Mixed Match Challenge finals are set, plus additional notes

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2018/12/12/mixed-match-challenge-finals-are-set-plus-additional-notes/

The semi-finals of the WWE’s Mixed Match Challenge took place Tuesday night following the SmackDown tapings at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

On the Raw bracket, Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox defeated the makeshift team of Apollo Crews and Bayley, with Crews taking the spot of Finn Balor.

SmackDown’s side featured R-Truth and Carmella advancing to the final by defeating season one winners The Miz and Asuka.

Despite the tournament being ravaged with injuries, the finals involving these two teams were the original booked plan.

The WWE’s deal with Facebook included the provision that the final would be part of TLC.

We were told that the four were booked for entertainment value and they likely wouldn’t have had spots on the pay-per-view otherwise. One of the major deciding factors for those included in the Mixed Match Challenge was social media following.

This is a great move, happy for Foxy, Jinder, Mella, and Truth. They have all been entertaining in this run. Nice to see some of the lower mid-card having a storyline and not just floating around not doing much.

I hesitate to say this and it’s definitely a hot take…

If Tyler Breeze and Jinder Mahal switches ethnicity they’d be completely flipped in terms of being booked “for entertainment”.

Jinder has done nothing but destroy interest in almost everything he’s been part of since his return. He’s been pushed to the moon. He’s NOT entertaining. But he appeals to one of the biggest markets WWE is trying to break into so they put him on the Facebook challenge and act like he’s entertaining. How are those views doing?

I have nothing against the guy except for the bullshit reasons WWE says he’s being pushed. Let’s call a spade of spade. Let’s also push guys who are actually entertaining and maybe the ratings and Facebook views wouldn’t slide week after week.

Okay, rant over.