Miranda Gordy, daughter of Terry Gordy, receives WWE tryout

Originally published at Miranda Gordy, daughter of Terry Gordy, receives WWE tryout

Independent talent Miranda Gordy is several years into her in-ring career and she has recently been competing for the SWE Fury promotion in Texas and also wrestled for Thunder Rosa’s Mission Pro Wrestling promotion in December.

Miranda is the daughter of former two-time AJPW Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion and former Fabulous Freebirds member Terry Gordy. Terry unfortunately passed away in July of 2001.

Terry’s former partner Michael Hayes, who works backstage for WWE as a producer was a guest on the ‘Cigar Store Idiots’ podcast. Hayes stated that Miranda had the opportunity to come in for a two-day NXT tryout. Hayes touched on the thought of him giving Miranda a job, seeing as how he had a close relationship with her father but he doesn’t think Terry would want him to do that. This interview was released on 2/17/21.

Matter of fact, we’ve got her coming into NXT for a tryout I think this coming Monday and Tuesday. So I hope she does well and I know some people are out there saying, ‘Well, you’ve been with WWE as long as you have. Why don’t you just give her a job?’ Well that’s not how you do it. That’s just not how you do it. You earn the job and then it sticks better and I’m pretty confident she’ll earn a job, but I know her father wouldn’t just want me to give her a job. She’s really coming along and she’s green as can be but I’ve seen a lot of improvement over the last year-and-a-half, two years.

Back in February, WWE revealed the newest Performance Center class that included the likes of Taya Valkyrie, Anthony Henry and Eli Drake, now known as L.A. Knight.

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