MLW FUSION: Jacob Fatu vs. Jordan Oliver, Los Parks vs. CONTRA Unit

Originally published at MLW FUSION: Jacob Fatu vs. Jordan Oliver, Los Parks vs. CONTRA Unit

MLW Fusion #123

March 3rd, 2021
GILT Nightclub – Orlando, FL

By: John Siino

Commentary: Rich Bocchini & Saint Laurent

MLW World Tag Team Championship: Los Parks (c) (LA Park & El Hijo de LA Park) (w/ Salina de la Renta) vs. CONTRA Unit (Daivari & Simon Gotch)

The commentators bring much attention to the Azteca Underground associate ringside with Los Parks. Daivari and El Hijo start the match. Daivari starts with taking Hijo down to the mat by submission until Hijo comes back with a grapevine of his own until Gotch comes in to break it up but gets taken out by LA Park. Daivari goes after the knee of Hijo and puts on a figure four. Hijo comes back with an arm drag and gets a submission broken up by Gotch again. Daivari comes back with a body slam and starts working on the legs of Hijo again. Hijo headbutts his way out, as all four men start brawling in and outside of the ring. Hijo takes out CONTRA Unit with a double dropkick off the top rope, and then Los Parks hit stereo suicide dives to the outside on their opponents. Back inside, Gotch and Hijo go at it, with Hijo hitting a flying cross body followed by a headscissors before tagging in his dad who goes face to face with Daivari. Again, all four men start brawling inside the ring, but this time Hijo misses the double dropkick. The Azteca associate tries to let LA Park Jr. from under the ring, to swap out like Los Parks have been doing the last couple of weeks but the referee is able to catch him and stop him. As Gotch & Daivari have Hijo up for a back body drop, Jordan Oliver & Myron Reed trip up CONTRA Unit causing a double bulldog from Hijo. LA Park gets tagged in and hits a spear on Daivari for the pin.

Winners: Los Parks by pinfall at 8:21, to retain

The Hammerhead Shark Pop

We go to Marshall & Ross Von Erich from their home island who are pissed off at Filthy Tom Lawlor for his recent actions against Low Ki, the Filthy Screwjob, and Filthy Island from last week. They say how they should just do their original idea of Wrestle Island, where they can take on Team Filthy and the main event could be ‘The Sissy’ Tom Lawlor vs. a hammerhead shark, the winner takes all. “Imagine that pop of Tom getting killed by a hammerhead shark, ripped to pieces” until they come with and put an Iron Claw on the shark right before Tom dies.

Addicted to Gold

Alicia Atout is backstage with Salina de la Renta who automatically gets annoyed by Alicia’s voice and doesn’t want to hear from her. Salina has a confession to make, she’s addicted to gold. First the Tag Team Titles and now she’s coming after the Openweight Championship. Salina doesn’t think Alexander Hammerstone is in the right mind with everything that’s going on with CONTRA Unit. Salina accuses Richard Holliday of being Alicia’s ‘boy toy’, which Alicia immediately denies and gets offended by. Salina kicks Alicia out ending this interview.

Parrow vs. Jason Dugan

Mike Parrow is having his first match back in MLW since their September 2018 War Games event, he has an insert where he says he returned for one reason, to be the greatest heavyweight of all time, Parrow is back and you should run. The much smaller Dugan tries to attack Parrow as he’s making his way inside the ring. Parrow isn’t phased and easily takes down Dugan with a clothesline, before grabbing a jumping Dugan and hitting a fallaway slam to the corner turnbuckle. Parrow hits a big chokeslam and stares down at Dugan, before hitting the Murder Bomb for the pin.

Winner: Parrow by pinfall at 1:37

Parrow after the match says he’s sickened by what Salina and Mil Muertes did to Savio Vega and challenges Muertes to a fight.

