MLW Fusion

Having watched the last few episodes on You Tube. I must say, I like the product.

  • Other than their specials, the episodes are around 55 minutes
  • Storylines seem simple, but there’s nothing wrong with that (Granted I’ve still got to see their earlier shows.
  • It’s got an old school feel, the 80’s regional T.V. vibe (But with better production, graphics…etc)
  • Love Low Ki’s promos, there are menacing but in spoken in an auticulate manner.

Not sure how their are able to use The Hart Foundation name however and not sure if they are faces or heels.

Hopefully they can keep it up, certainly an easy watch and very accessible.

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Wwe doesn’t own the trademark for the hart foundation. They gave it up after owen’s death in 1999. That’s how MLW is able to use it.

As far as the program is concern, i’m with you. I really love this show. I don’t watch it every week but when i watch it i feel it go really fast. Kinda like watching IMPACT wrestling which is pretty much the same style.


I’ve been watching some of the past episodes. Kinda underrated.

I’m about four weeks behind but I enjoy the show. It’s simple, makes sense and has a huge variety of styles. Talent like Jacob Fatu, Hammerstone and Salina de la Renta are well on their way to becoming stars and I find Mance Warner super entertaining.

Completely agree with that assessment.

Fatu is becoming one of my faves.

And he seems to be a really nice guy in person. He had no one at his gimmick table the first time they were in Dallas. I talked to him for about 10 minutes. He was shocked I knew he was from the SF area and that I know who Matt Farmer is, especially after I told him I had never been in that part of the country.

Seeing how nice he was it was strange watching him come out in character later that night for his match. He definitely looked to be enjoying himself.