MJF gets engaged

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AEW’s MJF gets engaged.

MJF took to social media to formally announce that he and his significant other, Naomi Rosenblum, got engaged. He wished her a happy birthday in the Instagram post.


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Rosenblum appeared on an episode of AEW Dynamite back in February. MJF received a special entrance and was carried to the ring on a throne.

MJF returned to AEW at All Out and ‘won’ the Casino Ladder match at the event. With that win, he secured himself a shot at the AEW World Championship and a new champion is going to be crowned at Dynamite Grand Slam when Jon Moxley takes on Bryan Danielson for the now-vacant title.


Some times I forget mjf is a real person


Very happy for them. Mazel Tov!
Also this is right across from where I lived in NYC
Great Mexican spot!
Used to see them there
It’s better than other Mexican restaurants and they know it.

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Also maybe the best indication, so far, that maybe MJF’s re-upped a deal for a decent amount of money. Weddings are expensive, planning your future implies that perhaps he has some newfound financial stability.

I wouldn’t read too much into it. Unless he suffers some horrible injury, the guy is going to get a massive payday in 2024. Plus, he’s just engaged, I don’t imagine the actual wedding is for another year or so anyways, rigrht when he’s due to sign his mega deal with either WWE or AEW.

I think he stays in AEW for at least a short term deal. Hes so young that he can always goto WWE for a big money deal later like AJ etc. But if they make him the face of the company he’s liable to ride that out and then goto WWE down the road when hopefully the Roman love fest is starting to dwindle.

I think it will come down to money. For example, lets say AEW offers him 1mil per year, then WWE offers him 4mil per year, he chooses WWE. Lets saw AEW offers him 750K, WWE offers him 1mil, I think he stays.

IMO, the real question is how much does WWE value someone like him coming over, and how much does guy like Cody push when likely attempting to recruit him. Lets face it, 1 year ago NOBODY thought Cody would jump. Anything is possible.

He is very likely under a new longer deal.

They’re not doing the current 'bidding war of 2024" unless the have him longer than that.

Have there been any reports of him signing a new deal? Or is this just fan speculation?

I doubt it would get out if he did. He’s not the type to do shoots or talk about that kind of stuff lol. I’m sure he will milk it up until he’s ready to have it run out and then they will announce the resigning or something.

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No, but the entire thing works out to a perfect angle out of a real life discrepancy that likely lead to renegotiation ahead of Double or Nothing.

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Maybe, but this was also what a lot of people were saying after all out as well. I think sometimes wishful thinking takes over when it comes to AEW.

I mean WWE did same thing for summer of Punk.

Don’t you see MJF doing similar (complete with the “Hi Colt” or “Hi Cody”).

It’s an idea that worked magically before. They are smart for recreating it

The odds MJF doesn’t one day end up in WWE is slim. He’s too talented and has too many other venues (like the Miz) to make it there in the entertainment world. But, that day can easily be 5+ years from now. WWE isn’t going anywhere


MJF doesn’t cut the promo he cut post- Double or Nothing, and given a huge return angle (with a four month break awaiting for the perfect time for the return), if he wasn’t locked down.


Again, 2 weeks ago you were just as adamant that the Punk situation was work. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but at the end of the day we are all just speculating.