MLW Azteca Report: 5150 vs. Aerostar & Drago, Tijuana Street Fight

Originally published at MLW Azteca Report: 5150 vs. Aerostar & Drago, Tijuana Street Fight

MLW Azteca #3

January 20th, 2022

Auditorio de Tijuana – Tijuana, Mexico

By: John Siino

Commentary: Rich Bocchini & Joe Dombrowski

It’s a Trap

The show starts with Emilio Sparks who’s trying to get a word with Cesar Duran who is with three of his henchmen, but they get stopped by Alex Hammerstone and Richard Holliday. Duran asks Hammerstone if he wants to hit him, when Hammerstone puts his hands on him, Holliday stops him and tells him it’s a trap and that they aren’t idiots. Duran calls Holliday a ‘rat in the dark’ and tells Hammerstone if he hits him, he’ll get strIpped of his MLW World Heavyweight Championship. Hammerstone asks Duran what he did, and Duran says it was Court Bauer that added the clause of him being stripped if he hits him. Hammerstone says maybe he doesn’t care about the title, but Duran says real power requires more than a man and a mask and tells Holliday that if he wants to fight, he will have one against Pagano in a Falls Count Anywhere Barrio Brawl and tells Hammerstone to rest up because next week he will defend his title, whether he’s healthy or not. Duran says this is his world, and these two rats just live in it, before leaving off.

MLW World Tag Team Championship: 5150 (Rivera & Slice Boogie) (c) vs. Aerostar & Drago

They showed footage from before they went on the air tonight, with these two teams brawling in the back. 5150 cut a promo in Spanish that gets the crowd here to boo them as they say Tijuana is a big piece of shit. All four men start brawling as soon as the bell rings, ending up with Drago and Aerostar double-teaming Rivera including Drago hitting a suicide dive on Rivera and Boogie on the outside, followed by Aerostar springboarding off the ropes for a senton to the outside. Aerostar hits a springboard splash to Rivera for a quick kick out before Boogie tags in and hits a German suplex on Aerostar for a two. Boogie and Rivera continue to double team Aerostar on the corner, not before knocking Drago off the apron. Rivera starts choking Aerostar on the bottom rope, before tagging Boogie back in. Aerostar is able to escape out and tag Drago in, but Boogie goes right after Drago hits a power slam, followed by Rivera with a slingshot senton for a two. Drago starts fighting back with chops and kicks before placing him on the bottom rope, as all four men start brawling again, including Drago hitting a tornado DDT on Rivera for a two. Drago and Boogie go at it, including a double-team DDT/German Suplex on Drago. Aerostar hits a twisting corkscrew to take out Boogie, but Rivera attacks Aerostar in the corner. Boogie grabs Aerostar in a Fireman’s Carry, as Rivera hits a double stomp off the top rope, followed by a Death Valley Driver by Boogie to pin Aerostar for the win.

Winners: 5150 (Rivera & Slice Boogie) by pinfall at 7:26, to retain

The Mission is Submission

We go to Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas backstage discussing last week’s win over Aerostar and the Tijuana payday, as Emilio Sparks bum rushes in asking how the title reign is going. Kane says it’s going great, and business is booming for the Bomaye Fight Club and with that win over Aerostar in Mexico, they got a new sponsor as they reveal their shirts that say Crybaby Calvin showing an animated baby Calvin Tankman who is crying. Kane calls Tankman ‘the face of Loser Culture’ and the proceeds for this shirt, only one percent, will go to Tankman to help him out with his legal fees and his bail and help him get back up on his feet and get him ready for this comeback. When Tankman steps to the champ though, the mission is submission and he’s going to cripple Tankman and when it’s all said and done, they will cart him off in a stroller like the baby that he is, and the crowd will be chanting Bomaye.

Tick, Tock?

We go to a video of a television showing static that eventually shifts to show an hourglass, reminiscent of the old Killer/Karrion Kross hype videos for NXT.

