Mick Foley considering one final "deathmatch"

Originally published at Mick Foley considering one final "deathmatch"

Mick Foley is contemplating doing one more match for his 60th birthday in 2025.

Speaking on his Foley is Pod show with co-host Conrad Thompson, the retired performer stated he’s considering doing a deathmatch.

Mick Foley discusses having one final match, that being a death match, for his 60th Birthday:


— Wrestle Ops (@WrestleOps) February 2, 2024

Foley said it would motivate him to lose weight and drop around 100 pounds and he thinks “it might be fun.” He didn’t believe it would take place in WWE as he believed it would be “a gory spectacle.”

In 2012, Foley started an angle in WWE with Jon Moxley before it was ruled that Foley could not take part physically due to the results from a neurologist and was told never to wrestle again.

Foley has previously noted that he has muscular, skeletal, and neurological damage from his wrestling career.

Foley’s last in-ring match occurred as part of the Royal Rumble match in January 2012 and has not wrestled in a 1-on-1 match since October 2010 when he was working for TNA.

Foley will turn 60 in June 2025.

No thanks. The guy can barely walk and his TNA run was just sad.

Moxley vs. Foley, finally.


Walk away while you can, Mick.

I think Sting’s retirement and run is going to give a lot of folks a false sense of security in their ability in their older age.

No. Sorry, you could barely move in the 90s, Mick. Just say no.

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I’m with the majority. I don’t think he should do it. Unless it’s some kind of swerve where he either has a substitute or the death match isn’t really death match (a no barbed wire rope match, paper clips instead of thumbtacks, etc.).

No, No, No , No. Loved Mick and everything he has done for the business, but I have ZERO desire to ever see him in the ring again. If we could turnback time, sure, but he just can’t go anymore and I do not want him to get hurt.

He seems way too intelligent for this. I hope it’s a swerve to set up a huge deathmatch only for Mox to take his place and Foley can just hit someone with a hardwire stick or something. No one wants to see this

Mox, Nick Gage, and Foley :smile: :smile:

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