MLW FUSION: Season premiere feat. Hammerstone vs. Pagano, Killer Kross coming to MLW

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MLW Fusion #132

February 10th, 2022

Gilley’s in Dallas, TX

By: John Siino

Commentary: Rich Bocchini & Joe Dombrowski

MLW Fusion Season Premiere

After 13 episodes of Fusion ALPHA and 5 of the Azteca mini-series, we are finally back for the season premiere of their traditional Fusion show, and the first one since May 5th, 2021.

The show starts with Cesar Duran speaking over highlights of what has happened recently with all the attacks on Alex Hammerstone and how Duran is showing that there are consequences for not respecting his power. We cut to Duran in his office wearing a cowboy hat and seems happy to be in Texas telling everyone to remember the Alamo before admitting he’s not happy to be there at all after spending six weeks in Tijuana and to return to America to find this is disappointing as he throws off the cowboy hat. Duran says Hammerstone is just like Texas, all talk, but no fight, no spirit, and no Lucha, and tonight Pagano will destroy him and bring the MLW World Heavyweight Championship home to Mexico and he guarantees that when he does, Pagano will never defend the belt in Dallas, because they don’t deserve it.

MLW Caribbean Heavyweight Championship: King Muertes (c) vs. Richard Holliday

They start the match shoving and chopping each other before Muertes puts Holliday into the corner. Holliday fights out and takes Muertes down with a body slam for a two-count. Holliday tries a move off the top rope, but Muertes dodges it and hits a spear followed by a flurry of punches and kicks. Muertes attacks Holliday on the ropes and hits a DDT as they go to commercial.

When we come back, Muertes is keeping Holliday in the corner with shoulder tackles, until Holliday moves out of the way and misses a shoulder tackle of his own, as they knock each other down with a double clothesline. They slowly get up and exchange strikes before Holliday hits a clothesline and rolls up Muertes for a two count. Holliday hits an elevated DDT for 2. Muertes blocks a suplex and hits a scoop slam for a two count. Muertes hits a backstabber for another two before trying a suplex, only for Holliday to reverse it and hit 2008. Two of Cesar Duran’s masked henchmen come out to distract Holliday as we cut to the back and see Alex Hammerstone is fighting off multiple henchmen. A third henchman enters the ring with a chair, but Holliday stops him with a dropkick. As the referee is distracted with the other henchmen, Muertes hits Straight to Hell on Holliday on top of the chair and gets the pin.

Winner: King Muertes by pinfall at 7:34, to retain

Jacob Fatu All Access Part 3

We cut to Jacob Fatu buying a juice at the bodega as he talks about his problem having one foot still in the block while trying to be in the industry before getting emotional about a situation that happened before Fightland. Fatu mentions being in the back with his big brother and his neighbors and there was a drive-by and one of his neighbor’s little brother, bleeding out right in front of him. It’s another feeling to see someone die right in front of you compared to seeing someone die in the movies. Professional wrestling really saved his life, and it feels really good to have that motivation to keep going. Jacob Fatu, the Samoan Werewolf, even though it’s a name it’s not a gimmick, as this is the real him and at the end of the day, he’s just doing him. It hurts to not have his CONTRA Unit with him anymore, but sometimes shit doesn’t work out like it’s supposed to work out. At the end of the fucking day, Hammerstone knows what’s happening as he’s coming back for that title. It might not be today or tomorrow, but it’s coming real soon.

Follow the White Rabbit

We see another mysterious video with the staticky TV that shows a white rabbit and then clearly shows Killer Kross laughing.

The Best Pound-for-Pound Fighter

We cut to Mister Saint Laurent who is at his family’s library reading about the greatest discoveries in the history of civilization. He has searched the world over, looking for the best pound-for-pound fighter, and he has finally found him. He’s the greatest wonder in the world and he’s bringing him soon here to Major League Wrestling. He has a meeting next week with Cesar Duran and they will negotiate the debut of his mystery man soon here in MLW.

It’s Going to Be a Dynastic Night

Emilio Sparks is backstage trying to get a word with Hammerstone about what happened earlier, but he says he needs to check on Holliday first who’s with Alicia Atout. Hammerstone asks if Holliday is good, and Holliday says he’s fine and not to worry about it, as it’s going to be a Dynastic night. Hammerstone asks if Atout wants to join their fisting, and she says that’s just weird. Holliday says it’s their thing and he’ll do anything for him.

EJ Nduka vs. Ikuro Kwon

Kwon makes his return after being gone since the War Chamber match in November and attacks Nduka before the bell even rings, which only angers Nduka. Nduka keeps trying with kicks, keeping Nduka in the corner, but Nduka easily tosses him off and hits a back elbow. Nduka picks up Kwon and slams him face-first before hitting power slams into three corners, but another one in the middle of the ring. Kwon tries to fight back, but Nduka just hammers him down and hits his Verdict spine buster for the quick win.

