MJF: "F*ck Wardlow, here’s the world's smallest violin for me getting you insanely over"

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2022/09/20/mjf-fck-wardlow-heres-the-worlds-smallest-violin-for-me-getting-you-insanely-over/

MJF addresses Wardlow.

At AEW Double or Nothing, the story between MJF and Wardlow reached its peak when Wardlow defeated MJF in their one-on-one match. One day prior to Double or Nothing, it had been reported that MJF no-showed an AEW Fan Fest event and there was no word on if he would be appearing at the pay-per-view or not.

Last month, Wardlow did an interview with Digital Spy and said that should be considered one of the best nights of his career and it was not. He added that nothing was going right personally on top of the situation with MJF and although he got the moment, he did not get to enjoy it.

While on Barstool’s Rasslin’ podcast, MJF addressed Wardlow with the following comments:

You can f*cking throw that in the bin pal . F*ck Wardlow. I can tell you that much. Oh, Wardlow, Wardlow, here’s the world’s smallest violin for me getting you insanely over. Your life’s so hard. Your life’s so hard. Aw. F*ck out of here.

MJF made his return at All Out and secured an opportunity at the AEW World Championship. The next AEW World Champion is going to be crowned this Wednesday at Dynamite Grand Slam.

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MJF is so good. If they nail his eventually title win and run, it’s going to be huge… honestly, the only potential issue I see is if he gets cheered so much that they can’t ignore it. I’m sure he’s good enough on the mic to manage it, but will he be able to manage it every single week?