MCU L8R: She-Hulk Season Finale Review w/ Wai Ting & Nate Milton

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This week, Rich Fann and WH Park are joined LIVE by Wai Ting and brother Nate Milton to discuss the She-Hulk Season Finale, Ep. 9 “Whose Show is This?” as Jen not only faces the powers of The Intelligencia, but also the doldrums of loss and a fall from grace.

The fantastic foursome discusses their thoughts on the series as a whole and its tone, the FX questions that plagued it, what K.E.V.I.N. can do (or can’t) in the future, and the chemistry (or lack thereof) of some of its additional characters. Afterwards, callers and forum posters give their takes on what they thought of this finale!

Plus, the latest in MCU News concerning Blade and release delays, Daredevil x Spider-Man, The Penguin and more.

Episode 9 Synopsis:

Jen finds herself in trouble with the law and struggles to pick up the pieces of her life.

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