episode tonight. Hopefully it changes my mind on this series.
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this movie. But fuck this movie.
MCU later guys

I am dropping a late bit of feedback to call out Germaine from Chicago. No one disrespects their characters like Marvel? I used to think that your gimmick was not explaining the difference between Fox produced movies and Marvel Studios produced movies properly. Even if that’s the case though… I cannot let that comment slide. You do realize that DC cast Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze and ended the recent Flash movie with George Clooney as Batman? How about Bane in Batman & Robin or changing Harvey Dent from an african american to a white Tommy Lee Jones from Batman Returns to Batman Forever? That’s without mentioning stuff like Shaq as Steel, Halle Berry as Catwoman and whatever Justice League was supposed to be. Yikes!

I’m all in when Warner Bros. makes good DC content like The Suicide Squad, 2/3 of Wonder Woman and Peacemaker, but come on… they’ve disrespected your guys just as hard over the years. 'Nuff said!

Review for Logan:

Caliban will always be Nathan, the ‘Oggmonster’ for me from the UK version of the office. Stephen Merchant was great in this role though. Him being 6ft 7, creates a great visual on screen too.

Shout out Laura/X-23 for being small and fierce. Then growing up to be a Jedi, who is slaughtered by the Sith in The Acolyte. Listen, it’s a good fucking show. Star Wars fans can be little bitches. And no, not a spoiler. It’s been a week. Catch the fuck up.

The Transigen children are a shit version of the Lost Boys from the film Hook, with Robin Williams. Why couldn’t they all be killed to make X-24 even more of a villain?

I did pop in the cinema when I saw ‘Slo Glo’ Eriq La Salle appear. That’s what you get for lying to Lisa McDowell bitch.

An enjoyable film, with the grave marker being turned into a ‘X’ being a cheap pop to end it and send the crowd home happy.

Jermaine from Chicago. I’m hyped up for comic con and marvel being there, I can’t wait to see what fake movie announcement Kevin fiege has for the press conf to get a cool pop like he did with blade. Wasted a Academy award winner time with that mess and you now have Wesley snipes taking shots on twitter. On to my review. Logan was outstanding to me. I know people say that is a western disguised as a comicbook movie. But guest what? Some of my fav movies are westerns like no country for old men, Django unchained, true grit, the hateful eight and the quick and the dead. If you know, you know. Outstanding acting from jackman, patrick Stewart and Boyd Holbrook who went on and star in the excellent, the sandman on Netflix. A great ending for wolverine to go out after 17 yrs on screen at the time.(Never thought he would come back for a cash grab) I put this movie in the same class as the dark knight, road to perdition, the Batman, the joker, v for vendetta. Dc opens The forbidden door like Tony Kahn for Logan as Oscar award caliber comic book movies which marvel rarely reaches that height. Great movie, loved it. I’m coming to Toronto later this month and I might visit WH comicbook shop and he can give me a discount. Mcu later I’m out

Howdy folks! Hope all is well in MCU L8rland (Can we get a “Welcome To MCU L8rland” t-shirt? It’s all about that sweet merch money, baby!) When it comes to a team name for today though, hearing John say you’ll be seeing Deadpool & Wolverine in Mississauga gave me an idea. Knowing that Brandon from NJ is a connoisseur of all things Greater Toronto Area, what about the MCU Ice Dawgs? I say it’s either that or the Square One Squadron. Anyway, as I wait for a Park’s Marks t-shirt, onto my feedback!.

Calling this movie Logan instead of Wolverine sets the stage for what to expect. Long divorced from the idea of being a hero or even part of a team, it focuses specifically on what makes the character tick. Going from his death wish in The Wolverine to regaining a purpose for carrying on and reuniting with his family in Days of Future Past, it’s tragic to think of how everything was taken away not long after. The result is a version of Logan who is more broken than he was after losing Jean.

Although it was sad to see Gabrielle get killed off, I am glad she didn’t somehow return in the third act as the mastermind behind everything. While I liked the idea of X24 being a physical representation of the past Logan is running away from, having him be mute played into the thing I’ve made no secret of hating. Why not make him growl like a Wolverine at least? (This sounds ridiculous, but Jackman has some serious animal growling chops!)

Having Logan desperate to escape instead of fighting like in the third act really hit hard. It’s a choice that truly underscored how haunted he was. Without needing to fight anymore, the character became a shell of his former self who tried avoiding battles at all costs. It was an entirely different dynamic that propelled the story past your typical comic book movie fare. I just wish that he could’ve played a role in the X-Men’s demise, similar to Old Man Logan. While Mysterio tricked him into killing the X-Men there, maybe Chuck could’ve had a seizure during a session to recover Logan’s memories. Perhaps this could’ve led to an X-Men slaughtering hallucination instead?

