MLW FUSION REPORT: Super Series Continues, Dan Lambert sues Low Ki

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MLW Fusion #109 – MLW AAA Super Series

May 9th, 2020

Auditorio Fausto Gutierrez

Tijuana, Mexico

By: Davie Portman

Commentary Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch

This week’s MLW Fusion is the final week of the MLW vs AAA Super Series and it all lies on one final match. Los Parks vs Psycho Clown, Psicosis, and Niño Hamburguesa. The score is currently 4-3 to MLW, so the best AAA can hope for is a draw. This whole show is based around the final match.

Psycho Clown Promo

The show opens with Psycho Clown cutting a backstage promo on Los Parks. He calls LA Park “portly” and says that he feels prepared for this Super Series fight. Psycho Clown calls himself a psychopath and executioner and tonight will be Los Park’s death sentence.

Los Parks Park Promo

LA Park retaliates with his own promo. He calls himself the “original LA Parka” and that he and his sons will be the next World Tag Team Champions of MLW. They call themselves the best tag team and the “realest family in the world!”

Konnan Interview

Alicia Atour interviews Konnan about the success of this year’s Super Series between MLW and AAA. Konnan says that everyone is happy – the wrestlers, the promoters, the fans, and social media. He says that it doesn’t have to end now and that next time AAA could go to MLW’s home for the Super Series.

Breaking News

We learn that Dan Lambert has filed a lawsuit against Low Ki and demands that he has a psychiatric evaluation

Pagano Promo

Pagano cuts a backstage promo saying that he is at MLW to bring a new style of Lucha. He says that some people call him a “hardcore wrestler” but he just wants to put a smile on our faces. Soon he will travel from his home in Juarez and start a party and it will be no laughing matter for his victims. There’s no party without a clown. He then repeats his catchphrase in English.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic

Richard Holliday and Gino Medina are in Tennessee looking for the mythical “Meth-Gator”…an alligator or meth. Holliday is complaining about Tennessee and how bad it smells. Alexander Hammerstone emerges from the trees and says he has seen a family of raccoons and wants to keep one. Holliday tells Hammerstone to leave them as the vignette ends.

MLW Top 10 Contenders for MLW World Heavyweight Championship

10. Dominic Garrini

9. Low Ki

8. Mance Warner

7. King Mo

6. Richard Holliday

5. Tom Lawlor

4. Brian Pillman Jr

3. Myron Reed

2. Davey Boy Smith Jr

1. Alexander Hammerstone

MLW World Heavyweight Champion – Jacob Fatu

Mance Warner Promo

Mance Warner cuts a promo on The Dynasty. He says that they’ve p**sed him off too many times and that he and Savio Vega wants revenge. He tells Holliday to bring the Caribbean Title, Hammerstone to bring the Openweight Title, and Medina to bring his gold watch and they will hang them high above the ring in a Triple Tower of Doom match. Warner describes all the brutal things that he will do to The Dynasty in each cage. He says that he will find someone to partner himself and Savio and teases that it could be Big Sexy or even Glacier. Three cages and a whole lot of blood!

Davie’s thoughts: I always enjoy The Dynasty and Warner’s segments. They are all very natural and confident on the microphone and have built up a great feud. The idea of a triple cage match really excites me. I don’t think I have ever seen a Triple Cage/Tower of Doom match that is any good, yet I always find them entertaining due to the sheer spectacle of it. I’m not holding up too much hope for a high-quality match but I do trust that these guys could put on something entertaining. I am also intrigued to see who they will get in as the mystery partner. With this being the last episode of Fusion that is taped it could be quite a while before we actually see this match but is something big they are able to promote once crowds start to be reintroduced.

Super Series Score Update

Pagano & Mortiz (AAA) defeated Mance Warner and Savio Vega (MLW)

Alexander Hammerstone (MLW) defeated Laredo Kid (AAA)

Team Filthy (MLA) defeated Extreme Tiger & Puma King (AAA)

Averno (MLW) defeated Douglas James (AAA)

Richard Holliday (MLW) defeated Chessman (AAA)

Hart Foundation (MLW) defeated Los Mercenarios (AAA)

Los Jinetes del Aire (AAA) defeated Injustice (MLW)

MLW: 4

AAA: 3

Davey Boy Smith Jr Update

Before the main event, we learn that Davey Boy Smith Jr is in the house and planning on calling out Jacob Fatu and Contra Unit to sign the contract for an MLW World Heavyweight Championship match.

