MJF says he won't talk trash about Roman Reigns, might work for WWE one day

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MJF gives his take on the back and forth between AEW and WWE.

Going into and coming out of the recent head-to-head between AEW and WWE, there was a great deal of back and forth between both sides. MJF recently gave his take on the situation during his appearance on Barstool’s ‘Rasslin show.

MJF said that WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns lost in the key demo to Ruby Soho and The Bunny’s match on Rampage. He went on to add that despite that, he thinks Reigns is a great performer and won’t go out of his way to trash talk Reigns or WWE’s product because he might work there one day.

I’m seeing all this chitter chatter of people in the other company talking smack, people in my company talking smack.

Roman Reigns lost in the key demographic to Ruby Soho and Ruby Soho sucks. So, I don’t know what to tell you. Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s not me sh*tting on Roman Reigns. I think Roman Reigns is a hell of a performer. He really is. I think he’s absolutely incredible. Am I better than him on the mic and in the ring? Yeah, but I’m not gonna go out of my way to talk sh*t about him because I respect him, I respect what he does, I respect the hard work that goes putting out that product that is WWE and again, someday I might work there. Yeah, and I’m also sure if he sees this, he’ll pretend he doesn’t know who I am because that’s what they do over there when in reality I know that they’re all watching our stuff and again, cannot stress this enough, huge fan of Roman Reigns, think he’s great. Would love to work with him one day.

POST Wrestling has a breakdown of the AEW and WWE head-to-head ratings from 10/15. That article can be read at this link.

If the quote in this article is used, please credit Barstool Sports’ ‘Rasslin show with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription.

MJF with the absolute heel move to the AEW fanbase… Saying he might go work in WWE one day.


He has “Bruce Pritchard on speed dial” remember? XD


Give me all the MJF stock in the world. This kid will shatter glass ceilings.


I’ve always thought that MJF will work with WWE one day, I remember the last time I said it people got pissed. The idea that every single AEW homegrown star will stay in AEW forever is just never going to happen. At some point Vince will step down or pass away, and when that time comes, if main roster booking becomes like NXT 1.5, then I’m sure that plus big money deals will entice some guys. I can just see MJF in WWE talking about how now he’s in the major leagues, talk about the heel heat he would get at something like a Raw after mania show. Fans would go nuts.

With that said, such a great line for him to say as a heel. Guy is gold.

Regardless of where he signs in 2024, guy is setting himself up for a HUGE pay day. Even if he has no desire to go to WWE, its smart to use them as leverage.

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Roman should watch the way MJF wrestles and talks to learn how to be a real heel. Without Paul Heyman the guy would get no heat whatsoever.

Talking about going to WWE is next level heel work and trolling from MJF

Agreed. Has the most potential out of any of the young guys in the business next to Gable (who I assume is the biggest star in wrestling in 3 years)

I wouldn’t go to WWE if I were him for a long time. Maybe when he’s old and wants an easier ride. Right now the WWE has their own MJF - they call him the Miz - so he can see how they will use him (expect maybe put him on the Voice instead of DWTS)

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I’ve seen you mention him a few times now about being a big star. I wouldnt be so sure about that. Guys like Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar are rare. I just dont ever see him reaching that level.


Again, amazing heel work. Saying I won’t talk shit about the opposition because I might work for them!? Give this guy an Emmy now.

I don’t think Gable will amount to much either. Right now I’d put his over/under at Chad Gable like level of usage on TV.

I have always wanted to start a stock market game to buy and sell stock in wrestlers like a fantasy game. Maybe I should start a thread and just people can make predictions and set their own expiration dates on when to judge the predictions by. Don’t mind me, just bored avoiding work.

I buy MJF
I sell @Alex_Patel all my Gable, both Gables for price of 1.


I definitely think he will be used better than Chad Gable. I just think this company hasn’t shown that they can get behind more than 1 or 2 guys at a time to make big stars and I think they will rush Steveson, which will only hurt him.

Hahah. You might be right. However they are all in on him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the guy to dethrone Roman eventually. They have never gone after someone still in college. I figure he will be pushed like no one before him

I see him getting the Brock Lesnar 2004 push, which is essentially as strong of a push as you can get.

You’re 100% right, but at the same time its rare to win a gold medal at the Olympics. The guy is obviously an elite level athlete, if he takes to it or not is up in the air, but I think he has a better chance then the average joe, and I’m sure he will be given every opportunity in the world.

I think Steveston has a shot, but the contract WWE gave him has a lot of risk. He could still get hurt while legit competing or change his mind about even joining WWE.

Then there’s also the possibility that he’s not the right fit for WWE. He’s big but not that big so he will need to have a lot of charisma - at least the kind of charisma Vince likes.

But Steveston worked the system well and WWE panicked into giving him what he wanted.

We have all seen “can’t miss” guys get bungled on the main roster. Perhaps Gable isn’t great at scripted promos. Maybe he gets injured. Maybe he sneezes… I’m not gonna get excited about anything WWE does until it actually happens.

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@MJfromNJ If there was some way of clearly quantifying achievements and standing (some sort of catchall Wins Above Replacement stat for wrestling) that is absolutely the sort of fantasy league I’d want to be in on.


That would be awesome! Yes impossible lol. I guess you could score matches based on a third party (say melters star ratings), you could give points for “wins”, but I have no idea how to score promos or storylines.

Take Roman for example…majority of fans seem to love his current character, but there is a small segment that will bash him because he’s “vinces guy”. If you even try to award points for promos and stories, it would be a shit show lol

Id rate Roman as a blue chipper. Highly valued. Fantasy doesn’t work great with wrestling but you can arbitrarily judge their overall importance. Roman would be like owning Apple or drafting LeBron. You know exactly what you will get and it’s highest tier possible. Upside may he reached

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