As always, Hugh Jackman’s performance was top notch – he even took a pay cut to ensure the movie could get an R-rating. Unlike past instalments of the X-Men and Wolverine franchises though, the entire supporting cast was on equal footing if not exceeding it in some cases. After being mostly wasted in X2, The Last Stand and Days of Future Past to a lesser extent, Sir Patrick Stewart finally got the chance to fully explore a completely different version of Charles Xavier. I honestly don’t think this movie works as well without the gravitas his inclusion added. In her first film, Dafne Keen also brought an incredible performance to the proceedings. (I was reading that X23 originally had dialogue for the entire film and gave Logan lots of attitude the whole way through. It wasn’t until co-writer Scott Frank knew it would be a disaster and pushed for her to be mostly mute that it was scaled back to what we got.)

My appreciation for the cast also extends to Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce and Richard E. Grant as Dr. Rice. Both are truly excellently evil SOBs, which was needed when dealing with child trafficking, experimentation and murder. As I mentioned in my feedback for X-Men Origins, Brian Singer’s post-credits scene for X-Men: Apocalypse was intended to hint towards Mr. Sinister being Logan’s main villain. I can only imagine he was excluded because of how jarring that would’ve been tonally: I just can’t picture a Western-influenced movie with Mr. Sinister as the antagonist.

Finally, some quick nitpicks since this feedback is longer than usual:

  • Why do the villains act like the kids must be stopped from crossing the Canadian border at all costs? Pierce has drones tracking them and his team has shown they don’t care about breaking the law. It’s not like our country has an invisible fence that prevents ill-intending people from crossing the borderline.
  • I can’t overstate how much I hate the magic adamantium bullet as a plot device. Although this movie probably handled it better, it directly contradicts how the same weapon was used in X-Men Origins. If we’re going by the precedent set there, X24 shouldn’t have died from that bullet. Dude should’ve just shrugged it off, forgotten who he was and walked away. (This furthers my theory that Origins isn’t considered cannon though so I give it a pass.)
  • If Logan’s adamantium is poisoning him despite his healing factor, how did he survive when that power was suppressed in The Wolverine? Maybe it shouldn’t have killed him, but you’d think he would’ve been feeling less than awesome at least.

Despite the need to ask such inherently nerdy questions, I love this movie. It’s a unique entry in the X-Men and Wolverine cannon, broadening the scope of what’s possible with these films. When I can give feedback and not compare the film to mid-90’s Lex Luger or the Monday Night Wars, you know you’ve done something right! It’s still baffling to me that Fox were making movies like this and Deadpool at the same time as X-Men: Apocalypse and The Dark Phoenix though. It’s like Vince Russo-era WCW being produced by the same company as post Vince Russo era WWE in 2000-2001. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

Thanks again for everything you fine folks do. Enjoy your crisp ice cold cans of Canada Dry and until next time, make mine MCU L8r! No freeloaders allowed… Park mark out. Brap brap!

Steve Grows Weed

This is where we will mosdef agree. This movie may be the best X-Men movie ever! But as amazing as it is. It’s fucking sad. Watching what happens in this universe to these characters is painful.
Xavier isn’t wrong when he says that Logan is waiting for him to die in the early part of the movie.
Also, let’s all recognize the true super hero of this film, and that is that fucking Limo! That thing had healing powers of its own.
2024 models are built to last.
Anyways. Great movie. Hugh Jackman is so good in this. Even down to the limp that he has all movie.

Six out of six claws for me.

Logan was the first comic book film to bring tears to my eyes. It was the perfect swan song to a legendary character. Hugh Jackman arguably put on a classic performance and the R rating allowed him, as well as Patrick Stewart to cut loose and the action was gloriously violent.

Dafne Keen damn near ran away with the film with her turn as Laura (better known as X-23). The Old Man Logan influences ran rampant and seeing a broken-down, world-weary Logan being a father figure to her gave it such emotional gravitas.

A visceral, tear-inducing ride

Burak from the UK

Deadpool was a revelation when it first came out. Now the schtick is becoming a bit repetitive.

Ryan Reynolds is cast perfectly and the 4th wall breaks were excellent on the first viewing in the cinema.

Shout out the post-credits scene, where they copy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and announce Cable for the sequel.

Hey folks! After it took two people to read my feedback last week, I think it’s time to get down to brass tacks.

Before we continue, let’s poor one out for my man Darwin. His death scene was brutal and looked like the most excruciating way possible to die. On top of that, his crush did him dirty by going to the dark side too. That’s colder than a crisp can of Canada Dry and why she’s definitely #NotMyAngel. (On a side note, I’m not familiar with the character but she’s supposed to be Pixie, right?)

