Mickie James discusses David Penzer mistakenly announcing her from wrong city at IMPACT Bound For Glory

Originally published at Mickie James discusses David Penzer mistakenly announcing her from wrong city at IMPACT Bound For Glory

James jokingly said she thought about taking the microphone and reintroducing herself. 

On the marquee for IMPACT Wrestling’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view was Trinity Fatu defending the Knockouts World Championship against Mickie James. Fatu went on to retain the title.

The match and a pre-match moment was delved into by Mickie on GAW TV. That pre-match moment was ring announcer David Penzer billing her from Roanoke, Virginia. Mickie is from Richmond. She stated that she thought about taking the microphone and doing her own introduction. 

Did you guys hear f*cking (David) Penzer announce me from Roanoke, Virginia (at Bound For Glory)?… So, I’m waiting in the corner and I’m waiting and I’m like — I don’t know why, I felt kind of off that day anyway, but I blame Penzer for losing the match. He completely took me out of my moment, out of the game when he sat there and announced me from Roanoke, Virginia and I was like, ‘What!?’ And I walked quickly across the ring and almost shoulder check him to the point where (Alpha) Bravo is going like, ‘I thought you were from Detroit for a second because that’s how we do’ and Ingrid (Isley) was loving it and he felt so bad. I know, I know it’s a mistake. I go, ‘Richmond!’ I was this close to snatching his microphone. I even looked up at it and I was like — I was going to redo my whole introduction myself and I was like, let me not turn, let me not turn heel right now, on pay-per-view in front of everybody… I’m walking away going, ‘Ah f*ck’ and I’m thinking about all the kids. I’m so sorry we’re cursing. We’re gonna have to bleep this out but I legit in that moment, I wish — I’m kind of glad but I’m not glad because I wish somebody had GIF’d this whole moment because me walking around that ring away from him like, ‘Unf*ckingbelievable Penzer. 20 years! 20 years! Same town. You’ve announced me how many times? F*cking Roanoke!?’ I immediately text Carlito and was like, ‘How much did you pay him? How much?’ Because he always says I’m from Roanoke as well.

At the conclusion of Bound For Glory, it was revealed that IMPACT is reverting to the TNA Wrestling name. Mickie shared her reaction to the news: 

Huge. Huge pop (for IMPACT reverting to TNA name). I’m so excited about that. I think it’s gonna be awesome, I love it. I think it’s a great idea, and I know I’ve heard a lot of back and forth about it but I’m like, I love it. I think people still think about — even when they say IMPACT, they wanna say TNA first. It’s so hard to get people to change but also, the library of the Sting and Booker T and Kurt Angle and Lisa (Marie Varon) and myself before, all of that is underneath the TNA brand, right? So you’re showing old TNA footage so I think it just kind of helps pull it all back together and hey, IMPACT, I’m grateful to be at IMPACT, I was grateful to be at TNA, I’ll be grateful to be at TNA again. But I always loved the TNA version. What I feel coming honestly is like a big reset I think is gonna happen in 2024 with TNA, with IMPACT, with the rebranding and the switch around. I just think that there’s just gonna be a real big shift. I’m excited about it. It seems exciting.

On 11/3, IMPACT is going to be airing their Turning Point special. The show was taped during the company’s tour of the United Kingdom. 

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