MLW Fusion Report: Alex Hammerstone vs. Davey Richards, Battle Riot IV announced

Originally published at MLW Fusion Report: Alex Hammerstone vs. Davey Richards, Battle Riot IV

MLW Fusion #136 – “SuperFight”

March 10th, 2022

Grady Cole Center in Charlotte, NC

By: John Siino

Commentary: Rich Bocchini & Joe Dombrowski

Stupid Questions

Emilio Sparks starts the show outside trying to get a word with Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout and asks about tonight’s main event between Alex Hammerstone and Davey Richards and if Holliday will interfere. Atout tells Sparks to stop asking stupid questions and they don’t need him, as she’s the Interview Queen. Atout asks Holliday if he will interfere, and he says he doesn’t know, and they might sit ringside for it but their business with Cesar Duran is more important as they leave to talk to him.

MLW National Openweight Championship: Alex Kane (c) (w/ Mr. Thomas) vs. ACH vs. Calvin Tankman

Alex Kane and Calvin Tankman go at each other right away, with ACH trying to get in between them but keeps getting pushed away and finally punched down by Tankman who pounces Kane out of the ring. Tankman teases diving to the outside on Kane but gets knocked down by ACH with a dropkick. As ACH goes running the ropes, Mr. Thomas on the outside trips him up which gives Kane the opportunity to spear him. Kane and Tankman start brawling on the outside, with Tankman chopping and tossing Kane against the barricades. Kane gets the upper hand by ramming Tankman against the ring post, before going back inside and after ACH dropping him down with an over-the-head suplex. Kane continues with another suplex for a two count, but ACH comes back with a suplex of his own for a two. ACH goes after Tankman on the outside but gets taken out with a spinning back first. Tankman goes inside and gives Kane as well followed by a spinebuster before teasing the back elbow, but Kane ducks it and hits a Saito Suplex. Tankman catches ACH off the top rope and hits Kane with him, before hitting a backbreaker and a clothesline sending Kane to the outside. ACH hits a suicide dive to Kane, before getting stopped on the top rope by Tankman. ACH escapes and kicks Tankman off the ropes and puts on a Texas Cloverleaf. Kane stops it and hits a leg-trap suplex on ACH for the pin, as Tankman rolls out of the ring.

Winner: Alex Kane by pinfall at 8:00, to retain

Does a Bear Shit in the Woods?

Emilio Sparks goes and gets a word with EJ Nduka and says for the first time in his MLW career he isn’t booked on the card, so asks what he’s doing there. Nduka says he’s here to watch the two big title matches as Sparks asks which one does he has his eyes on. Nduka asks if a bear shits in the woods and he will let him know, but for now he has to go watch these matches.

Bring the Ruckus

We see The Von Erichs backstage making their way to the ring for their World Tag Team Championship title shot against 5150, but they end up getting attacked by Slice Boogie and Rivera with chairs, as they trap Marshall Von Erich’s ankle in between a chair and slam another chair on it.

After the commercial, Emilio Sparks is backstage with Rivera, Slice Boogie and Julius Smokes who say they have been causing a ruckus all night. Smokes says that the Von Erichs are scared of the dark and their hands are too short to box with the Spanish Gods. Boogie tells them to keep talking their mouths and they aren’t doing anything. Rivera throws a chair and says MLW doesn’t know what they are doing, and they will fight anybody anywhere and calls the Von Erichs ‘trash ass wrestlers’. This is why they are causing a ruckus because they want the best tag teams and the ones that actually matter. And until MLW can find them, they will continue to keep doing this.

Gangrel is Coming Soon

We see a spooky video for Gangrel that says he is coming soon to MLW.

Junior Heavyweight, Cruiserweight, Middleweight, X-Division

We see a video from TJP who says he wants to talk about the MLW Middleweight Division. He brings up how he’s been in this division with so many names like Cruiserweight & X-Division, two crowns that he’s already had, and Junior Heavyweight Division, and that one is next. And once he wins that title, he will be the only one in history to have held all of these titles. He claims Myron Reed doesn’t have the resume that he does, but he won’t chase him down. TJP calls himself the monster in Reed’s horror movie, and he will just watch him, and he will set an example and use the MLW Open Door Policy to do it. TJP says everybody walks through these doors but he’s Leatherface on the other side waiting to slam the door shut and he thinks he’s going to take this first guy’s leg just to show Reed what it’s like to lose a limb at the hands of the greatest technical wrestler alive. The greatest Junior Heavyweight, Cruiserweight, Middleweight of all time.

KC Navarro vs. nZo

As KC Navarro is making his entrance for this grudge match, nZo attacks him from behind. nZo came back from his suspension after attacking Navarro three months ago and continues to throw Navarro into the barricades. nZo takes Navarro in a Razor’s Edge position and tosses him into the ring post. nZo throws Navarro’s lifeless body back into the ring as they go to commercial.

When they come back, the referee is checking on Navarro as nZo grabs the microphone and tells the ref to ask Navarro if he still wants to have a match. Navarro answers by saying ‘How you doing, bitch?’ as the bell officially rings.

nZo grabs Navarro by the ropes and snaps his face against the ropes. nZo places Navarro on the top rope and hits double knees to his back on the way down, but Navarro surprisingly kicks out at two. nZo follows by catapulting Navarro on the bottom rope, before going around the ring just to attack Navarro on the apron including a reverse DDT to the outside. nZo tosses Navarro back inside for the pin, but Navarro grabs the bottom rope. nZo hits his Stump Puller finisher called DunZo and finally gets the pin.

