MCU L8R: Hawkeye Feedback/Questions Thread

Leave your comments or questions for all things MCU, including Hawkeye on Disney+, Spider-Man: NWH and more.

WH and I will read the most recent posts on MCU L8R.

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I like the human aspect of him dealing with everything. I like the hearing aid (that was in the comics too wasn’t it?), I like him still grieving, I like him trying to move past the snap/blip (is there a name for that 5 year period?) and trying to keep a normal family life. I wonder if they have any interest in giving him a bit of a PTSD trait from what it was like for him those 5 years.

It’s a little on the nose how he tries to be out but he’s pulled back in, but I think it works. I don’t have an affinity for Kate Bishop yet so I’m still more interested in Clint. I hope the writers do a good job getting the audience to transfer that affinity to Kate through die hard adventures with the tracksuit mafia (draculas?). I wonder if Ronin’s “crime” was quietly changing the suits from a 60/40 polycotton blend to a 40/60 blend.

No questions for anyone. Just looking forward to reading everyone’s comments again!

And yes, Mr. Park, the second cup refers to coffee made at home :slight_smile:

I think its really cool that Matt fraction is a producer for the show and that the art style in the closing credits is very similar to the Aja style in the comics.

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There was a lot to love about the first couple episodes. Matt Fraction and David Aja’s DNA is everywhere and the small-scale tone gave me all the warm fuzzies I felt from the Netflix string of shows (Daredevil, especially) Hailee Steinfeld nails Kate’s wide-eyed worship of Hawkeye and I love how it ties her origin to the battle of NY. Jeremy Renner gets a lot more to do to explore Clint’s post-Blip psyche and fatherhood. The tracksuit mafia are a laugh riot and I’m aching to see more of Maya Lopez.

P.S. Clint’s hearing loss felt organic after all those battles.