MCU L8R: Hawkeye Feedback/Questions Thread

Magan from Ottawa, ON

Whatever fears I’ve had about Yelena’s placement in Hawkeye have been erased in episode 5. Florence Pugh is as caustic and mercurial as she was in Black Widow and she stole the show from Hailee Steinfeld (not an easy feat, I wanna add). What her and Maya share is misguided rage towards Clint over Nat and Maya’s father’s deaths.

Renner continues to deliver on Clint’s pathos effectively and the third act Clint/Maya fight paves the way for the forbidden door to be kicked down as the Kingpin has been revealed as the puppet master. I was so ridiculously happy seeing D’Onofrio in the white suit again as he ties everything together and it sets the stage for an explosive season-ender.

What a home run.

Note: Does the mention of a “new and improved” Statue of Liberty tie into No Way Home?

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I absolutely love this show. There’s everything I like, great plot, great characters, everything is intertwined and makes sense. Easily the best MCU Disney plus show for me. I hope there’s a sequel. 6 episodes is too short.

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Dave from Brisbane

Another sensational episode of Hawkeye topped with that ending reveal. However has there been a huge mistake in who has sent Yelena to take out Clint or is Uncle King Pin and Valentina working together?

Currently hours away from Spider-Man and the excitement is real

Jay from Colorado

Not much to add that hasn’t been said already, but was wondering if you noticed the Kingpin silhouette over the Hawkeye logo at the end of the credits. It was such a nice touch. These small details are subtle, but really reward hard-core and even casual fans. Can’t wait for the finale.

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Anthony from Melbourne

I was surprised by how much Kingpin we got in the episode, to the point where I realised it is going to be hard to separate Hawkeye and even Echo from Kingpin moving forward, I mean he seems like the type of character that would want to get revenge on those who wrong him.

I was wondering how they would get around this, I figured maybe he would be arrested and then become distracted by the next MCU character to get in his way but I was wrong, there was a more final way to solve this problem.

But then we never saw him die? There have been enough false deaths in the MCU but if he is still alive then where do you see him popping up next? And is this where we see Daredevil?

I also got Batman v Superman “Martha” vibes from Yelena deciding not to kill Hawkeye but it was done much better even though she had to of already been aware they had a very close friendship?

(Spiderman Spoiler) WH I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere but how is it that Dr Strange was able to be trapped in the Mirror Dimension for so long?

I was afraid that the end would not be as good as the rest but thankfully the quality remained consistant from the first episode. By a country mile my favourite MCU Disney + show. The end for each character made sense and I love the fact that Kate and Clint are still together in the end. A very warm christmas ending compared to the other MCU shows.

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Burak from the UK.

Looks like Hawkeye has been watching pro-wrestling. How about that German Suplex on Kazi? And Kate doing multiple head scissor take downs.

Loved the finale. Some things felt a bit rushed, like Mya and Kazi and the Eleanor Bishop reveal and arrest.

Kingpin didn’t feel as menacing in this as he was in Daredevil. Maybe it was the Hawaiin shirts?

But the mid-credits scene being that fucking Awful musical number!? Get the fuck out with that bullshit. I watched it all, hoping to see Yelena in the crowd dancing along or something.

Biggest troll since Cap doing the public service announcement at the end of Spider-Man. Fuck you Marvel :joy:

I think it’s to set up the beginning of the echo show; someone else shoots her in the nick of time to save Fisk.

Was Vincent D’Onofrio’s Fisk that freakishly strong in the daredevil show? I don’t remember that. I also wish his coat wasn’t so big. What’s on under fits fine but it’s like he can’t afford a good tailor. Maybe that’s really why he’s rageful.

With generally great disney+ shows, it feels underwhelming to say this is normal or typical but it really is on brand for the finale. I really enjoyed all of the trick arrows being used for their big action sequence.

Maya straighthair = goodguy. curly=badguy. Got it.

Chekov’s owl really confused me until it was paid off. It really looked like they stuck a beak on the cgi animals from that star wars movie.

I was really surprised we didn’t see a brief spiderman cameo.

Kingpin is supposed to be very resistant and powerful.

From Comic Vine

‘‘As a human he has a unique physique that he proudly displays as a simple overweight man. Though he physically has an overweight appearance, Kingpin’s body mass is mostly composed of pure muscle rather than fatty tissue. Kingpin is also extremely fast, agile, and incredibly strong for a man his size and weight. Capable of easily lifting a full –sized oak desk and using it as a weapon, and able to stand toe-to-toe with super-powered individuals, Fisk’s physique makes him an extremely dangerous opponent for others. Aside from his physical capabilities, Fisk’s padded body also protects him from several lethal attacks, such as stab wounds and occasionally gunshots to non-vital areas.’’

The season-ender didn’t miss the mark. Instead of a one vs all final battle. The focus was split rather effectively between Clint/Yelena, Maya/Kazi and Kingpin/Kate.

The first pairing was cathartic as both characters got the closure they needed about Natasha’s death as Renner and Pugh didn’t leave any stone unturned. Kate earns the moniker of Hawkeye and I was delighted to see D’Onofrio’s Kingpin again (with a few tweaks) and I’m pretty confident in that the Maya/Kingpin feud will be furthered explored in the Echo spinoff. (Parts of a Hole will provide the answers as to whether he’s dead)

The big set-piece in Rockerfeller Plaza was such a blast and the use of trick arrows had shades of Home Alone that stays true to the holiday aesthetic.

Overall, Hawkeye didn’t need multiverses, politics or genre-hopping to stand out and it’s all the better for it.

Q: Does Laura’s Rolex with the SHIELD logo negates Bobbi Morse’s time as Mockingbird?

Scrump from Chicago

I was a bit underwhelmed with this episode.

I still liked it, aside from the musical as I hate musicals, but it felt as if it were missing something to leave us all talking at the end the way the last few shows have.

It was strange too for Hawkeye to not just explain what happened instead of being vague as to Nat’s fate.

We got transported to Vormir, Red Skull told us one of us has to die, she beat me to the edge of the cliff. In a post Blip world, you’d think explaining those kinds of things would be easier.

Nonetheless it’s my second favorite right behind Loki.

Question, where do you guys feel Kate should pop up again?

I like her not immediately taking up the mantle of Hawkeye as there’s still clearly more training she’s going to go through with Clint.

Jermaine from Chicago. Shoutout to my boy nate. Hawkeye was really enjoyable and fleshed out Hawkeye like many of his fans wanted and didn’t get from the mcu movies. They just wanted him to get the love that Oliver Queen got from dc. Yelena is my favorite new hero from this phase with Shang chi A close second. Ok here is some problems I had. Not my Wilson Fisk. He has been disneyfied. This kingpin would walk around Disneyland shaking little kids hands. WH and Nate you mean to tell me the guy we watched on Netflix would have the goofy tracksuit mafia working for him? He would of have killed them all. This is the man we’ve seen beat up daredevil and the punisher but struggles with Kate bishop? If this is what’s coming with mcu blade and daredevil I will take a hard pass. I love what you guys do. With 5 dc movies coming next yr how about you review some of them? Have a great break. Mcu later

I’m probably chasing ghost, but does post credit scene indicate that this Hawkeye isn’t the same one from the original MCU? Antman wasn’t in the Battle for New York, but maybe he was in another timeline? I knew Antman went back in time with the Avengers to 2012, but he didn’t do anything.

Has anything resulting from the Loki ending really affected the current MCU beside the What If series? If Dr. Strange botching a spell could open up the multiverse, then why was Kang so concerned about keeping the timelines in check?

Don’t jump the gun just yet.