Miz vs Shane for the best of the world trophy at wrestlemania

The rumor going around is that the whole miz/Shane stuff that they going on on smackdown is to set up Shane mania match.

The question is, are you interested in this story and can they get creative enough to keep this interesting until mania.

The best way to keep this going until mania would be to not focus on it every week, just let this story breath until a few week before mania.

I guess every Mania needs a couple bathroom break matches. At least Shane won’t be won’t be wrestling someone that can have a blow away match.

If this is in fact the plan, they’ll probably have Shane in the Rumble match (best in the world) and one will screw the other at some point.

I’m not interested in seeing Shane McMahon wrestle, full stop. He’s terrible at it and the way he is portrayed as holding his own alongside main eventers is laughable. Also, the novelty of watching him jump off of shit or go coast-to-coast (with an assist from Kevin Dunn switching cameras at the right moment) is long gone.

Having said that, you’re probably right. Shane “needs” a match for Mania, so unless they blow it off sooner, Miz seems to be the direction.

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I don’t like to watch Shane wrestle but I do like how they have laid out the storyline. I do have to say that I did like his match against AJ at Wrestlemania “insert number here”.

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I remember when everyone was so psyched to see Shane back after a long time in 2016… It’s so funny to see the contradiction today.

Shane wrestling has popped Smackdown more than AJ Styles, Bryan and Nakamura have…sad but true.

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I can definitely imagine this being a big programme for WrestleMania with the likes of Samoa Joe & Nakamura in the battle royal.