Winner: EJ Nduka by pinfall at 2:23

Jacob Fatu Returns

Kwon gets on the mic and says he wants another fight now and calls out anyone from the back, as Jacob Fatu makes his way out, also making his return from War Chamber. Fatu and Kwon start brawling on the entranceway before Fatu sends Kwon in and easily takes him down before grabbing a table from under the ring. Fatu sets up a table, sets Kwon on top of it, and hits a splash off the top rope onto him.

MLW Superfight Control Center

· MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Alex Hammerstone (c) vs. Davey Richards

· Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat arrives in MLW

· nZo returns from his suspension

· Killer Kross returns

Superfight (which will be a Fusion TV taping) will be on Saturday, February 26th, from the Grady Cole Center in Charlotte, NC.

Upcoming Schedule

· February 17th – 5150 vs. Los Parks

· February 26th – MLW Superfight in Charlotte, NC

· March 31st – MLW Intimidation Games in Dallas, TX

· April 1st– MLW Azteca Underground

This One’s for Konnan

We go to 5150 who say that Konnan is in the hospital, and they have to defend the MLW World Tag Team Championships against Los Parks, and they can’t disappoint Konnan. They know Konnan is getting surgery, but he has the reason why they have the titles and they will do this for him. They announce that next week’s MLW World Tag Team Championship with 5150 defending against Los Parks will be a Ladder Match.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match: Alex Hammerstone (c) vs. Pagano

They start the match fast, with Pagano hitting chops and punches, and taking Hammerstone down with a hip toss. Pagano continues in the corner, before body-slamming Hammerstone and heading over to the audience where he grabs a plastic trash can. Pagano throws in inside, but Hammerstone blocks it and goes after Pagano on the apron. Pagano heads to the top rope with the trash can and tries a moonsault, but Hammerstone moves out of the way. Hammerstone hits a powerbomb to Pagano on top of the trash can before sending Pagano back outside where he hits him with a baking sheet. Pagano sets up what looks like a car hood onto the barricade and tries to send Hammerstone into it, but Hammerstone reverses and sends Pagano instead. Hammerstone goes for the cover outside but online gets a two. Pagano keeps attacking Hammerstone with all the stuff that’s outside before Hammerstone places a plunger on Pagano’s head before dropping him back first onto the apron. Pagano takes control and finds skewers that he starts attacking Hammerstone with. Pagano finds the plunger and uses it as they head over to the entranceway before going to commercials.

When we come back, they are fighting backstage before making their way back towards the crowd where Hammerstone hits a body slam onto the floor for a two. Pagano takes a beer can from a fan and rips into it with his teeth before going back into the ring. As Hammerstone follows him in, Pagano kicks the rope from up under him. Pagano tries to stick the skewers into Hammerstone, but he fights back with a low blow. Hammerstone takes the skewers and sticks them into Pagano’s head, hits a clothesline, and gets a two. They fight in the corner, with Pagano hitting a clothesline for a two. Hammerstone fights back and hits a torture rack into a burning hammer for a two. Hammerstone grabs a wooden board from outside and places it into a corner before following Pagano to the outside. Hammerstone starts attacking Pagano with a steel chair, but Pagano stops him, hitting a leg drop off the top rope onto Hammerstone who was in the ropes, followed by a rope-assisted piledriver onto a chair for a two. They start fighting over the chair, but Pagano kicks the chair into Hammerstone’s face a couple of times and hits a Codebreaker for a two. They head back outside where Pagano places Hammerstone down on a chair and tries a dive, but Hammerstone gets up and Pagano goes crashing into the chair, before Hammerstone slowly covers him for a two. Back inside, Hammerstone hits a missile dropkick, sending Pagano bouncing back into the wooden board. Cesar Duran’s masked henchmen run out and go after Hammerstone, but he takes them out. As Hammerstone is distracted, Pagano cracks a piece of the wooden board over Hammerstone’s head. Richard Holliday makes his way out and starts fighting off Duran’s henchmen with a baseball bat as Hammerstone hits the Nightmare Pendulum for the pin.

Winner: Alex Hammerstone by pinfall at 17:15, to retain

The End of a Dynasty

Richard Holliday joins Hammerstone in the ring as they start celebrating his win. Alicia Atout joins them to get a word with Hammerstone, but her microphone isn’t working. As she’s trying to fix it, she goes behind Hammerstone and hits a low blow with the microphone. As Hammerstone falls down on his knees, Holliday hits him from behind with a running forearm before jumping on him with more punches. Holliday starts screaming to Hammerstone that ‘it was always me’ as Atout is encouraging Holliday. Holliday grabs the bat and starts attacking Hammerstone, as Atout tells him to hit him harder. Holliday starts choking out Hammerstone with the bat, as Holliday calls him a son of a bitch and puts on a Camel Clutch. Atout screams that Hammerstone is nothing and smacks him. Atout puts the MLW World title on Hollidays’ shoulder, as he puts one foot on Hammerstone and makes out with Atout to end the show.