Winner: nZo by pinfall at 2:48

You Can’t Teach Heart

nZo gets on the mic after and says he saw a meme the other day, but it wasn’t the type that makes you laugh. It was one with a child with a facial deformity and it had in quotations a question from the son to the father that said ‘Dad, am I ugly?’, to which the father said back ‘No, son, the world is ugly.’ nZo tells Navarro that this world is ugly and everybody you fought ain’t your enemy, and everybody you hug ain’t your friend. Wrestling 101, DTA, Don’t Trust Anybody. nZo mentions Navarro having the word blessed tattooed on his arm and Navarro is right, by waking up today, he is blessed and as a matter of fact, everybody in this building is blessed. The truth of the matter is, everybody in this ring has a gift, and if in your lifetime you are lucky enough to recognize what that gift is. The gift that makes you different and special, that God-given gift. If you are able to recognize what it is, then you better use it. Quite frankly, he has a gift by his legs and his arms work, he can hear and see just like Navarro. He doesn’t have a deformity he can speak and that’s his gift, the gift of gab and the gift of jab. nZo mentions some of his best friends in life’s biggest fear is public speaking. He gets it, they might be afraid of what people say about him as there are more people on the Internet than there are people in this world, but maybe they were just afraid to fail, but you can’t have success without failure. And if you want success in this business, you have to make people feel you, and they ain’t going to feel you until they see you get your assed kicked. nZo says he taught Navarro a lesson and it’s not about hitting wrestling moves but it’s about how hard you can get hit and how you respond. He ends it by telling Navarro that he has heart, and you can’t teach heart, kid. As he puts his hand out to Navarro, he clotheslines him down and hits another DunZo, before leaving.

Von Erichs Update

We get an update for the Von Erichs after their attack from 5150. They were taken to a medical center and Ross suffered a grade two concussion while Marshall’s knee and ankle injuries could require surgery and the title match is now postponed indefinitely.

Battle Riot IV

We see a video announcing that MLW Battle Riot IV will take place June 23rd at the Melrose Ballroom in Queens, New York with tickets going on sale on Tuesday, March 22nd at 10:00 am EST. Like in the past, it will be headlined with a 40 man battle royale style match with surprise entrants, with the winner getting an MLW World Heavyweight Championship title match.

We see a video from during the break, where EJ Nduka was taking a picture with a fan before getting attacked from behind by 5150.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Alex Hammerstone (c) vs. Davey Richards

This is Davey Richards’ championship opportunity after winning the Opera Cup. Before the match, Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout made their way ringside where they paid off a couple of fans to take their front row seats. Right away Richards trips Hammerstone down and tries to put an ankle lock on, but Hammerstone escapes as Richards goes to the outside for a breather. Hammerstone grabs Richards inside and whips him against the ropes with chops and shoulder tackles before hitting an over-the-head suplex sending Richards back outside. They start brawling on the outside, where Richards gets whipped into the barricade as Holliday distracts Hammerstone enough for Richards to dodge a running Hammerstone into the barricade. Richards stays in control attacking Hammerstone’s leg and knee into the barricade before tossing him back inside. Richards continues attacking and tries to put on a figure four but ends up just twisting Hammerstone’s injured ankle instead. Richards ends up putting on the figure four and eventually turns it into a trail hitch. Hammerstone hangs in there and reaches for the rope to break it up as the match goes to commercial.

When we come back, Richards is still on the attack on the leg hitting Hammerstone with a dropkick in the corner before kicking Hammerstone repeatedly, but Hammerstone eventually hulk’s back up and challenges Richards in a forearm battle. Richards goes back to the kicks, but Hammerstone catches him with a swinging Uranage. Hammerstone keeps Richards in the corner, but Richards dodges at the end and hits a Dragonscrew to Hammerstone’s injured leg on the ropes. Richards goes to the top rope, but Hammerstone dodges and hits an exploder suplex right into the corner for a two-count. They take it to the apron where Hammerstone tries to lift Richards up, just to get hit with another Dragonscrew on the ropes. Richards teases running into Hammerstone who’s trapped on the ropes but decides to head to the top rope instead and hits a diving stomp onto Hammerstone’s back. Richards goes right back to the top rope and hits another double stomp, but Hammerstone kicks out at two, as Richards goes right into the ankle lock. Hammerstone fights out and hits the Nightmare Pendulum, but Richards is able to roll out of the ring before he can get pinned. Hammerstone struggles but is able to bring Richards back inside. Hammerstone goes for another Nightmare Pendulum but Richards reverses for an inside cradle for a two count. Richards tries to fight back, but Hammerstone stops him with a running clothesline and puts Richards up in a torture rack and into a TKO for a two count. Hammerstone hits a second Nightmare Pendulum and finally gets the pin and the win.

Winner: Alex Hammerstone by pinfall at 19:14, to retain

Bloody White Suit

As Hammerstone is celebrating he goes face to face with Richard Holliday who is still at ringside sarcastically clapping for Hammerstone and says, ‘what a performance’. They continue with verbal spars before Alicia Atout sprays pepper spray into the face of Hammerstone. Holliday starts attacking Hammerstone ringside and throws him face-first into the ring post. Security and officials come out and try to separate them as Hammerstone is busted open and the blood is getting all over Holliday’s white suit. They continue to fight as officials finally are able to drag Hammerstone away.

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