MLW Fusion Report: Los Parks defend titles, Pillman Jr. answers challenge

Originally published at MLW Fusion Report: Los Parks defend titles, Pillman Jr. answers challenge

MLW Fusion #125

March 17th, 2021

GILT Nightclub – Orlando, FL

By: John Siino

Commentary: Rich Bocchini & Saint Laurent

Truckin’ Around

We start the show with the production trucks, where CONTRA Unit and Injustice are brawling when all three members of Los Parks get involved before Rich Bocchini gets word that the cops are coming.

MLW World Middleweight Championship: Lio Rush (c) vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

It is revealed that Pillman was the man who sneakily took and signed the open contract from last week. We get a quick promo from earlier by Lio Rush where he says he is an authentic act, star, and Man of the Hour, and news flash to Pillman, that is not what he is. Rush calls him a Cosplay Clown, and Rush is the real deal and Pillman will find that out soon. The match starts slowly with each man trying to take the other down. They speed it up a bit before Pillman challenges Rush to bring it. Pillman takes Rush down with a shoulder tackle and a dropkick for a 1 count. Pillman says ‘Welcome to the Major Leagues’, but Rush comes back with a springboard head scissors that sends Pillman to the outside. Pillman circles the ring and dugs a sliding Rush. Rush kicks Pillman a couple of times from the apron, followed by a moonsault to the outside. Back inside, Rush gets a 1 count followed by both men trading strikes. Rush hits an uppercut to the back for another pin attempt. Pillman tries to whip Rush on the ropes, but Rush reverses into a jackknife pin for a 2 count. Rush gets behind Pillman and starts hitting Pillman with forearms and kicks. Rush kicks Pillman in the corner but runs into a powerslam. Pillman starts chopping Rush, delivers a bunch of clotheslines but only gets a 2 with a very lackadaisical pin. Rush reverses out of a suplex but hits a handstand kick to knock Pillman to the out. Back inside, Rush hits a quick kick to the back of Pillman’s head and goes up for the Final Hour. Pillman stops him, climbs to the top, and hits a superplex. Pillman goes for a DDT, but Rush reverses it, hits a springboard stunner followed by the Final Hour for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lio Rush by pinfall at 9:16, to retain

Breaking News: Change Made to Main Event

We go backstage where Alicia Atout announces that she just spoke to Court Bauer, and says the MLW World Tag Team Championship is still happening tonight, and they have added CONTRA Unit to the match as well to make the title match a No DQ Triple Threat between Los Parks, Injustice and CONTRA.

Chicken or Champion?

Alex Hammerstone is backstage who is upset that his National Openweight Title was taken by Mil Muertes and Salina de la Renta. Ever since he came back, he’s been having to play games. Hammerstone says that Mil Muertes is quite the force, like Salina is quite the force with botched plastic surgeries, one too many Botox injections, and creepy old men with big bank accounts. No matter how much he wants to blame Salina, it was Mil who attacked him and stole the title. He hates to be the bearer of bad news but sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken, and wearing his championship does not make him a champion. If Mil wants to keep that championship he has to beat him for it. He asks Muertes if has the balls big enough to take this challenge, and the Man of a Thousand Deaths is about to become the Man of 1001 Deaths, after he goes up in that Nightmare Pendulum.

School of Von Erich

There is a plug for the Von Erichs episode of Dark Side of the Ring: Confidential airing Tuesday, March 23rd at 9pm ET on Vice TV. We go to the Von Erichs in Kauai where they call out Filthy Tom Lawlor for disrespecting them. They don’t think he was disciplined as a kid, and they will ring his neck and Kevin Ku and Dominic Garrini as well, and school is in session, and the first lesson is you don’t piss off a Texan. Bottom line, they are fighting, and tell Tom to name the time and place.

Azteca Expose

They go over a deep dive of the Azteca Underground website where they say fans have been asking what it’s all about. They notice that whoever El Jefe is, that he is a collector of artifacts with the page that says “There are powers that can make a powerful man invincible. I must have this! Help me locate these artifacts. A generous reward awaits.” And the Opportunities section of the website says; “Rental space needed! I am looking for the perfect place to conduct some business and Lucha! The ideal location has no police nearby.” And it lists East LA, Mexico City, Austin, TX and Tijuana as possible locations.