Take My Pods

Richard Holliday is pacing back and forth in the locker room as Alex Hammerstone and Alicia Atout watch on. Holliday says he’s freaking out a little bit because he doesn’t know what a Barrio Brawl is. Atout says he’s had way too much coffee, and Holliday says he hasn’t had enough because he doesn’t know how much coffee he needs to prepare for this. Hammerstone calms him down and says Holliday is a former champion and this is just another match, and it doesn’t matter if it might include chairs, spikes, barbed wire, maybe a gun, knives, chains, chainsaw, which prompts Holliday to get upset and say he wasn’t told about any weapons. Holliday hands his AirPods to Atout and asks her to take his pods as with all these chainsaws running around, his ear might come off and he doesn’t know where the Pod will go. Holliday asks for a weapon, which they don’t have to give, Holliday asks for Hammerstone’s title, but Hammerstone says no. One of Duran’s henchmen comes in and tells Holliday it’s time for the Barrio Brawl. Before Holliday leaves, Hammerstone hands him a bottle of testosterone pills but Holliday says they won’t kick in for a month and gives them back.

Toto vs. Proximo

Proximo comes out to the popular ‘Danza Kuduro’ song by Don Omar against the 25-year-old, third generation luchador Toto in a match where commentary says is a match that Cesar Duran is watching closely to see if we could see a lot more here in MLW. Right away Toto gets kicked to the outside, but runs back in, hitting a dropkick, knocking Proximo to the outside where he takes him out with a tope con giro. Back inside, Toto hits a German suplex as he gets the crowd behind him. Proximo goes outside to take a breather, before going back inside where they go back and forth running the ropes until Proximo hits a satellite head scissors. Proximo knocks Toto to the outside where he tries to hit him with a sliding dropkick and misses, causing Toto to catch him and hit a Destroyer on the outside. Back inside, Toto hits a spear for a two count, before splashing Proximo in the corner. Proximo ends up hitting a hurricanrana off the second rope, before dropkicking Toto the outside where he hits a crazy-looking senton on Toto, ending up in the crowd. They go back inside, where Toto hits a Fireman’s Carry Slam, goes to the rope, but Proximo stops him and hits a Spanish Fly off the top and gets the pin with his foot on the rope.

Winner: Proximo by pinfall at 6:11

Superfight Title Match

We get an update from the attack on Davey Richards last week and say the unknown attacker fled with the Opera Cup trophy and the league is investigating the matter. They then announce that on February 26th, at MLW Superfight in Charlotte, North Carolina, Davey Richards will get an MLW World Heavyweight title shot against Alex Hammerstone.

We Crush Shit

We go to Kauai, Hawaii where Ross & Marshall Von Erich have a message for Konnan and 5150 and say they have been running their mouths way too much and it will be awful, hard to flap their jaws when the Iron Claw is applied. They say this is real life and they crush shit all the time before they grab a tree log and toss it. They tell Dallas to prepare the parade as they are coming home. It should be noted that prior to this episode airing, it was announced that The Von Erichs would be missing Blood & Thunder in Dallas, due to testing positive for COVID-19.

Jacob Fatu Breaks Silence

We go to the streets where we see Jacob Fatu smoking and drinking who introduces himself as the son of the legendary Tonga Kid, Sam Fatu, and being from Sacramento, California. Fatu says he can say his life’s been rough the whole nine, but overall, he comes from a good family and his parents and siblings have always been good to him. He says he didn’t grow up wanting to wrestle until the day he caught his case for the 2-11 when he was 18 and went to jail. One day while incarcerated he flipped through a channel and he saw Jimmy & Jey Uso with Tamina Snuka vs. Tyson Kidd, Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Natalya and that is where he made his mind up. He used to go to his Uncle Rikishi’s house every summer and they would have a wrestling ring set up where they would move a trampoline in between the swimming pool and the wrestling ring and that’s where he learned how to do his backflips. When he got out of jail, he went to Los Angeles where Rikishi had a school with Gangrel and his uncle Reno Anoa’i, Black Pearl. Fatu’s wife had told him that if he keeps going to jail, he won’t see the kids anymore so the first day he got out of jail in Sacramento she moved him straight to Los Angeles. He was in LA for a couple months and he got a phone call from the younger brother of The Uso’s who asked Jacob what he was doing, in which Jacob said he is bouncing at a bar every night for $60 and got told to come give the wrestling a try. Jacob said he didn’t respect the business because he grew up in it and he saw what this business has done for his family; whether it’s the good, the bad and the ugly, but he’s also seen the success you can get out of it, so he gave it a shot. This segment was very well done, as we saw a different side of Fatu, and hopefully, there is more to come.