Filthy Island Fallout

Filthy Tom Lawlor is blaming the Von Erichs & Low Ki for ruining Filthy Island and says that Low Ki threw him against the Von Erich’s Jeep glass and not only destroyed their Jeep but ‘destroyed his lower back’, and Lawlor had to get fifty stitches. And now it’s the Von Erichs time to get destroyed, and he’s sick of everything and he dares one of the Von Erichs and ACH to face the champion of the Jungle Fight, Kevin Ku.

Fight Me Like A Man!

We get a video from Bu Ku Dao reacting to TJP’s interview from last week. Dao says he always wanted to be just like TJP, but TJP was a bully to him so he challenges him to a one-on-one match and tells him to fight him like a man.

The Middleweight Heavyweight

We go to #INJUSTICE backstage where Jordan Oliver says he’s been working for years for this, his first World Championship match. People have said he moves like a middleweight, but he’s here to show them he’s a heavyweight. Ever since he was a little kid, he’s been getting beat up and his ass kicked. He says to Jacob Fatu, that he knows that Fatu will fuck him up and he’s going to beat his ass, but he won’t outlast him. Fatu can beat him up for 20, 30, even 60 minutes but Oliver will outlast him and at the end, they will say Jordan Oliver is your new MLW World Heavyweight Champion. Myron Reed chips in and say that’s INJUSTICE.

Laredo Kid vs. Calvin Tankman

Tankman right away is able to take down Laredo a couple of times showing his power. Laredo comes back trying to slow Tankman down by attacking his legs and takes him down with a headscissors. Tankman hits a gigantic pounce knocking Laredo to the other side of the ring, but the three count gets broken up by the ropes. Tankman continues to throw Laredo around the ring as if it’s nothing for him, but Laredo keeps kicking out until he eventually rolls to the outside. Tankman comes back with a brainbuster, but Laredo kicks out again. Tankman starts hitting chops but runs into a forearm and boot from Laredo in the corner. Laredo hits a missile dropkick and Tankman rolls to the outside where he gets a crossbody from Laredo Kid. Back on the inside, Tankman kicks out from Laredo’s pin attempt. Laredo hits a flying elbow off the top rope and still only gets a two. Tankman comes back with a flurry of strikes, a spinning back fist, and a big powerbomb for a two count, he quickly tries another back fist, but Laredo dodges it and starts striking Tankman in the corner and hits a flying forearm for a remarkably close two count. Tankman is able to come back with a spine buster, a back fist from behind, and the Tankman Driver for the three-count.

Winner: Calvin Tankman by pinfall at 6:44

After, Tankman cuts a promo saying tonight he was the better man, and he dedicates this win to his daughter and everybody online who’s been showing his love. His fan base is only growing, but at the end of day, he has mouths to feed so he’s gunning for Jacob Fatu and the World Champion money.

Holliday Crush

Alexander Hammerstone and Richard Holliday are in the locker room where Holliday is asking which shoulder his title should go on. Alicia Atout runs in and asks why the hell Salina is running around saying that Holliday is his boy toy and it’s laughable. Holliday agrees, and Alicia is asking who’s spreading the rumors. Holliday says he would never be put in the same sentence as her. Hammerstone says she doesn’t care what Salina is doing, because they are The Dynasty, and they aren’t scared of Promociones Dorado. Hammerstone tells Alicia if she has a problem with Salina, to just tell her that and that they will take care of it. Hammerstone asks Holliday if he has a little crush on Alicia, and Holliday denies it.

Beneath the Surface

We get a video from Josef Samael who says that tonight there will be another death in the #INJUSTICE family, but that’s the consequence of children playing in a man’s world. Samael said he warned Oliver about that deep water and told him that he doesn’t belong there because the truth lies beneath the surface. Jacob Fatu cuts in and says he loves catching bodies in MLW because he can break a man’s neck, fracturing his spine, and watch a man bleed out and no one is arresting him and no one can do anything to CONTRA.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated Tag Team Top 5

5) Dirty Blondes


3) Violence is Forever

2) CONTRA Unit

1) The Von Erich

World Tag Team Champions: Los Parks

Gringo Rip-off

Gino Medina is backstage to address the brawl weeks ago with Gringo Loco. Medina says his name should be Gringo Rip-off because he’s ripping off his father’s legacy and Lucha Libre culture by calling himself that. Medina says his father was part of the trio, Los Gringos Locos, and Loco is making that name look really bad and he’s not even a real luchador. Medina says Lucha blood runs through his veins. Medina says not to worry, because soon he will expose Loco for what he is, a rip-off.

