Mick Foley reveals he tested positive for COVID-19 in December

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2021/01/01/mick-foley-reveals-he-tested-positive-for-covid-19-in-december/

Former WWE champion and Hall of Famer Mick Foley revealed Friday that he tested positive for COVID-19 last month.

Foley, 55, was part of a virtual signing on December 12th where he shared a room with two others. One of the people tested positive for the virus, and Foley was tested five days later and was alerted he was positive.

He noted symptoms he has experienced include fatigue, loss of smell, body aches, and affecting his hearing.

He has been isolating in a hotel room for the past eighteen days, which means he missed Christmas and New Year’s with his family and instructed those watching to take the virus seriously. He felt he was very good about being cautious and advocating for mask-wearing but added he could have done better.

Foley noted he cut back dramatically on his events this past year noting four virtual signings he participated in, a pair of reality shows he did, two personal appearances, a commercial, and the appearance at the Survivor Series since March.

We wish Mick a full and speedy recovery from the virus.

I tested positive for COVID following a December virtual signing, and have been isolating in a hotel room for the past 18 days.

Please continue to take this virus seriously – mask up, social distance, look out for one another.

Wishing all of you a happy, healthy new year. pic.twitter.com/WFcM8iuUmi

— Mick Foley (@RealMickFoley) January 2, 2021

Glad he appears to be ok, got to feel bad for him though. Guy is obsessed with X-mas, sucks that he didnt get to spend it with his family.

WWE.com doesn’t really say who’s contracted COVID-19 and who doesn’t, right?

I dont believe so. I’m pretty sure all organizations are unable to reveal medical information regarding its performers unless they get their consent. With that said, even if they did, I dont think WWE would anyways due to the negative PR.

Considering the backlash they had with the few outbreaks they had in 2020, they won’t hurry in revealing anything. Remember what happened when Renee Paquette announced on Twitter that she had tested positive how WWE got pissed about it.

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It’s a violation of patient confidentiality to share information without their consent. It’s the same reason I only tell stories of patients I have permission to share. You can’t fault WWE for that since it’s the right thing to do


Exactly. For whatever reason, some fans just dont get this.

Mick just posted this on FB:


I tested positive for the coronavirus following a December 12 virtual signing. As soon as I learned that I had been exposed and even before the test result, I began isolating in a hotel room – and have been here for 19 days. I am no longer contagious and will be checking out tomorrow. Fortunately, my symptoms were not too serious - body aches and headache for a few days, followed by loss of my sense of smell and just within the last few days, my hearing has been affected.

Worse than the physical symptoms was missing the holidays with my family - Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s. I tried to do my best to be safe these past ten months, but looking back on it, there were a number of occasions where I did let my guard down. Since mid-March, I have only done four virtual signings, two personal appearances, two guest appearances on reality shows and my appearance on
at The Undertaker’s farewell. In 2019, I flew 150,000 miles on Delta Airlines – in addition to tens of thousands more on other airlines. In 2020, I flew less than 10,000. Still, there were several occasions where I could have been more careful. Moving forward, I will do my best to do better. I hope all of us can do a little better for as long as it takes to put this terrible pandemic behind us.

I appreciate all the well wishes and prayers that I have always received on social media. I’m lucky… things could have been worse.

I’m glad Mick went and explained this situation fully out. He did everything he was supposed to do and still wound up getting the virus. And the important thing here is understanding the lesson from it all. Lots of people see this and say “see, it’s not even worth shutting things down since it’s inevitable,” but that’s not it.

It’s that this virus is so dangerous that you can be doing everything you can and it might not be enough because it’s proliferated so far around the country. It didn’t have to be this way. If everyone cared as much as Mick did (at least those with the means to), this country would be able to pull off harmless activities like masked virtual signings without a worry that the virus would sneak in.

I hope the people who do everything right and still wind up sick don’t feel down about their actions of the past year. Who knows how many people they saved by holding off infection for as long as they did. Who knows how many people they saved by being attentive and going into quarantine every time they could have gotten it. Mick gave up Christmas to keep his family and friends safe. These are people doing the right thing and we shouldn’t lose sight of that. It gives me even more strength to hold on to what I’m doing until the vaccine is available to see that there are so many others who have tried to do the right thing this entire time.

So hopefully Mick continues healing and gets to make up for lost time when this is over. His social media messages and lead all through the year probably reached hundreds of people who may not have otherwise listened and like thousands of others, he didn’t deserve this fate.

He didn’t completely disregard the virus like many did, but he did say the following:

I think another thing to take from this is you just can’t let your guard down. Doing so even once, sadly can lead to catching the virus, or even worse, giving the virus to someone who is autoimmune compromised.

Mick is no doubt a great guy.

We have had doctors in our hospital in full PPE all the time contract the virus. In the end it’s likely bc they took off goggles for a few minutes to read a computer screen or something so minor that did it. This virus can spread despite us doing our best sadly. But doing your first greatly reduces the risk

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Everyone definitely takes different levels of precaution. In my facility, we have some docs who wear surgical mask/Kn95 mask, face shield, then there are other docs I catch wearing just a surgical mask below their nose (not around patients, I mean in staff areas), but the point is everyone’s precautions are different. Personally I wear surgical mask/KN95 mask, no goggles, but I’m pretty much exclusively in a private office.

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Yeah and that’s one of the many things that suck about the situation. That normal civilians trying very hard and making a couple of mistakes or having a few moments without hyper-vigilance over a 9 month span will find you in an unforgiving moment of getting the virus. In a world with so many people not trying, it’s where I hope the people with the unfortunate luck of still getting it despite their actions don’t feel like it all wasn’t worth it. There’s still so many ways that doing what they did helped the situation in this country and the world.

And hopefully you all continue to be safe yourselves doing your work, which is very appreciated throughout this time.

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