MJF/AEW blow up?

SRS reporting that he missed a meet and greet and show and now has a flight out of Vegas booked. This can’t be good.

Man, this is Tessa Blanchard level career suicide if he’s no showing. Even Vince will be wary of signing him if he acts like that

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Part of me wonders - are they doing a take on Sasha and Naomi?

All the speculation I’ve seen surrounds the following…

  • MJF is unhappy with his current deal. A deal he signed at the beginning of AEW for a lower end paid salary.
  • Kahn isn’t willing to give MJF a raise without renegotiating the entire contract, which would likely mean an extension.

My opinions…

  • MJF has become one of the top talents in AEW since the company started. He became one of the top talents by being given the platform AEW has given him, and the booking around him.

  • The booking of MJF has allowed him to work with all the top guys. And as such gas become a top guy. One of the reasons he was given all these opportunities is because AEW was under the impression they had him for a five year deal and could take their time with him.

  • TK has dealt with way more businesses than wrestling. Trying to strongarm him at the 11th hour for a raise (despite fulfilling his current contract), probably isn’t going to work.

  • I’d say the company is in the right if it’s a situation where MJF wants a raise, which TK is likely willing to give, with a full renegotiation. Which would, in my opinion, fairly come with new terms from the original, so likely an extension. Since, it would be a new deal.

  • If this is purely about money, it feels like an uncrediibad move on MJF’s behalf. Why would anybody ever put trust in him again, without having the worry he’d hold them up for money down the road?

  • MJF is likely making huge merch money on top of his salary. So that’s something to consider.

  • People are comparing and peculating that this is similar to Sasha and Naomi. I don’t see a parallel, other than being talents being unhappy. The big difference seems to be on the Sasha and Naomi front, talents willing to work who are unhappy creatively and over their portrayals. MJF is at least, for now, totally being speculated around being motivated by money. Creatively, I’m not sure how MJF could be portrayed any better.

I’d say that with any of the WWE talent desputes that have ever become public over the last while, this feels different because it all comes down to financial terms.

  • MJF really isn’t in the driver’s seat here. He’s got a deal with two years left on it. Him refusing to honor it due to being unhappy financially, will totally fall at his feet. Unless there is way more to this.

Again, all pure speculation.

Maybe this is a work… And I feel like it could definitely turn into one.

This MJF drama reminds me of Shawn Michaels in 1997

I can see that. But a lot of that came down to booking. MJF has never had issues with losing from the looks of it.

Historically, this feels way more like Warrior in 91. Where it came down to financials (or always portrayed as such). He was a top guy and portrayed as such.