Salina de la Renta says that El Jefe has demanded glorious violence for the believers, and now he will watch Mil Muertes unleash that brutal pain and tells Hammerstone to watch carefully as Parrow begs until he gives up his own soul, just like Los Parks will do to Injustice and CONTRA.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated Top 10

  • 10. Jordan Oliver
  • 9. Gino Medina
  • 8. Myron Reed
  • 7. Richard Holliday
  • 6. Mads Krugger
  • 5. Calvin Tankman
  • 4. Mil Muertes
  • 3. Low Ki
  • 2. Tom Lawlor
  • 1. Alex Hammerstone
  • MLW World Heavyweight Champion: Jacob Fatu

Parrow vs. Mil Muertes (w/ Salina de la Renta)

Quick insert from Parrow saying he is sick of what Mil Muertes did to Savio Vega. Muertes comes out wearing the MLW National Openweight Championship. Parrow is slightly taller, as both big men try to shoulder tackle each other down. They start trading fists before Muertes takes down Parrow with a low dropkick and a DDT and goes for the pin. Muertes starts attacking Parrow in the corner until the referee has to step in. Parrow tries to stop him but ends up being clotheslined. We see an insert breaking news video that shows Bu Ku Dao is taken out in the locker room area, as he had a match tonight scheduled with TJP. Muertes and Parrow are battling it on the outside, as Muertes is biting Parrow’s forehead and starts throwing him around the equipment area. Muertes throws Parrow back inside, but Parrow is able to come back with a couple of clotheslines and a Full Nelson drop followed by a senton for a pin attempt. Muertes takes Parrow down with a snap power slam for a 2 count. Muertes is able to duck a clothesline from Parrow and hits the Straight to Hell for the pin.

Winner: Mil Muertes by pinfall at 4:19

Breaking News: Bu Ku Dao Attacked Backstage

Alicia Atout reports that Bu Ku Dao was found down and unresponsive, and says the status of the match with TJP has become uncertain, but she will be sure to keep on the story. They show a video showing Calvin Tankman’s recent promo and highlights.

MLW Never Say Never Control Center

Alicia Atout announces some new matches that were just signed, along with the previous match announced for the March 31st event:

  • Jordan Oliver vs. Simon Gotch
  • Myron Reed vs. Daivari
  • MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Jacob Fatu (c) vs. Calvin Tankman
We see a quick insert from Mads Krugged talking about the recent attacks to Alex Hammerstone from Mil Muertes and CONTRA and basically says they will continue and Krugger will slowly dissect Hammerstone.
We go backstage to Filthy Tom Lawlor who says he forgot how dumb the Von Erichs are at making decisions since they asked him to pick the stipulation for the fight. He talked to the MLW officials, and next week it will be Team Filthy vs. the Von Erichs & ACH in a Chain Match.

Upcoming Fights
  • 3/24 – Mil Muertes vs. Gringo Loco
  • 3/24 – Chain Ropes Match: Team Filthy vs. ACH & Von Erichs
  • 3/31 – MLW Never Say Never 2021
MLW World Tag Team Championship No DQ Triple Threat: Los Parks (c) (LA Park & El Hijo de LA Park) (w/ Salina de la Renta) vs. Injustice (Myron Reed & Jordan Oliver) vs. CONTRA Unit (Simon Gotch & Daivari)
CONTRA brings in kendo sticks and starts brawling with Injustice before Los Parks even enters the match. Los Parks enter the match with chairs and start attacking the other four men with them. They all go outside and start brawling with all the weapons. Back inside Hijo is attacking Daivari with a trash can lid, as LA Park Jr. comes from under the ring and starts attacking their opponents. Daivari is attacking Myron Reed inside, while everybody else is still brawling on the outside. For this entire beginning, Los Parks’ music is playing before finally shutting off after two minutes. Reed goes for the pin attempt inside on Daivari that’s broken up by Hijo. The bell rings although the clock on the top of the screen has been going the whole time. LA Park Jr. and Oliver are going at it in the ring before Hijo knocks Jordan out with a chair. The original LA Park is shown hiding under the ring, and as Gotch is trying to pull him out, the Los Parks try to stop him. Back inside, Los Parks are taking Gotch out with the kendo stick before Daivari comes in for the save. Bocchini announces that Bu Ku Dao has been transferred to a hospital, while TJP has been suspended effective immediately. LA Park and Gotch are trading chops and splashes before Injustice comes inside to break them up. Reed and Oliver both dive to everybody else on the outside. Back inside, Daivari and Gotch hit Oliver with a double team Gotch Driver, but Hijo breaks up the pin attempt. Hijo hits a suicide dive to Gotch on the outside, while LA Park hits a spear on Oliver tor the pin.

Winners: Los Parks by pinfall at 8:45, to retain