MLW Fusion ALPHA Report: War Chamber!

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MLW War Chamber

November 17th, 2021

2300 Arena – Philadelphia, PA

By: John Siino

Commentary: Rich Bocchini & Joe Dombrowski

MLW Heads to Mexico

Cesar Duran starts the show heading to the ramp with a microphone. Duran says tonight, CONTRA’s War against MLW reaches the final battle, and tonight he will give us the War Chamber. He does have some news that we will like. He had a meeting with Court Bauer about their vision for 2022, which is aggressive expansion. So, as the owner of Azteca Underground he made him an offer he couldn’t refuse and they are taking MLW to Mexico with bigger arenas, underground fight clubs, and his best luchadores fighting the best of MLW.

Homicide is 5150

We get a promo from 5150 where Konnan says the family is back together with Homicide back with 5150. Slice Boogie says Los Parks is complaining about their little black and blues and they can’t do shit to him unless they kill him. Dr. Julius Smokes says the MLW carjacking has begun, and they didn’t drag Los Parks through the front seat, they drove them through the windshield. Rivera speaks about taking the Los Parks mask and burning it and celebrates with the block about beating their ass in Philadelphia. They mention Homicide being the last person you should have disrespected, and now he’s on his way to Home Depot to find the biggest screwdriver to shove up Los Parks’ ass until they give them the MLW World Tag Team Championship.

Upcoming Fights

· Next Week – MLW Fusion Thanksgiving

· In Two Weeks – MLW Opera Cup Finals

· December – MLZ Azteca Mexico

· January 21st – MLW Dallas

We cut to a video from Mads Krugger where he says the War Chamber is upon us and tonight, he leads his soldiers into the final battle. And his most loyal soldier, Jacob Fatu, busted Hammerstone’s ankle, and tonight as they enter the War Chamber for the final battle, they will break his spirit and end MLW forever.

We get a video that ‘Big Beef’ Gnarls Garvin is coming next week.

They announced that for MLW Fusion Thanksgiving next week, we will get the Ladder Match for the MLW National Openweight Championship between Alex Shelley, Myron Reed, Zenshi, Alex Kane, and a mystery wild card entrant. As well as the Opera Cup Semi-Finals, between TJP and Calvin Tankman where the winner faces Davey Richards in the final round.

War Chamber Rules

· A Coin toss determines which team enters first

· 1-on-1 for 5:00 in stage 1 of the War Chamber

· The winner of the coin toss comes out for 2-on-1

· Alternating teams have wrestlers enter every 2 minutes

· Once all combatants are in the War Chamber, victory is won by submission, surrender or pinfall

War Chamber Match: CONTRA Unit (Jacob Fatu, Mads Krugger, Ikuro Kwon & Sentai Death Squad) vs. Hammerheads (Alex Hammerstone, Jeff Cobb, Savio Vega, Richard Holliday & EJ Nduka)

Jacob Fatu comes out first representing CONTRA. Cesar Duran comes out with the first entrant for the Hammerheads, being Matanza Duran his ‘brother’ from Lucha Underground wearing the same gear he had back then. He removes his mask and jumper revealing he is Jeff Cobb with his modern gear and all, as commentary from this point forward refers to him as Jeff Cobb. Fatu and Cobb immediately start battling it out with strikes and chops. Cobb leapfrogs Fatu and hits a big dropkick before tossing Fatu against the cage. Cobb dodges Fatu in the corner, places him on the top rope, hits a dropkick and suplexes him off the top. Cobb rams Fatu back and forth against the corners before they start trading headbutts. CONTRA’s second entrant is Sentai Death Squad Member #1, a big, tall, masked gentleman who takes Cobb down before they go to commercial.

They run a commercial showing MLW Blood & Thunder will be taped on January 21st at Gilley’s in Dallas, Texas. When we come back, Fatu and the Sentai member are keeping Cobb cornered. Fatu starts waving the CONTRA flag as the second entrant of Hammerheads is Savio Vega. Vega comes and starts attacking CONTRA with a Kendo stick as commentary brings up his violent days as TNT. Vega helps Cobb up and they start taking control. Ikuro Kwon comes out as CONTRA’s third entrant and attacks Vega and Cobb, helping CONTRA take control now. Fatu goes to start choking out Cobb with wrist tape as Richard Holliday comes out to even the score. Holliday and Fatu end up on the top rope where they hit each other with a double neckbreaker. Holliday starts chopping Kwon in the corner before teaming up with Cobb. Sentai Death Squad Member #2 comes out next for CONTRA as they go to another commercial.

When we come back, EJ Nduka comes out for the Hammerheads. Nduka takes out all of CONTRA with clotheslines, before hitting a jackknife and suplex on Sentai Death Squad Member #1. He starts tossing around Member #2 as both members end up on the outside through an opening in the cage. Nduka and Fatu start going at it as Mads Krugger comes out as the final entrant for CONTRA Unit with another Sentai Death Squad member by his side. Nduka and Krugger start brawling, but as Nduka takes out Kwon with a spine buster, Krugger hits a flying clothesline off the top rope to him. As they are all brawling amongst each other, Alex Hammerstone comes out as the final entrant taking out the Sentai Death Squad members on the outside with a lead pipe. Hammerstone goes and attacks everyone inside before getting stopped with a chokeslam by Krugger, but Hammerstone comes back with a Nightmare Pendulum as they take their final commercial.

When we come back, Fatu and Hammerstone are going at it with Fatu putting on an ankle lock. Fatu gets thrown off and bumps into Krugger, they have a bit of a stare-down before going after Hammerstone. Fatu hits a dive off the top rope but hits Krugger instead. Hammerstone picks up Kwon and puts him in a torture rack, as Kwon submits.

Winners: Hammerheads (Alex Hammerstone, Jeff Cobb, Savio Vega, Richard Holliday & EJ Nduka) by submission at 22:46

Jacob Fatu Done with CONTRA?

After the match, Krugger confronts Fatu for what he did in the match. Kwon tries to get in between them, but Krugger pie faces Fatu. Fatu jumps on Krugger and tosses Kwon away. Kwon gets up and attacks Fatu, but Fatu comes back with a Samoan drop. Krugger tosses Fatu to the outside, but Fatu grabs a chair and starts attacking all the Sentai Death Squad members as all the fans start chanting for Fatu. Fatu ends up getting jumped by the entire CONTRA Unit here as security and officials jump in and try to separate them.

Cathedral of Violence

We go to Cesar Duran’s office where he is with Karlee Perez having a bottle of wine. Perez says they aren’t friends, but Duran says they can be, with a new her in a new world. Perez says there’s been a lot of blood between us all, but Duran says to leave the past behind and bring the future in grand. Perez admits having an artistic flair and asks Duran to show her the canvas. Duran shows a blueprint of a ring on the wall that’s labeled the ‘Knockdown Fight Ring’ that was patented on April 8th, 1930. Duran says it’s more than a temple, it’s a cathedral of violence as Perez says ‘it’s all ours’.

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