MCU Review Show: Mellon Collie & The Infinit(y War) Sadness!

Hey POST-Marks,

If you’re a fan of the MCU flicks, check out the True North Nerds’ spoilerific* review of Infinity War featuring @wai0937 & yours truly!

True North Nerds - “Avengers: Infinity War Review”

Spoiler Alert - Much to the surprise of Brother JoPo, there is extensive talk about Captain America’s role in this film! :joy:



I hope you guys talk about Steve Rogers :joy::joy::joy:


Any idea how to download this? I don’t use iTunes or SoundCloud

If you use Podcast Addict or Stitcher (I think), just search for “True North Nerds”! :100:

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Thanks Nate! I use podcast addict.

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Hopefully by the time part 2 comes around he can live this one down lol

Ah, album 3 is always the tough one. Do you stay the course and fight off the stale chants? Do you mix it up and alienate the fans that got you here in the first place? Obviously with a 28 song double album you can do a bunch of both. Personally they lost me a bit with the 28 songs. OK, quite a bit.

First album set the stage with the power trio, I am One, Siva, and Bury Me. Songs that still make ya shred that air guitar. Second album was basically the perfect combo of carrying on that first album with turning the knob a little more radio friendly for some of the songs. Pretty much what many bands set out to do but fall short.

So we get to Album 3. Bullet with Butterfly Wings and Zero are obviously going to be 2 of my favorites (I’m not even sure if I’ve listened to all 28, and if I did, I don’t remember 20 of them). To be honest 1979 is a ‘radio station changer’ for me now and ‘Tonight, Tonight’ is pretty close to that. Having Corgan’s Voice paired with strings does not work in my opinion. It’s like having Shelton and Levine be coaches on ‘The Voice’. Corgan’s raw, sloppy voice works much better with shreds, riffs, and hooks not violins. Not sure any band should be releasing 28 song albums as well. Oh, and I was rooting for Billy to buy Impact.

Oh shit, my bad, you guys are talking about some movie.


Listened to this today. Really good. Didn’t know about it and like the local flair with the news and everything. Is Brent A Post Mark too?

I loved that Wai’s intro was Kevin Steen’s old ROH theme.

The podcast brought to light how symbiotic all this stuff is: comics, sci fi, toys, wrestling etc.

I’ll continue listening.

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Brent has been a friend of ours dating back to the original Ask-A-Wai days.