As far as the movie proper goes, this might be one of Fox’s best X-Men films. I think the only things that hurt it were some pacing and having lesser known characters on the first team Professor X put together. Still, I understand why they wanted to highlight so many awesome mutants that wouldn’t have received screen time otherwise. Banshee, Havok and Beast really stood out while Charles, Erik and Raven got plenty of character development.

Being a period piece, they also had fun with different expectations. Chuck was finally front and centre to command the team in battle. His ability to walk while getting involved also opened a lot of doors that weren’t explored until First Class. It actually has me hoping they let Chuck become more mobile when X-Men reach the MCU proper. (I was reading someone on Reddit compare how many years Xavier has been in a wheelchair vs. being able to walk in the comics and it’s surprisingly close at this point.)

While the training montage is a trope, I loved how they explained everyone’s powers instead of glossing over them. Having Hank McCoy do scientific stuff to help the team was great. Showing Professor X as he mentored his “students” to use their powers framed him in a way that hadn’t been captured before either. To me, this whole sequence along with the final battle with the team were the highlights of the film and essential to getting them over. It makes me wish that Matthew Vaughn could’ve returned for Days of Future Past and still done Kingsman: The Secret Service. I just loved his take on a youthful Xavier and Magneto particularly – it’s the most interesting either one have been on screen for me.

When it comes to flaws, the only issues I had were pacing and with Nicholas Holt as Beast. I think he did a great job at conveying Hank’s insecurities but didn’t embody the character himself. (I also don’t understand why Havoc was such a raging jerked to him at all times… that seemed aggressive.) Considering this movie wasn’t connected to the later films in any meaningful way, I wish they hadn’t felt the need to line it up with them so rigidly either. A lot of stuff seemed to happen after Beast transformed because it was mandated by the future, not because it was an organic extension of the story. It’s like they had a checklist of stuff they had to squeeze in like Beast’s transformation, the costumes, Mystique choosing Magneto, Charles getting paralyzed and the brotherhood of mutants. None of this happened in such quick succession in the comics and most of it was erased by the next film. I just think it could’ve been spread out over future sequels.

Anyway, hope you guys are doing fantastic and enjoying a crisp ice cold can of Canada Dry. Still waiting for those Park’s Marks t-shirts but until next time, no freeloaders and make mine MCU L8r! Brap brap!

Dc jermaine from chicago. I’m pretty sure that this was X-men first class review week. So I’m talking about that. First I wanted to say, Agatha all alone. Come on man, who is that show for? You telling me with all the marvel IP like nova, marvel version of green lantern or a phylocke even a dazzler show I would be hyped all for it. I think you guys have a great show and I love mcu later. If you two review Agatha all alone, it’s going to be jermaine all gone. (I’ll be back). On to my X-men first class review. This was a good reboot. I always wanted my magneto younger and they gave that to me. I fool with Mathew Vaughn who made snatch, shout out to Brad Pitt who is also in Deadpool 2. Vaughn also made the kick ass and the kingsman series. If you made British guys look tough outside of James Bond, Lennox Lewis and Jason Stratham you done a hell of a job.I want to talk about token black Aka Darwin come on man don’t we brothers get killed off early enough in scary movies? Im happy that man has a chance to redeem himself next yr as mr terrific in the visionary James Gunn Superman movie. The movie was solidly casted except for Jennifer Lawrence who is the Roman reings of this movie franchise….im just here for a check. To the point she didn’t even want to put the make up on in later movies. You are being paid millions show up to work. But I love how they played with real history and the cuban missile crisis. The finish of this film to me was outstanding. paul levesque Could learn a thing or two about a finish watching this movie. I really enjoyed this new fresh take on the X-men. Fox was on a roll for three straight movies 8/10. Mcu later, I’m out

Leaking the test footage to the web was the best thing to happen to Deadpool.

It’s a gleefully violent romp with heart and the right amount of pathos that buried the origins depiction six feet deep.

Ryan Reynolds had such a ball with Wade’s self-aware humor, caustic wit and his crackling chemistry with Morena Baccarin’s Vanessa. The writing is so, so sharp and rewatching it made me catch a lot of the easter eggs in the script. Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead are great foils to his motormouth insanity.

This role single-handedly saved his career.