Nino De Hamburguesa, Psicosis and Psycho Clown vs Los Parks

This is the final match in this year’s Super Series with Psycho Clown’s team needing to pick up the win in order for AAA to draw against MLW. The match starts with all six men brawling inside and outside the ring. Pyscho Clown and LA Park fight into the crowd with Park using a chair on Psycho Clown. LA Park Jr and El Hijo de LA Park bring chairs into the ring, which they use to attack both Nino and Psicosis’ legs. LA Park brings a high top bar table into the ring and uses it to smash Psycho Clown in the head. Los Parks then Powerbomb Nino off the top rope onto the bar table. This looked incredibly painful as this was not a gimmicked table. Nino is then Suplexed onto a trash can (again not gimmicked). The Parks give Nino a wedgie and lift his shirt over his head and begin to whip him with their belt. Nino manages to fire back and takes out the Parks with Shoulder Tackles and Clotheslines.

Team Psycho Clown now takes out all of the Parks with chair shots. Both Psycho Clown and LA Park begin to dance and pose for the crowd with both receiving big babyface reactions. Psycho Clown goes for a pin attempt on LA Park but moves out of the way as LA Park Jr and El Hijo de LA Park attempt to break the pin, causing them to elbow drop their father. Team Psycho Clown then takes it in turns to Splash Los Parks building up to Nino de Hamburguesa hitting a huge Splash to all three men. All three members of Team Psycho Clown go for the pin but the Parks manage to power out.

The AAA team all start to humiliate the Parks by hitting Bronco Busters in the corner. Nino hits an impressive Headlock Takeover/Headscissors Combo to both of the Park sons followed by a big Leg Drop but the referee stops the pin count as LA Park threatens to kick him. Everyone now takes it in turns to hit dives to the outside building up to Nino hitting a Tope Suicida and inadvertently taking out his teammates. Los Parks capitalize with an impressive assisted German Suplex to Psicosis but the referee stalls the count of the pin. Pagano then interferes and takes out Los Parks. The referee grabs the chair and LA Park follows up with a spear to Psicosis and picks up the win for MLW.

Los Parks defeat Psycho Clown, Psicosis & Nino De Hamburguesa in 22 mins 2 secs

MLW win Super Series 5-3

Davie’s thoughts: This match doesn’t really suit my tastes in wrestling but I understand why this was saved as the main event of Super Series with both LA Park and Psycho Clown being incredibly popular with the Mexican crowd. This match felt a little bit too long and there weren’t any particularly memorable spots but the crowd did seem to enjoy it. For me, it felt more like an exhibition match at a house show rather than a big main event. I found the ending a little confusing as the referees have been against MLW throughout the whole series and even here made slow counts. However, in the finish, the referee helped MLW by taking the chair away from Pagano and fast counting the pinfall. It didn’t really make much sense to me and seemed to go against a story they had been building throughout the whole series.

It is announced that AAA wants a sequel to take place in the US but MLW already has other promoters lined up from Japan and Europe for the next Super Series.

CONTRA Unit Attack Davey Boy Smith Jr

As Rich Bocchini is promoting the MLW Anthology, which will be taking place instead of Fusion for the next few weeks, the video is interrupted by a message from CONTRA Unit. We see Davey Boy Smith Jr unconscious and covered in blood on a staircase with the CONTRA flag lying on top of him. We see images of a DOS screen of a computer flicking from the word “Run” to “Ruin”. Josef Samael appears on the screen and says that they warned us that a war was coming and “tonight that war is waged”. He claims that a hostile takeover is underway and that the days of MLW Fusion are now over as CONTRA has seized MLW. A new season of violence will start tonight. Hail CONTRA.

Davie’s thoughts: I thought this was a great cliffhanger to end this season of MLW Fusion before their hiatus (due to COVID-19). Josef Samael cut an excellent promo and sounds very sinister in his delivery. His promo cut with the imagery of war and dictatorships make for an incredibly compelling vignette. With the Super Series taking precedence over the last few weeks, this promo but the MLW Heavyweight Championship and Jacob Fatu right back in the main event slot.

Overall, this was a weaker episode of MLW Fusion. This is mainly due to them trying to spread the Super Series tapings over many weeks due to the lack of new content since the pandemic. Apart from the closing angle, all the interviews and promos didn’t really say or reveal much and seemed to be purely there for filler.

I am, however, really looking forward to MLW returning once this pandemic is over as they have left us with two feuds I am looking forward to seeing come to a head – The Dynasty vs Mance Warner/Savio Vega and Jacob Fatu vs Davey Boy Smith Jr. I hope that when they return they take the opportunity to change the look of the show so that it really does look CONTRA Unit have taken over.

4.5 Bar Tables Out Of 10

You’re definitely right about that Conta Vignette at the end. I wonder if this was planned all along or it was something that was thought up because they needed a hook for when they return.

It also allows them to do Cinematic segments if they want to carry on the storyline during the shutdown.