MLW Fusion ALPHA Report: Davey Richards vs. TJP, Women's Featherweight Division

Originally published at MLW Fusion ALPHA Report: Davey Richards vs. TJP, Women's Division

MLW Fusion ALPHA #1

September 22nd, 2021

2300 Arena – Philadelphia, PA

By: John Siino

Commentary: Rich Bocchini & Saint Laurent

Let’s Lucha

The show starts with Cesar Duran from an undisclosed location where he welcomes everyone to a new era in Major League Wrestling, the era of Super Luchas, violence, and Azteca, before going through tonight’s card and telling his renegades, ‘Let’s Lucha!’

Bunkhouse Brawl: Team Filthy (Kevin Ku & Kit Osbourne) (w/ Tom Lawlor) vs. The Von Erichs (Marshall Von Erich & Ross Von Erich)

Saint Laurent on commentary presents the ALPHA shows as being a mini-series. Tom Lawlor gets on the mic before the match and tells the crowd in Philly not to ruin his night as he’s been waiting 16 months to get back in front of a real crowd, and now that he’s looking around it seems he’s still waiting. Team Filthy is going to run the show but Philly doesn’t deserve to see them in action and says they are just like Ben Simmons and going to leave to go to a real town. The Von Erichs run out and all four men start brawling as this being a Bunkhouse Brawl there are weapons in and out of the ring. Marshall puts Osbourne on a wheelbarrow and runs him into the ring post. In the ring, Marshall hits a standing moonsault on Ku for a two, followed by a cutter on Osbourne for a two. Ku grabs a small lead pipe and starts attacking Marshall with it. As Marshall is taking control in the ring, Tom Lawlor gets on the apron distracting Marshall, as Osbourne takes control hitting a Dragonscrew taking Marshall to the outside. Ku starts attacking Ross with a shovel, including digging it into the neck of Ross. Team Filthy starts double-teaming Marshall in the ring attacking his injured knee with the shovel. Ross comes in as he and Ku start trading strikes until Ross hits an Enziguri and a Falcon Arrow, but Osbourne breaks up the pin. Ross sets up some chairs, as Osbourne throws in a wooden board. Osbourne hits a suplex on Ross on top of the chairs but only gets a two. Lawlor gets on the apron with a 2×4 and tries to hit Ross with it, only for him to duck and Ku gets it instead. Ross starts attacking Osbourne with it, until Marshall comes in and they set up the board on top of the chairs. Marshall hits a moonsault on top of Ku who was placed on the board and gets the pin.

Winners: The Von Erichs (Marshall Von Erich & Ross Von Erich) by pinfall at 11:24

The Most Anticipated Title Fight of the Year

They show a recap of Battle Riot III with Alexander Hammerstone winning and announce they will show Jacob Fatu vs. Hammerstone from MLW Fightland on Vice TV on Thursday, October 7th at 10 pm EST, it will be MLW World Title vs. MLW National Openweight Championship.

The Excellent Composer

TJP speaks about tonight’s match with Davey Richards and says they go back almost 20 years and there was a certain point of time they could finish each other’s sentences but this time he hopes Richards doesn’t quit before he gets to the ring. Richards used to be a globetrotter, but TJP says he is still a globetrotter and is probably one of the hardest working wrestlers in the business. And the great fighter who once said fights are won in the gym and not in the ring is ridiculous because everybody knows he can get up off the couch and do this perfectly while Richards has been spending his time more with his nose in the books. Social media wants Richards to win because they don’t like TJP, but he doesn’t care because they ‘eat crayons’. When Richards wrestles it sounds like pots falling on the ground, but when TJP wrestles it sounds like music as he is an excellent composer. TJP’s prediction for tonight’s match is making Richards tap out, as he is used to quitting.

Women’s Featherweight Division

Saint Laurent says a new season of MLW means a new division as he announces the members of the Women’s Featherweight Division including The Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo), Brittany Blake, Holidead, Zoey Skye, Willow Nightingale & Nicole Savoy, and the league is getting ready to crown the first-ever MLW Women’s Featherweight Champion.

Underground Memories

Cesar Duran is seen with a masked luchador holding up a photo of Duran and starts talking about his ‘renegades’ embracing the violence but Matt Cross interrupts saying Duran got a new name but is up to the same game. Cross said the last time he fought for him, he beat a former MLW Champion and told Duran he deserves a shot at that title.

Backstage Altercation

Alicia Atout is backstage with an update on the altercation between the Von Erichs and Team Filthy continuing to brawl in the back and Tom Lawlor is being escorted to Cesar Duran’s office.


We go to a video from the 5150 with Konnan introducing everybody to his new team of Dr. Julius Smokes, Slice Boogie, and Rivera. They get into the camera and cut a promo before Boogie asks how much does that camera cost? We are left under the idea, they attack the cameraman and take it from him as Rivera screams ‘run that shit!’

The Suplex Assassin

We see a quick video hyping up Alex Kane, the suplex assassin, coming new week.

