MJF has done voiceover work for an animated film that is releasing in 2023

Originally published at MJF has done voiceover work for an animated film that is releasing in 2023

MJF is interested in transitioning to Hollywood.

AEW’s MJF is in the midst of an on-screen program with Wardlow. On the 3/23 Dynamite, MJF had Wardlow escorted out of the venue after reminding him that they still have a contract together despite Wardlow’s actions at the Revolution pay-per-view.

MJF is 26 years of age and has been with All Elite Wrestling since its start. He has spoken in the past about his forthcoming free agency in 2024 and he did so again while chatting with Ariel Helwani. MJF does plan on one day making the transition into Hollywood. He revealed that he has already done voiceover work for an animated film that is coming out in 2023.

Bingo, yes . That’s why me and Dip are in talks, Diperstein, Bryan Diperstein who is an incredible agent.

This is an exclusive: Bryan Diperstein at ICM is my agent and we’ve created a great team. I’m also with Activist who is my management team; Jon Kanak, Justin Deanda, Bernie Cahill and I got a great team and I got a lot of offers for a lot of different things. I’m in a lot of talks with a lot of different people. That part, legally I will not discuss. I have already done a voiceover for an animated movie that I cannot discuss but that’ll be coming out in 2023 and I’m excited. Quite frankly, when people think about professional wrestlers and acting, you get nervous and queasy, right? Because most professional wrestlers cannot act. You know, you put a red light in their face and their best thing they can do is, ‘I’m gonna kick your ass!’ You know? But that’s not my M.O, I’m a great guy and just like John Cena is a very bright guy, just like The Rock is a very bright guy, just like Batista is a very bright guy and that’s why I feel I bring something entirely different to the table. I am a huge, huge fan of Don Rickles. Do you remember Don Rickles? The cool thing about Don Rickles was he could walk in a room, he could talk to anybody any which way he liked and the people loved it and I feel that that’s something I can bring to the table. I could be a — again, hate this word, ‘heel’ in Hollywood and it’s very exciting.

MJF has a 31-10 record in AEW. He is a part of ‘The Pinnacle’ faction alongside Shawn Spears and FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler), who are set to take on Gunn Club (Austin & Colten Gunn) on 3/30.

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Time to guess which movie he’s doing (not sure if this was discussed on today’s Daily News show, which I missed).

My first guess is the next Paw Patrol movie.