They announced that next week on MLW Azteca; El Hijo Del Vikingo will defend the AAA Mega Championship against Aramis.

Barrio Brawl: Richard Holliday vs. Pagano

We head to what looks like the underground fight club from last week, but this time set in the dark with no fans as we see Cesar Duran up high on the top looking down saying it’s time for the Barrio Brawl, as he introduces Richard Holliday. Holliday asks where his opponent is, as we see Pagano come up from behind and he throws a chair right to Holliday’s head and starts punching him and hitting him with more chair shots, as Duran approves. Holliday goes to fight back but gets tossed right against a steel pole. As Pagano tries to hit him with a chair shot, Holliday ducks and starts brawling with Pagano including a couple of chair shots of his own. They continue brawling on the concrete, where there is no ring, and end up against a steel grate as Holliday pushes Pagano’s head into it. They start heading to a different location as we go to commercials.

When we come back, they have climbed up to the higher level where Duran is and continue to brawl against the fence and walls. Holliday tosses Pagano against a door, grabs a chair, and says he will end him now. Holliday stops short as he focuses on Duran, but the referee, who is one of Duran’s henchmen goes from behind and starts choking out Holliday. Duran asks Holliday who he thinks he is and where he thinks he is going and tells the henchmen to toss Holliday into Pagano, who hits a ripcord right punch and falls on top of Holliday, as the henchmen referee makes a quick three count.

Winner: Pagano by pinfall at 4:32

Upcoming Schedule

· January 27th: El Hijo del Vikingo vs. Aramis

· January 21st: MLW Blood & Thunder in Dallas, TX

· February 26th: MLW Superfight in Charlotte, NC

Tijuana Street Fight: Mads Krugger vs. Bestia 666

Right away, Bestia goes at it with kicks and punches to Krugger as Krugger keeps trying to push him off eventually tossing him down and into the corner, where Krugger now lands strikes. Bestia keeps trying to fight back, but Krugger keeps knocking him down, before whipping him a couple times into the corner. Bestia traps Krugger on the ropes and dropkicks him to the outside where he goes for the suicide dive, but Krugger catches him and throws him on the apron, where Bestia hits a head scissors on the outside. Bestia grabs a chair and starts throwing it and then hitting Krugger in the head with it, where it has no effect. They keep brawling against the barricade before Krugger back body drops Bestia onto the apron followed by a leg drop. Krugger throws a trash can with weapons inside into the ring and drops Bestia with a big boot. Krugger grabs a baking sheet hitting Bestia with, before grabbing a cheese grater, but Bestia fights back with the baking sheet and uses the cheese grater himself on the back of Krugger. Krugger stops him with a choke breaker as we go to a commercial.

When we come back, Bestia is on the outside as Krugger tries to dive onto but gets a chair shot to the head instead. As Krugger sits up, he gets a couple more chair shots followed by a chair necktie and gets tossed into the steel post and thrown back inside. Krugger goes to the ropes, but Bestia stops him with the cheese grater again, attempting a muscle buster, but Krugger pulls Bestia up there, where Bestia hits a hurricanrana off the top rope as Bestia gets a two count. Bestia keeps trying to use weapons as Krugger tells him to keep doing it, eventually stopping Bestia and hitting a Full Nelson facebuster onto a seated chair for the pin.

Winner: Mads Krugger by pinfall at 10:16

They end the show with some breaking news and say that injury or not, Alex Hammerstone will defend his MLW World Heavyweight Championship next week against Octagon Jr.