Mike Tyson taking selfies with fans without a mask

I really hope AEW tests him before he comes back again.

Maybe I’m in the minority, but I’m kind of tired of shaming all celebrities who are pictured with their masks off. In this case, it appears that Mike may have been wearing a mask and just put it down to his neck to smile for the fan’s picture. I don’t think we have the full context for this to be worthy of a huge story. I also saw people shaming Zack Ryder on another wrestling message board for eating out without a mask on. How was he supposed to eat with a mask on? Like he may have worn a mask until he was seated and got his food. AEW should be testing everybody anyway and hope they test Mike like they would everyone else.

I didn’t say a single derogatory thing about Tyson. My point was that I hope AEW test him before he comes back, especially after what happened last week in WWE.

Oh they will. Might be more of a WWE mark, but when it comes to testing, all elite whoops that ass. I see where both of you were coming from, the tattletale thing is a little petty, however wear your motherfucking mask!

I don’t know if I could be more on the fence LMAO. You’re welcome for me adding nothing.


I see both your points! I am totally in favor of wearing masks myself, just don’t really like the tattle tale on celebrities part especially without full context of the situation. They may have been wearing a mask and took it off briefly for a pic or to eat.

I honestly wish wrestling would just bulk tape a bunch of shows weeks in advance all at once to minimize exposure. It’s not like the mostly empty arena shows have that much of a different feel live.

Oh I hear you, it can get ridiculous. There is a reason why I dont post “Mike Tyson being selfish and careless!!!” which is what I guarantee is out there.

Hasn’t AEW been doing stringent testing from the start? Odd comment to make. This isn’t WWE

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Why do you insist on making everything an AEW vs WWE discussion? This has nothing to do with WWE.

If Mike Tyson was working with WWE right now, I’d make the exact same comment.

As far as AEW testing, I haven’t read anything about them testing not contracted performers. Doesn’t mean they are, doesn’t mean they aren’t, hence my comment.

Everyone in AEW gets a test, been common knowledge for a while.

WWE are the ones who chose not to test for a long time, hence why it was an odd comment for you to be concerned about AEW doing testing.

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Again, this has nothing to do with WWE. It’s ok to talk about one company without talking about the other.

If you have such an issue with this being a story, contact TMZ, don’t shoot the messenger.

I think they test everyone who is to be on site. When Jericho and Orange brawled up in to the stand last week I was sure you could see the same coloured bands on the wrists of the people in the stand they brawled past.

Had no issue with the story, you just haven’t been following the news

Why does it offend you that I simply said that I hope AEW tests Tyson? Nothing I have read says anything about him specifically being tested. I made the comment based on the TMZ article.

Nobody else seems to be upset by that comment other then you as it wasn’t a offensive thing to say.

I hope so, my initial concern was because it was Mike Tyson. Sometimes celebrities of his stature will think they are above something like that, and I think it’s fair to say that Tyson is a bit unpredictable lol. Who knows how he feels about taking a test. When you see people online going ape shit when asked to wear a mask, you never know where people who are emotionally unstable will react, which in the past Tyson has shown to be.

Like I said you haven’t been following the news. No big deal. Next time use Google

If you know something that I dont, that’s cool, just post a link.
Where in the news does it talk about Tyson specifically getting tested?

Everyone entering the building gets tested. This isn’t WWE and there is no HHH magic spray unfortunately

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Can you please stop trying to derail the thread into a WWE discussion. That’s the 3rd time you have brought them up in a thread that has nothing to do with WWE. If you are looking for a thread to talk about WWE and there lack of test, here you go.

As far as AEW testing everyone that enters the building, I can’t say I 100% buy that in regards to Tyson. Hopefully its true, but I find it very hard to trust what Tony Khan and AEW say.

Why would they lie and potentially put all their employees at risk? Seems stupid

Why? What a strange comment.

I personally have been told by a friend who worked the last set of tapings that everyone got tested and had several temp checks throughout the days.

Everything they have said publicly has been reflected by anybody working.