Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Set for September 12th

Out of curiosity, does anyone want to see this?

This will be awesome and yes I will watch.

Apparently YouTube star Jake Paul is fighting former NBAer Nate Robinson on the undercard, lol. Wonder how much this card will cost

I’ll watch. Can’t be any worse than Taker v Goldberg

From what I remember, Taker “almost” died in that match, so ya, it can be worse.

I’ll probably watch out of curiosity, but these guys have no business fighting. Reminds me of the most recent Tito/Chuck fight.

I’m hoping and expecting that they go in there with a gentleman’s agreement of sorts not to murder each other in there. Look after one another. They both know what’s at stake.

One of them did bite his opponents ear off, not sure how much trust I would have in him.

Tyson did arguably worse things than bite Holyfield’s ear back in the day. Roy Jones wasn’t exactly winning any humanitarian awards either though, was he?

Despite that, I think both of these guys are old enough now to understand the pay day this will represent and the potential for more fights in the future so hopefully they’ll take care of each other.

Of course, I was trying to keep stay in the context of “in ring”. I hope you’re right, and Tyson definitely appears to have changed, but I do worry about his mind set in the heat of the moment during a fight and I dont really want to see a 51 year old knocked out. I still see that Chuck Lidell knockout in my head, its so sad to see.

I definitely understand your concern. But isn’t boxing objectively a bit safer than MMA? Nobody has to worry about getting their orbital bone crushed into their brain stem with a flying knee or having their arm snapped like a toothpick with an arm bar. Worst case scenario one of them gets their bell rung really good and can’t make a ten count.

The fact they’re over 50 sounds bad but lots of guys fight into their mid to late 40’s. If they were 49 and 47 would we be as concerned? It’s gonna come down to their conditioning and abilities as much as anything else.

Long story short, it’ll be fine! Trust me.

That’s actually a good question

I always thought boxing was worse bc the gloves let you keep hitting your opponent in the head without breaking your hand but idk

Absolutely zero interest. And that would be if it was free never mind forking out £40 or whatever outrageous sum they will be charging.

So no mention of Tyson on AEW or by Jericho (as far as I am aware). Does that mean they have quietly dropped ties with him following the whatever that movement about sexual assaults and harassment in wrestling is called?

Same here, I view boxing as much worse then MMA. Sure you can get hit by an elbow or knee at anytime, but ultimately its repeated shots to the head for a very long time. In MMA, theoretically you could be in a fight and not take a single shot to the head.

My other concern with boxing is the arbitrary “10 count”. At least in MMA when you are knocked out, its over. In boxing, you can back up and fight when you have no business doing so. Or at least that is what it used to be like, I havent watched boxing since Tyson was in his hey day.

So pumped for this, Mike Tyson is the best boxer that has ever lived so I think it’ll be fun.

Credibility shot. :joy:

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I’m no boxing expert by any stretch, but I would put him 3rd. Tyson himself always says Ali is the best of all time, and it’s hard to not put Rocky Marciano up there, wasn’t he 49-0?

Tyson was definitely the most dangerous boxer of all time though. Just vicious. If he had his head on straight back in the 80’s/90’s, no doubt in my mind that he would have been #1 by a mile.

There is the referee’s discretion, as well as the discretion of one’s corner. Given that these guys aren’t fighting for any real “prize” or even the credibility needed to move up rankings toward a title fight, I don’t suspect Roy’s corner will be leaving him out there to get his head caved in if he’s not capable of properly defending himself.

I think it’s nice that Tyson is humble, but to me, Tyson and OAli both in their prime, Tyson murders him.

I 100% mean what I am about to say. If we had time machines and could bring people from the past to 2020, that would legitimately be the most anticipated sports contest in the history of the world.

If you get Tyson with a clear head, not on drugs, not acting like a crazy man, I agree. He could have been the best of all time.

If we get the worst version of him, Ali dances circles around him. Dude was knocked out by Buster Douglas when he was off his game.

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Its Tyson though, one punch from him can do a lot of damage. They are wearing head gear though, so that should help.

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