MLW Fusion Report: TJP vs. Buddy Matthews, Rok-C vs. Miranda Gordy

Originally published at MLW Fusion Report: TJP vs. Buddy Matthews, Rok-C vs. Miranda Gordy

MLW Fusion #137

March 17th, 2022

Gilley’s in Dallas, TX

By: John Siino

Commentary: Rich Bocchini & Joe Dombrowski

Scott Hall 1958-2022

The show starts with a graphic for the late Scott Hall.

Blood in Charlotte

We see footage from earlier this week of Richard Holliday in the Grady Cole Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Holliday talks about the history that was made here by Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes but now it’s going to be remembered as the night that Richard Holliday came to Charlotte. And they will forever remember what happened that evening as he shows Alex Hammerstone’s bloodstains from last week are still on the floor. Holliday said Hammerstone begged him to stop, and he saw the tears in his eyes as the blood dripped from his forehead, but he just did what he thought felt best in the moment. He ruined a nice white suit for that moment, but he washed his blood off his hands, but now Hammerstone’s blood will forever stay in charlotte.

Miranda Gordy vs. Rok-C

Both of these ladies are making their MLW debuts with Miranda being the daughter of the late Terry Gordy and has appeared on an episode of AEW Dark and the NWA EmPowerrr pay-per-view and former ROH Women’s World Champion Rok-C, was just today announced as part of the new WWE Performance Center class. They start the match locked up, with Gordy out powering Rok-C. Rok-C tries to fight back, but Gordy tosses her into the corner. As Rok-C tries to hip toss Gordy, we cut to footage of a black limo that is outside in the rain. Rok-C finally takes Gordy down with a bulldog/headlock takeover. Rok-C uses his flexibility to escape out, do a curtsy and extend her hand out, but Gordy smacks it away and goes for a powerbomb that Rok-C reverses out and puts Gordy into a crossface. Gordy comes back, keeping Rok-C in the corner with chops, but Rok-C fights back. Gordy keeps Rok-C down with an elbow drop and goes for a power slam, but Rok-C gets out as Gordy runs into the corner. Rok-C hits a Thesz Press, rains down fists, gets a two count, and right back into the cross face. They go back and forth for a bit until Gordy hits the Bam Bam Slam for the three count.

Winner: Miranda Gordy by pinfall at 7:38

Rich Bocchini got a word with Gordy ringside and welcomed her to the Featherweight Division. Gordy said she’s the Powerweight Division and she plans on destroying all these Barbie doll ballerina girls, because she’s not just a girl, she’s a Gordy and she just took Dallas all the way down Badstreet.

Gino Has Been Bonused

They announce that after Gino Medina’s attack on Aramis from three weeks ago, Cesar Duran has granted him a bonus for his act of violence

Stairway to Hell

We have a video from Mads Krugger who mentions a club that is stained with the blood of the weak and it is the only weapon deserving of the Samoan Werewolf’s blood. Krugger starts saying Jacob Fatu’s name and next week he challenges him to a Stairway to Hell match and he will finally end Fatu’s legacy for good.

We see Cesar Duran backstage looking concerned as one of his henchmen is telling him something, before we see another look at the black limo outside.

Gangrel Next Week

We get another video for Gangrel, this one saying that he is coming next week.

Sexy & Raunchy

We go to the black limo as the window rolls down and we see Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout inside. Holliday says they are just celebrating what they did to Hammerstone at SuperFight. Holliday thinks they will do something historic as they have something really sexy and raunchy planned, and something we can ‘cancel your subscription’ for. Holliday tells Atout to open the door as they let Charlie the cameraman inside.

Spanish Harlem Style

We get a video for 5150 where Dr. Julius Smokes talks about the Von Erich getting beat down last week and their arms are too short to box with the Spanish Gods. Smokes continues by hyping up Rivera and Slice Boogie and says he would die for Konnan like Prince and the Revolution. Smokes continues to talk about stomping cockroaches Spanish Harlem style.

Getting To Know Hammerstone

We get a video on Alex Hammerstone where he talks about before wrestling being in the culinary industry. It wasn’t something he aimed to get into, but he got into college with an academic degree but quickly got the voice in his head telling him to chase his dreams. He went through a couple crazy life situations that fed his voice to tell him that if he really wanted something he had to go for it before it was too late. He dropped out of college and then started pursuing wrestling. He grew up poor and they never had cable television, so he didn’t watch Monday Night Raw. Every once in a while, he would stay up late with his older brother and catch Shotgun Saturday Night or Sunday Night Heat and he remembers the first time seeing that and thinking it was the coolest thing in the world. When their mom was working, he and his brother would wrestle ‘Royal Rumble’ on the bed. His brother would be Stone Cold or Undertaker and tell Hammerstone to be X-Pac. He never grew out of it and when he got into wrestling, he tried to convince his brother to do it, but his brother said he is too small and is wasting his time, which is ironic because now he’s one of the big guys. For a couple of years, it did look like he was wasting his time driving 10 hours in a car to get paid 20 dollars, by the time he filled his gas tank, he actually lost money. Once those results started showing, his family got supported and now his brother is his biggest fan and said his brother’s girlfriend drunk called him and admitted his brother was crying when he won the championship at Fightland. Hammerstone said he’s not exaggerating when he says him and his brother would share a can of corn for dinner, wash their clothes in the bathtub, or sleeping in a pillowcase instead of a blanket. He wanted to do sports as a kid but couldn’t because his parents couldn’t pay for it, he wanted to join the band class, but they couldn’t afford to rent the instrument for $45. He always felt like he had this creative something inside of him and needed to go somewhere, so he found music and he explored that, so it transitioned to bodybuilding and wrestling, and it just flourished for him. Looking back at how he was brought up, all those little things meant the world for him as every moment now means so much more to him.

