Mercedes Varnado (Sasha Banks) reflects on training in Mexico, working with Juventud Guerrera & Skayde

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Varnado feels she belongs in Mexico. 

One of the many guests that joined WWE’s Bayley on Instagram Live for her promotion of Family Giving Tree was Mercedes Varnado a.k.a. Sasha Banks. 

Banks had been training in Mexico as of late and was pictured with Juventud Guerrera among others. She was asked about that and expressed how much of a highlight it was for her. 

Mercedes feels she belongs in Mexico and added that she also trained at Bandido’s GYM in Mexico City. 

I miss Mexico so much. I still think about it every single day. I thought about it last night. I’m like, what a huge freakin’ crazy honor to live in a different country and let alone Mexico for my first time living out of the United States. Just to go out there and train Lucha Libre with all of these top legends that I grew up watching whether it was Ricky Marvin, ‘The Juice’ Juventud [Guerrera], Skayde who I had been looking for-for the past legit seven years. I’ve been such a fan of him and his work and the way that he teaches, he taught a lot of the CHIKARA Pro guys so like Claudio [Castagnoli] and Drew Gulak and I’m a huge fan of Claudio, Cesaro’s work so I wanted to get my basing down, my rolls down so I found him at Bandido’s GYM and I freaked out like a fan. I was like [gasped], ‘You’re here, actually here. I’ve been DMing you for years, trying to find your email, trying to go to seminars here in the United States’ and now, there I was in Mexico training with him… Craziest timing, like so meant to be. Trained with five different people whether it was Ricky Marvin, ‘The Juice’… Mamba, Skayde, this guy named — what was this guy’s name? I forget… [Mr. Iguana was there too]. There was just so, so, so much, I miss it so much. I miss it daily. I’m like homesick from Mexico because I belong there.

POST Wrestling’s John Pollock and Wai Ting discussed the latest surrounding Varnado and that clip can be watched here

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