Upcoming Fight Schedule

· October 2nd – MLW at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA

· October 7th – Fightland on Vice TV – 10pm EST

· November 6th – MLW Intimidation Games at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA

KC Navarro vs. Gino Medina

Navarro is making his singles debut in MLW here and they start trading wrist locks and multiple pin attempts. Navarro puts his hand out, but Medina shoves him away. They trade leapfrogs until Navarro gets the arm drag and dropkick knocking Medina to the outside. Navarro quickly takes him out with a suicide dive, but back inside Medina hits an Enziguri for a two count. Medina starts holding Navarro down, but Navarro reverses into a sunset flip. They trade more strikes as Navarro hits a satellite DDT for a two count. Medina comes back with a kick followed by a torture rack into an X-Factor the pin.

Winner: Gino Medina by pinfall at 4:16

Typical American Arrogance

The commentary was hyping up the Fatu/Hammerstone match, but it got interrupted by Josef Samael and CONTRA Unit. Samael calls out Hammerstone saying he would do what no man has done since Jacob Fatu took the title on July 6th, 2019. Samael questions Hammerstone thinking he could beat Fatu as typical American arrogance in its purest form. This won’t be a title fight, this will be a war zone and Hammerstone won’t be going home with two titles, he’ll be going home in a body bag.

Let the Hunt Begin

We go to Davey Richards talking about what this new chapter in his career means to him, but his goal has always been to be the best professional wrestler in the world. Richards and TJP have a very long-winding story and they have competed all over the world and TJP was one of his trainers when he was over at the NJPW Dojo. It’s an honor to wrestle him but it’s his job to beat him. Everything Richards does is to make him a better wrestler and there is no ring rust, as this is an extension of him. Richards doesn’t play a wrestler, he is a wrestler, and his prediction is TJP will tap out as they aren’t here to make friends, they are here to make history so let the hunt begin.

Cesar Duran’s Office

Cesar Duran is in his office on a phone call and tells the person on the other line he is counting on his success to prove to everybody, as Tom Lawlor interrupts and comes in saying he hears Duran is the new matchmaker around here. Lawlor says he’s dealt with the biggest scumbags and low life promoters and Dana White so there is no way Duran is going to step in here and take away from his livelihood and change who’s getting the title shots. Duran tells the person on the phone to hold on a second as he gets up and gives Lawlor a big hug saying he’s looked so forward to meeting him. Duran says Lawlor understands violence, spectacle, and victory as Lawlor starts using the punching bag and talks about his accolades. Duran asks what’s on Lawlor’s mind and Lawlor says he beat three other men in a row and isn’t getting a title shot like Hammerstone is, and instead had to do a show on somebody’s crappy island. Duran suggests a title shot and Lawlor says that sounds great, so Duran says next week it will be Tom Lawlor vs. Alexander Hammerstone before kicking him out as Lawlor is complaining saying he was thinking more along the lines of Jacob Fatu. We see an unknown figure come in as Duran says, ‘he’s late’ and gets back on the phone. This entire segment was filmed and presented like the Lucha Underground office segments used to.

TJP vs. Davey Richards

This is Richards’ first singles match in MLW, and the last time these two have wrestled each other since TNA in 2015. Richards starts the match blocking TJP’s leapfrog into a Boston Crab attempt, but TJP escapes out. TJP traps Richards in a head scissors as the crowd boos him on. Richards reverses into one of his own until TJP reverses out to an armlock. Richards goes for a dropkick, but TJP stops on the ropes, trips Richards to the outside, and hits a pescado. TJP tries to boot wash Richards in the corner, but Richards blocks it and fights off until TJP hits a knee that knocks Richards to the outside again. Back inside, TJP keeps control by driving some knees to the back of Richards and continues to wear him down. TJP reverses out into an Octopus Hold but stops it into a pair of suplexes. TJP goes to the top rope but plays with the crowd which gives Richards enough time to get up and stop him. They fight on the top rope with Richards hitting a bunch of headbutts followed by a Superplex. They slowly get up and start trading strikes, Richards stops TJP with a kick and German Suplex into a bridge for a two count. Richards goes for another suplex, but TJP gets out. Richards tries an ankle lock, but TJP gets out and gets hit with a punt kick for a two-count. Richards goes to the top and tries a double stomp, TJP gets out of the way and hits a spinning kick and a boot wash in the corner. TJP goes for another one, but Richards stops him and applies a cross-arm breaker. TJP reverses into his own arm breaker, but Richards turns it into an ankle lock. They go back and forth for a couple of pin attempts, until TJP applies a heel hook. Richards grabs the rope to break it up as they head over onto the apron. They continue to trade kicks until Richards an exploder brainbuster suplex on the apron. Richards hits the double stomp off the top rope for a two count, followed by a brainbuster for a two, and quickly transitions into the ankle lock as TJP taps out.

Winner: Davey Richards by submission at 15:01

2021 Opera Cup

They end the show going over all the participants in this year’s Opera Cup

· Bobby Fish

· Davey Richards

· Alex Shelley

· Matt Cross


· Tom Lawlor

· Lee Moriarty

· Calvin Tankman

Next Week

· Arez vs. Aramis

· MLW National Openweight Championship: Alexander Hammerstone (c) vs. Tom Lawlor