Killer Kross Next Week

We get another video for Killer Kross that says he is coming next week.

MLW Azteca Underground Control Center

We get a video for MLW Azteca Underground on April 1st at Gilley’s in Dallas, Texas with the following matches and events;

· Azteca Apocalypto Match: LA Park vs. Jacob Fatu

· Mini Abismo, Arez & a mystery man vs. El Dragon, Microman & Aerostar

· Lucha Lunch for VIP ticket holders

· A tour of Cesar Duran’s office

Medical Updates

We get an update from the attack on the Von Erichs from 5150. Marshall Von Erich has a talus fracture on his ankle and is projected to be out of action for 3 to 4 weeks. Ross Von Erich got a grade 1 concussion, and his status is day-to-day. As far as Alex Hammerstone, we have no updates as Hammerstone is refusing to comply with Cesar Duran’s request to verify the extent of his injuries, so his status is up in the air.

As far as EJ Nduka and his attack from 5150, we go to a video of Emilio Sparks and Nduka. Sparks says the situation with 5150 got out of control really quickly and Nduka says ever since he got there, he’s been trying to be righteous and do the right thing, as he’s built on family and faith, but 5150 chose the wrong one. Nduka says you never repay evil with evil and insult for insult, but on the contrary, always repay evil with good and when he gets his chance with 5150, he’s going to make it really good.

They announced that next week, the main event will be Jacob Fatu vs. Mads Krugger in a Stairway to Hell match.

Something Big

We go back to the limo with Holliday and Atout, where Holliday tells all the ‘neckbeards’ that their fantasy is about to become a reality because he has the sexiest girl in the game and he’s just going to get this started, as he starts kissing her. Atout’s phone goes off and shows Holliday something ‘big’ on her phone, as Holliday says that’s interesting and they have to go, as they exit out of the limo.

Cruiser Great Things to Do

Before TJP goes in the ring he gets on the microphone and talks about MLW’s Open Door policy being really stupid because everybody’s favorite indie darling wrestlers from other companies suck balls. He calls himself the best thing to ever walk through MLW’s doors and says he was raised right unlike all the ‘weird cow people’ here, and he was taught when he walks through a door he closes it behind him, whether it’s an open door, forbidden door or whatever stupid buzz world people use on Twitter. Unfortunately, tonight he has to entertain this policy and babysit one of everybody’s favorites, as he gets in the ring and says it’s time to make this quick as the ‘Cruiser Great has Cruiser Great things to do’. Buddy Matthews makes his entrance and grabs the mic himself where he says he forgot to knock and he couldn’t help but kick down the door in MLW, and although TJP calls himself the ‘Cruiser Great’, he himself is the greatest cruiserweight and drops the mic.

TJP vs. Buddy Matthews

They start the match fast, with each putting on wrist locks and twisting and flipping out of the holds as commentary mentions a lot of activity happening in Cesar Duran’s office currently. Matthews takes control as they continue with the wrist locks until TJP puts on head scissors until they trade-off pin attempts. TJP tries to put on the Octopus Stretch, but Matthews outpowers out, but shows a bit of an injury to his knee when he flips out and goes to the outside to gather himself. TJP follows him, as Matthews tosses him a couple times into the barricade and drops him onto the apron before they try to go back inside, but TJP dropkicks him right back outside as they go to commercial.

When we come back, Matthews struggles to get inside, but when he does TJP goes right on the attack and after Matthews’ injured knee. TJP ties up Matthews in a leg lock, but Matthews punches his way out, as TJP goes right into a figure four. TJP continues the attack on the knee as he stomps on it while on the rope, until Matthews eventually knocks TJP to the outside, as TJP tries to come back inside, Matthews DDTs him. They start exchanging forearms, but TJP knocks him down with an Enziguri. Matthews comes back with a suplex and gets a two count as they go back to commercial.

Matthews tries to go for Murphy’s Law, but TJP reverses into a two count, goes to the top rope, but falls off and ends up hitting a neckbreaker. TJP starts boot washing him and tries a running boot, but Matthews catches him, sits on the top rope as TJP tries a superplex. Matthews stops him and tries a sunset powerbomb, but his knee buckles up and he collapses. As TJP starts taunting the crowd, Matthews kicks him right in the face a couple of times and hits a sit-out powerbomb for a two. TJP stops a stomp attempt, for a roll-up that he turns into the Figure Four Deathlock. Matthews gets out as TJP tries the Detonation Kick, but Matthews dodges it and hits the curb stomp for a two count. Matthews hits a high knee and tries a powerbomb, but TJP holds onto the top turnbuckle. Matthews joins him at the top, but TJP holds on to the referee’s shirt which distracts Matthews enough to push off the referee which gives TJP the chance to hit a back elbow and trips off Matthews with his back knee. TJP hits the Mamba Splash right on Matthews’ injured knee for a two count, but transitions right into a kneebar as Matthews taps out.

Winner: TJP by submission at 20:21

Where is Hammerstone?

We go to Cesar Duran’s office where he addresses his renegades and says there is nothing more important to him than the house of his luchadores, but after the vicious humiliating beating that he received last week at the hands of Richard Holliday, his world champion Alex Hammerstone has been impossible to reach. He’s sent him messages and letters, but yet the mighty Hammerstone has not responded to his deep concern for his well-being. Therefore, it is with great regret that he must inform us that if Alex Hammerstone doesn’t appear in person at MLW Fusion next week, the title will be vacated.