MCU L8R: Falcon & Winter Soldier Ep. 4 (w/ Nate Milton)

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WH Park welcomes Nate Milton to review The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Ep. 4 as Wakanda’s Dora Milaje hunt for Baron Zemo while John Walker makes a pivotal choice in his tenure as the new Captain America.

Also: A full recap and analysis of the episode, Nate’s thoughts on the series thus far, theories heading into our final 2 episodes, and your feedback from the POST Wrestling Forum.

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Thanks guys!!!

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To answer WH about the void of a Black Widow type of character, the aim of the Black Widow movie has been clearly stated by the director, Scarlet Johansson will pass the torch to Florence Pugh.

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Isaac here from NY.
Thank you guys, Great show, and looking forward to hear more from Nate on the show.

I believe you guys missed a part of the plot of this week’s episode, I believe that Karli Morgenthau’s plot was to separate new Cap and Sam and Bucky, so she invited to meet Sam alone, and that’s how she wanted to defeat them, new Cap didn’t show up where they met, it was in a different location, just she didn’t count on Sharon Carter that would provide them with Caps whereabouts.

Second point, it’s clear to me that new cap took the serum after Lamar died.

Thank you guys again


Thanks for the clarification on that second scene w/Karli, Brother Isaac! I also forgot to mention that it was Sam who asked Sharon to track “Johnnie Walker Blue”.

In terms of when Walker takes the serum, going back & watching the episode today, Walker takes it either before or after Hoskins gets abducted by the Flag-Smashers. When he comes down the stairs, he throws a guy across the room & then bends the lead pipe, and Sam’s like “what’s going on”.

Looking forward to seeing how the final 2 episodes wrap things up, b/c I’ve been enjoying the ride Spellman & Skogland have taken us on!


Great episode guys.

I would say Zemo is not the villain, but the Antagonist.

He’s still a villainous character though.

Let’s not let his charm and charisma detract from the fact he committed a terrorist act in Vienna, by bombing a building, killing King T’Chaka and possibly more. And that psychiatrist, Theo Broussard, in Civil War didn’t end up murdered in the bath tub of that Hotel Room by himself.

It’s a bit like Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2. Yeh he helped saved Star Lord, but he also aided and abetted the abduction and murder of thousands of children for Ego.