MLW Good, Bad, or Something in the Middle

What do people think of MLW?
I watched it regularly until the pandemic and even have gone to several of their shows. I enjoyed the Contra faction and thought over all it was booked well. My only complaint and what got me to stop watching was way to many gimmick matches. It seemed there was one on every episode. I do not mind a gimmick match if it fits the story but it just. Seemed they had a gimmick just for the sake of a gimmick.

I have always found it very uninteresting, not good, not bad, just a very boring watch

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I think that’s the general consensus on MLW.
Trying to be a big league promotion.
Operates more or less as an indie.
Lacks the buzz of any indie.
Lacks the identity of any major promotion.

They’ve got some money, but are notoriously cheap for pay.

I like some of their wrestlers but I have yet to make it through an entire show.

Yeah I’ve checked it out a bunch of times because of matches, always were a let done. I’ve said many times that MLW was where great wrestlers went to have mediocre matches lol

I like it and they do have some really high end talent (Fatu, Hammerstone, Holliday).

But the past year has been a step backwards. It’s funny, I was a huge fan of MLW radio and they used to bash WWE all the time for running evil promoter storylines forever.

Now they have their own promotion and guess what they’re doing - a bad evil promoter storyline with Dario Cueto. I just thought they could be more creative.


Because of this post I watched Battle Riot 3 on YouTube. That was boring! a complete mess of a match - a royal rumble rip-off won by a Hulk Hogan rip-off, why?? in this day and age would you do such a boring gimmick? I wont be watching MLW ever again…looks pants.

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Thank you all for your thoughts.

I want to like it and there is some good but not enough.