Melissa Santos reveals she auditioned for WWE NXT during COVID-19 pandemic

Originally published at Melissa Santos reveals she auditioned for WWE NXT during COVID-19 pandemic

The former Lucha Underground and IMPACT Wrestling announcer auditioned for WWE. 

For 11 years, Melissa Santos has been involved in the wrestling business. She started out as an in-ring talent and then transitioned to interviewer and ring announcer roles. 

She’s ring announced on the independent scene, for IMPACT Wrestling and was the announcer for Lucha Underground. She guest appeared on the Lightweights Podcast and revealed that she auditioned for WWE’s NXT brand during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Santos mentioned that the ‘developmental team’ were acting as fans and there were people on screens. She did not receive a callback. Santos thinks something was in the works, but that did not come to fruition and in turn, she was not needed. 

So, I did audition for NXT, and there was something going on. I think it was some kind of Underground which I think is happening now. I thought I saw something about, it’s like, NXT Underground or WWE Underground. There’s something going on and I think at the time, I think that’s what they were bringing me in for. Didn’t know how to place me. It was during COVID, because I remember there was no audience and it was the developmental team clapping on the outside and stuff and the people on the screens and stuff. So I was back there and I was like, yeah, this is cool and I think — I don’t know who was running around back there. Was it Triple H back there? I was just, like, sitting there going, I can’t believe I’m sitting here. Just taking it all in and then I did some segment. It was really confusing actually. They brought me out there and I was like, ‘Oh, what am I doing?’ And they’re like, ‘Kind of do this’ and I don’t know if they knew what was going on per se and then, I don’t know, they never called me back. What’s up? What happened? (She laughed) I don’t know. I think at the time, there was something brewing and then that didn’t take off and then so they didn’t really need me for that.

When asked if there’s a desire to get back to a big promotion, Melissa responded yes. She added that things are brewing that she can’t speak about at the moment. 

Yes (I want to get back to a big promotion). Yes! Yes. I have some things brewing this year. That’s all I can say. I’m happy. There’s so much happening. I’m doing so many cool things. But I can’t say what all I’m doing just yet, but… We’ll come back. We’re gonna have to come back so you guys put a pin in that. Melissa said something’s happening so yeah, I am so excited. This year’s gonna be… I miss it. I miss being creative. I love being a mom. I’ve stopped a little bit because I’m with my children, but I still do shows here and there. In fact, I was ring announcing pregnant and stuff. That was fun.

The conversation turned over to WWE’s Samantha Irvin. Melissa heaped praise onto her and dove into the criticisms they receive as announcers. 

Amazing (Samantha Irvin’s call of Cody Rhodes winning Undisputed WWE Title at WrestleMania XL). I don’t know if you can see from here but I’m like — it gets me emotional because she was emotional. Just watching that, because I know what that can feel like. You’re involved, you’re emotional and you’re watching it and you’re so into it, you will cry because the story is being told the correct way and so I understand why she did that and as a ring announcer, I know some people were like, ‘Oh, it’s so emotional. Like, does she have to cry?’ Yeah. That’s what she felt like and she’s listening and she’s watching like everyone else and if she felt like crying, why not? You can’t make everyone happy. I know there were people saying, like, oh… a lot of people would go, ‘Oh, I don’t like when Melissa gets so into it and growls and her whole body is into it.’ I’m like, ‘Well, that’s just how it is for me’ and I can’t make everyone happy. But I love it that much and I just want to — I feel it and that’s what came out. Although it’s not about me, I’m involved in it. I don’t wanna just be out there like, ‘The following…’ I can’t do that. It’s not in me and when I watch Samantha, chef’s kiss, I love it, because she’s so into it, you can tell she just loves it and that’s how it should be. Everyone should be just as passionate as the wrestlers out there. Everybody. 

It was such an emotional thing, and when I saw it, I’m like, ‘Yes, go girl. Hell yeah,’ and I love to see a woman doing it. 

Santos’ husband is Brian Cage. Cage is with All Elite Wrestling and he signed a new long-term contract with the company. 

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