Meiko Satomura debuts in NXT UK, says she's ready for Kay Lee Ray

Originally published at Meiko Satomura debuts in NXT UK, says she's ready for Kay Lee Ray

It was formally announced in late January that Meiko Satomura signed with WWE and was going to be joining the NXT UK brand. On today’s episode of NXT UK, she made her in-ring debut and defeated Isla Dawn.

Watching the match from ringside was the current NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray whose reign has hit over 530 days. In a post-match segment, Meiko stated that she is ready for Kay Lee Ray.

“Kay Lee Ray: I am ready for you.” — @satomurameiko#NXTUK @Kay_Lee_Ray

— WWE (@WWE) February 11, 2021

IT'S OFFICIAL! @satomurameiko has arrived on #NXTUK.@NXTUK Women's Champion @Kay_Lee_Ray has taken notice.

— WWE (@WWE) February 11, 2021

Meiko’s signing was first reported by Yahoo! Japan. The publication noted that she’ll be residing in London where the WWE UK Performance Center is located.

Kay Lee Ray first won the NXT UK Women’s Title at TakeOver: Cardiff in August of 2019. Her latest title defense was against Jinny on the 1/21 edition of NXT UK on the WWE Network.

WWE has been parking talent for many years, to keep other companies from using highly talented people.

In this case, Meiko is 41 years old. She can still be exemplary, but I gather WWE wants her more to keep her away from any other company. Maybe Meiko always wanted to live in the UK so perhaps this is a marriage of convenience, and for WWE that also means their young women get to work with someone who knows how to put on a performance.

Huh? If these other companies your talking about wanted her so badly. Why didn’t they sign her years ago? But now she’s in her 40s so WWE is trying to keep her away from them. Yeah that doesn’t really make much sense buddy.

You are also ignoring the benefits for Meiko. Not only is she getting paid a lot more money then she’s ever made in her career. She will actually be exposed to a worldwide audience for the first time. She probably wanted to finish her career showing the world how good she is. No point be considered best in the world when very few people know about it.

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I personally am very happy with this news. Seeing someone that talented in the ring get exposure is great news, specially since she can break many barriers.
Unfortunately, I feel her ceiling is NXT, because I don’t see Vince ever making her a big player in the main roster.

Yeah being on NXT and avoiding the Main Roster doesn’t really sound like a bad outcome. Just ask Finn Balor and Ciampa about that.

Meiko also loves Nandos. So it’s a perfect marriage.

Hope to see her take on Dani Luna soon. Those two had an amazing match in Progress once.

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