Meltzer vs Cornette

Anyone been keeping up with this - it’s hilarious !

Yeah, I was skimming through this. It’s really sad that Cornette’s blinding hatred of Omega has cost him actual friends. Hey, cornhole, lighten up! It’s just entertainment, after all.


The guy is clearly mentally ill, as are most of his fans.


Both are entertaining to listen to for different reasons. If you get wound up by either or take either too seriously then you need to reassess your life.

Directly trivialising mental illness!? It’s about Cornette so I’m sure the regular pearl clutchers on here will give you a free pass regardless of it exposing them as hypocrites.

Sorry, did I upset you, Cornette fan?

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I think a lot of his fans aren’t real fans but just find him hilarious as in a ranting lunatic is hilarious