Meltzer: Barrios and Wilson both 'out' of WWE


Quarter numbers must be terrible.

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WWE presser:

Possibly related to the XFL lawsuit? What a disaster

Looks like one week from today (Feb. 6) is quarterly report AND 2019 annual report day. Could be a doozie.


They were probably idiots. Have you ever heard Barrios talk?

Oversaw their biggest profits…but they’re idiots :roll_eyes:

They lucked into profits bc Tv rights went up and they sold soul to Saudi.

The product by all metrics (TV ratings, live attendance, main stream attention, average viewer age) has been tanking for years. It’s a bunch of over 50 yr olds that have nothing better to do then watch bad comedy and that’s dropping too. These two haven’t been at the forefront of any incredible movement other than TV being worth more and Saudi paying to own them

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Holy Fck
Stock has tanked
It’s trading sub 50s after hours. Down 23%
This is a really bad look since both were positioned as co-Presidents while Vince takes a reduced role as he focuses on the XFL.

This is wild

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Time for Vince to take the reins back and steer the ship right.

Lucked into…dumbest statement of the day

Yup that’s the solution. An out of touch 70 yr old is the key. Just like the USA

Put your resume in…clearly you’re the genius to fix everything. :roll_eyes:

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Thanks I’m good with my current job

Didn’t know being a holier than thou know-it-all online paid.

Learn something new everyday.


My understanding is neither of them are involved in creative. They did a lot of the leg work on getting WWE their ridiculous TV deal. My guess is WWE spent a lot of money and these two are scapegoats

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Scapegoats only work when there is blame to be shared.
Vince is notorious for being a control freak so we’re to believe they acted without his approval?
Hunter is the one out front of this global expansion and regionalization which has failed miserably
Steph is the brand officer and should be saddled with growing engagement
Not sure scapegoating works here.

Don’t mean to be hyperbolic but this is as massive a development as the Fox deal. This is out of nowhere and dumbfounding when you consider timing and the XFL launch.

This is my prediction: WWE will be sold in the next 24 months

Of course not but this is just jumping ahead to explain what will be a shitty quarterly report. These two will be blamed for underperforming and Vince will BS that their replacements will lead to improvement.

It’s no different than getting rid of Bischoff so quickly. Temporary bandaid to buy time and appease shareholders.

And yeah HHH has really fumbled. The UK deal has been a bust and Japan seems to be rejecting any movement into that country. He’s had several years head start and the ability to sign anyone he wants (with no budget constraints) and a startup constantly beats them in a head to head competition.

Which doesn’t even get into the money pit that the PC/NXT has become with not a lot return because of a number of reasons

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One of the reasons this doesn’t work is because it doesn’t appease shareholders. We’re talking about a company that just signed a record deal a year an a half ago and is now trading for 50% less than it was this time last year. It’s down 23% after this news during after hour trading alone.

This came out of nowhere. I mentioned timing - we’ve heard for 2 years how Vince is focusing on XFL and these two are running the show. Hunter is not a Wall Street Guy. These two spoke to investors and delivered record TV deals celebrated in the industry. Now you wanna sell shareholders that they dropped the ball? It’s reckless corporate governance and doesn’t hold water. Which is scary for shareholders.

Unless there is cause or tangible differences in strategy that they eventually explain (very un-Vince like). Plus those strategies were his and his families from what’s been presented to the same shareholders.

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Saudi Deal was suppose to lead to a nice MENA deal. Now they are at the mercy of the government which owns the tv network and have no leverage because they need those pay days.

India expansion was suppose to lead to that being a big tv rights market - no deal and the current one expired

You mentioned Japan. Global expansion has largely failed and they lost a lot of ground domestically. That’s all been a Hunter/Vince strategy when presented to the public.