Dc jermaine from chicago. I’m back again, you can say this is a double shot. I’m very impressed by the new captain America trailer and we have red hulk. Exciting I’m hyped, it almost made me forget Anthony Mackey is a complete jerk. Can the red hulk be the new mcu hulk because mark ruffalo flat out stink. Stay off world until your contract runs out. Here is my review of Deadpool. Shout out to Ryan Reynolds (one of the good Canadians) who was the driving force to get this movie made and clearly did two things. Once made me forget about that first appearance he made as Deadpool and made the most comic accurate colossus that we seen. He made me forget about disrespect he had to the whole green lateran core with that terrible movie. In the brightest day and the darkest night, James Gunn please make Green Lantern right. Ryan has been two different marvel characters (he was in blade with triple h) and a dc character this has to be a record. I will say the first 40 mins the highway scene is one of the most memorable way to start a cmb movie in history. He did Deadpool proudly. His natural humor pairs well with the merc. Tj miller was a standout with his comedy, I wonder whatever happen to that guy? Gina Carano from mma fame and starwars did a great job also. Hey what happen to her? It’s a theme. I thought Francis as the villain was a standout also. Very good movie. Deadpool was dope. 8/10. Speaking of dope, shame on you WH on that Tony Kahn slander. You know how many American wrestling fans has been exposed to Japanese and Mexican wrestling because of that man? Bend the knee WH. Mcu later I’m out

Hello fine gentlemen, it’s a two-in-one special so I’ll get right to it.

Who would’ve thought that we’d have an Angel double-bill in the feedback thread? What’s even crazier than that? Both are #NotMyAngel. Seriously, how many X-Men characters are named Angel anyway? I honestly didn’t even remember this one’s name until rewatching.

Anyway, perhaps saying this film saved Ryan Reynolds’ career is an overstatement. While it sounds strange now though, Deadpool certainly took him to a new level of stardom. From dubious romcoms and bad DC COMICS adaptations (sorry Germaine, Green Lantern sucked,)
to this film, I’d say the quality of his projects has increased since. With this role, Reynolds also joined RDJ as someone who doesn’t have much separating the character from the person. As a result, it’s hard to picture anyone else playing either role now.

As for the movie proper, the thing I love about it is how they creatively used restrictions to make something unique. Having a ton of money taken out of the budget right before shooting, Deadpool forgetting his guns for the final battle was done to allow for a more barebones third act. Even the film as a whole was pretty basic with the overall structure being what set it apart. From counting the 12 bullets to sliding from past and present, it all felt innovative and like a breath of fresh air for comic book movies at the time. Knowing that Fox did so much to try and bury it makes the entire thing hilarious now too.

Surprisingly, I don’t have much else to say. Despite some problematic actors in the movie, the comedy was fantastic. Even so, it delivered on the emotional beats when needed as well. Hearing Stan Lee’s old timey salesman voice DJing at a strip club will never not be funny to me. It was one of his best Fox cameos in my opinion. Colossus’ “five moments” promo before Wade kills Francis was a highlight for me too – he’s so much better in these movies as a self-righteous caricature of himself.

And finally, what I’ve long been waiting for: Our first blind representation in an X-Men/X-adjacent film! Blind Al was hilarious to me. I know some people probably got offended at the humour, but as MCU L8r’s resident blind person, I thought it was too ridiculously over the top to be taken seriously anyway. It’s important to be sensitive to others but you’ve also gotta laugh at yourself sometimes too. (Besides, there’s no way in a trillion years that I’d be able to assemble some Ikea furniture, so it all checked out for me!)

I’ve already told you to enjoy some crisp ice cold cans of Canada Dry, so I’ll leave everyone with this instead: All of you freeloaders out there had better pay up! Next week the Rich ParkWai toll road is open for business and you don’t want to get stuck on the Cheapskate Express! Until then, make mine MCU L8r! Brap brap!

Hey guys! I’ve been loving rewatching all these films with everyone and these two films were no exception. First Class was as good as I remembered it, not having seen it since the theater. Deadpool on the other hand didn’t land as well for me. While I still enjoyed it, I remember absolutely loving it in the theater. At the time, it felt super fresh coming from Fox after so many middling to bad outings. I’m curious to see if my Deadpool 2 rewatch tracks the same way or if it improves upon things. Either way, here’s to hoping that Deadpool & Wolverine blows them both out of the water and I’m expecting it will. I’ll finish with two quick questions.

Siino mentioned on Collision Course that the Serpent Society storyline that would have featured Seth Rollins was cut from Brave New World. As I’m not familiar with that comic storyline, do you think that the movie was just overstuffed or was there some other reason they decided to take it out?

Lastly (and maybe it’s too early to answer this), will you consider another few weeks of watch alongs like this leading up to the new Cap movie? There’s probably too much to do every Sam Wilson appearance but you could do a handful like Incredible Hulk (for the Leader), Winter Soldier, and maybe Civil War? I’m honestly planning on a rewatch of the Falcon & Winter Soldier series to refresh myself but I know those have been reviewed on MCU L8r before.

Cheers guys and keep up the great work!