Upcoming Fights

3/10: MLW National Openweight Championship: Alexander Hammerstone vs. LA Park

3/17: Mil Muertes vs. Parrow

MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Jacob Fatu (c) (w/ Daivari) vs. Jordan Oliver (w/ Myron Reed)

Oliver starts the match by hitting a suicide dive on Fatu before the bell even rings. Oliver is able to dodge Fatu’s attacks in the corner and escapes from a gut-wrench attempt, hitting a knee to the back knocking Fatu to the outside, attempts another dive but Fatu grabs him and hits a Samoan Drop to the outside. Fatu starts stomping Oliver on the outside before throwing him back in. Oliver tries some offense but gets taken out by a back elbow from Fatu. Fatu starts talking trash to Reed on the outside by hitting elbows on Oliver. As Fatu is continuing his talking, Oliver hits a chop block to bring Fatu down. Fatu comes back in a rage and knocks Oliver over the top rope to the apron. Reed in the corner trying to motivate a beaten-down Oliver. Fatu starts biting on Oliver’s fingers before choking him out in the corner. Oliver is able to duck and come back with a running forearm, but Fatu hits a superkick out of an Irish Whip reversal for a two-count. Oliver is holding onto Fatu’s leg as Fatu keeps beating down on him. Oliver comes back in the corner with a couple of kicks and a sunset flip attempt that Fatu sits down on and misses. As Daivari has the referee distracted, Reed holds Fatu’s ankle in the corner where he gets hit by a superkick from Oliver. Oliver kicks Fatu to the outside where Reed takes out Daivari. Oliver tries a slingshot to the outside, but Fatu catches him and hits a backbreaker onto the apron. Oliver looks lifeless, but as Fatu tries to go for the moonsault it looks like his knee gives out. Fatu tries again slowly, but Oliver comes back and hits a German Suplex off the top rope. Oliver hits a jumping stunner in the corner, followed by a springboard stunner off the top rope. Oliver comes back with a couple of kicks and tries another springboard, but Fatu catches him and hits a pop-up Samoan Drop followed by a moonsault for the pin.

Winner: Jacob Fatu by pinfall at 9:08, to retain

As soon as the match is over, Simon Gotch runs in with the Sentai Death Squad as Daivari is beating down on Myron Reed. CONTRA Unit starts putting #INJUSTICE into body bags but Calvin Tankman runs out and takes out all of CONTRA Unit until he goes strike for strike with Jacob Fatu until finally taking him out with a pounce.

Siino Vision: Pretty good show and I was impressed with how much they were able to give Oliver in a match against Fatu, but what I’m more excited for is the brawl he will have with Calvin Tankman as those are two big men who can definitely go and should have a lot of people watching MLW that week if the hype is done right. Speaking of Tankman, his match with Laredo Kid was a lot more even than I expected, as it’s two totally different styles but worked very well together. Speaking of big men, Parrow looks impressive as always and his meeting with Mil Muertes should be good.

I am happy that Los Parks tricks finally didn’t work this week, but it’s getting to a point where I just want to know who’s behind Azteca Underground. That’s my one big gripe with MLW is there seems to be a lot of stops and starts with certain storylines, and then when you forget about it, they will come back and remind you later on. Regardless, this show did its job well of continuing storylines and didn’t have to resort to any wacky or out-of-the-ordinary angles.

7 hammerhead shark pops out of 10